03 Aug

Dying to be Cute and Trendy

Since the birth of my grandson, I have become much more aware of the way baby and kids products have changed since my children were small. Some of the information I come across is genuinely disturbing and my goal is to educate  moms and grandma’s about the dangers that are now present everywhere.

When I was a kid many times my toys were second hand and you know, they never killed me. My mom gave them a gentle washing and cleaned them up to live a new life in my hands. Nowadays though the Goodwill, Yard Sales and the SalVal are growing due to economical issues in the American family,  there may be another reason to look at some of the pre-loved wares offered and think about what I am about to tell you.

One of the publications I swear by is Acres, USA…this book is “The Premiere Voice on Agriculture” but offers a host of news bits that apply to a diverse market. 

Order it right here http://www.acresusa.com/magazines/magazine.htm

In this months isses 2 things popped out to me, the first about lipstick, the staple in every womans bag and in any color of the rainbow these days, but I beg you to pause before you pucker. Researchers at the University of California tested 32 different lipsticks and lip glosses commonly found in stores. They found a plethera of not so pretty things…lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and 5 other metals that raise a cause for health concerns. Researchers at UC Berkley estimated the risks by analyzing the concentration of metals and and a consumers daily intake with the existing health guidelines for human consumption. I quote, “Just finding the metals is not the concern, it is the levels, some could pose long term health effects” says Investigator Katherine Hammond.
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Ladies, we suffer to be pretty to the point of making ourselves sick and torturing our bodies. I worry about our culture of women who are not made aware of the caution that should be applied to products. It takes seconds for your skin, the largest organ in your body to absorb the toxins in products that you slather on daily. Most loaded with uneccesary trash that sickens us.

Visit http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ to check what you use, you may be very suprised.

Between that and the deception of GMO’s in our food,  my vision is this….painted, plastic, beautiful people in lovely gowns eating from a dumpster rotting from the inside out. Gross?  it is… but it fits what is happening!

Further in the editorial is where I really get fired up, this involes those adorable little people in our homes that steal our hearts and offer us a hope for tomorrow.

More than 5,000 childrens products contain toxic chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption and reproductive problems according to reports filed with the Washington State Department of Ecology.

An analysis of the reports by the Washington Toxics Coalition and Safer States found that the makers of kids products reported using a total of 41 chemicals identified as a health concern that includes toxic metals. Listed were cadmium, mercury, and phthlates. The major Retailers listed are Wal Mart (go figure), Gap, Gymboree, Hallmark and H &M.

Shame, Shame, Shame on all of you!

Tell me who on God’s green earth allowed this? As parents we should be outraged! Would you buy your small child a science kit that contained chemicals  and say here play with this and go ahead put it in your mouth.
Here is another great piece that drives my point home….


Babies and small toddlers are forming new cells and making connections in their budding little brains on a daily basis. What if you are introducing a chemical compound that may alter the way that naturally occurs? My personal belief is the rise in ADHD and pshychological problems in children is largely in part to what is largely accepted in our culture. Just because it is on TV or it made it onto a store shelf does it mean it has a safety seal.

We know from Prop 37http://www.carighttoknow.org that the food industry allowed Genetically engineered foods to be put into mainstream food products that are consumed daily by all ages with not so much as a nod back in the 90’s. When I finally watched the documentary “Seeds of Deception” http://seedsofdeception.com and gained an understanding of how marketing and media tied this process up with a bow for the American public I was downright mad.

Hence my decision to opt for organic, whole foods and eliminate as much of that garbage as I could. When I found out about my Lyme and realized my immune system needed to heal I began to read about Clean Eating. I’ve talked about Alejandro Junger MD before and his book “Clean” is my second Bible. I detoxed, a few times, and I am not done yet….my body tells me there is more to be done, I felt the effects of all of the things I have exposed myself to, mostly pharmaceuticals, beauty products and GMO foods.

Extreme? Not really…. what is extreme to me is the fact that the leading toy companies are hand in hand putting chemical into kids products that are not labeled as containing toxic material.  Extreme to me is altering the genetic makeup of an ear of corn and marketing it as safe when research shows genetically modified foods cause large freakish tumors in rats.

Seek out your food as close to the source as you can find it, ideally you can pick it from your unsprayed garden and carry to your kitchen. Or sign up to get our list of local, organic foods and try something new. There is a clear health benefit to the avoidance of GMO Foods, pesticide laden fruits and veggies and raw foods.

If you are curious, here is a resource http://www.beyondpesticides.org/organicfood/health/

So that is my contrubution to the betterment of our lives for today. I too am learning as I go so don’t take this as a hand smack, consider it a warm, gentle hug from someone who cares and wants you (and your kids) to be the healthiest you can be.






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