10 Oct

Why Jesus

 On days like today. Burning with pain, physical and emotional. I quote the Psalmist, to whence to I go for my help. Only the Lord.
One of my favorite places to rest is the book of Hebrews, I will share my own relfections and I pray over this post that you dear reader come to understand the lover of your soul
I was born a lover, but everyone I have loved has hurt me deeply. Yes, everyone. I throw none under any bus but can tell you the pain has shaped me until I was reshaped by real love. I had to wait for the Lord to show me things and teach me. I learned this mortal love and it seems like it is nice but it’s failure rate is 100%, God knows no failure, only redemption in His Son Jesus who came to save us all.
We are taught in God’s Word about Jesus, in reading the Gospels our spirits can walk alongside Him, see how he lived, how he treated others and how He obeyed the Father, He said yoke to me, follow me, learn from me for my yoke is easy and light, not like the burdens of the religious laws and rules.
Hebrews says we should all seek to obey Him but why you may ask?
Jesus said the Father is the one who will draw you to Jesus, pray and ask for His presence. It is His Holy Spirit who guides us all through this life.
Jesus is sinless, we all fall short and are sinful. Once we realize this we must press on, for once enlightened and then going back  simply crucifies our Lord over and over, this grieves God. He says do not become lazy, imitate those who are in me by faith and patience to inherit what is promised.
Jesus is our hope, draw near to God for there is a better Hope in Him. He is the guarantee of a better covenant, He saves completely all who come to God through Him, for He lives to intercede for those who come. How beautiful is that news! 
This ministry Jesus recived is far superior to the old covenant. He alone is our Mediator, He is superior and this is all founded on a better promise. God found fault and made a new covenant. New is that laws of God are to be written on our hearts and minds. We have a conscience! God said all will know me from least of them to the greatest, I will forgive their wickeness and remember their sins no more.
Gift and sacrifice will never clear the conscience of a sinner, only the blood of Christ does this, only Jesus.
 When Jesus returns it is not to bear more sin, we are called to leave it. If you do not know what is sinful in your life pray and ask to be shown. The beleiver should live by faith in God not faith in this world. Do not allow a double mind.  His second coming is simply to collect what is His. He is bringing salvation to us before God takes up His justice.
Draw near to God with a heart that is sincere and full of faith! Be excited! Hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, spur one another on to doing good deeds, for they will know us by our love. Obey His commandments and realize Jesus brought with Him ethics and morals of the Kingdom of God, you may go forth and live them right now. God is very clear on what will NOT enter this Kingdom to come.
Encourage one another as you see that Day approach. If we keep on sinning there is no sacrafice for it. Only fearful expectation of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.
Do not treat the blood of Jesus as unholy. He is precious. Do not insult the spirit of Grace.
The world system and it’s educational material is ungodly.
Run from it. Don’t beat your body for it, Run like you will get a prize for eternal life is a prize, we have no idea what God has prepared but I can taste it. He loves us so. Give your all. Jesus is the author of our faith, He made it! He is the perfector of it, ask for more! He has Joy set before Himand He endured the cross and all it’s scorn and shame.
Consider He who endured this same opposition we do and did not grow so weary as to lose. He stayed in it for us. We owe Him our love, lives and loyalty. To give Him all of of time, treasure and talent.
You can live for you and lose or live for Him and win. No matter what we all die this mortal life. There is more, much more. I pray I have inspired you. I leave you with this to ponder.
Live for others and find your life. If you are in the way, die to you and live for Him. Selah~
Love in Jesus name,

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