20 Mar

Seeking Restoration



Suggested reading:

Ephesians 4
James 4
1 Peter 5

As we work through our issues, we can find spiritual warfare items in the roots of: rage, bitterness and hatred
The nature of warfare in my own life leaves debris brought by spirits, clarity does not bring restoration, inner healing is needed.
Enter Jesus, our friend, our ever present help in time of need.
Jesus will visit the past with you, engage Him. Trust in Him.
Relive it in the light of His love. Invite Jesus into your memory. He will help you to grieve. As a forest fire devastates one can still see emergences of new growth.
The shriveled fragmented heart that is broken, burnt and destroyed, He will make green. If before the Son of God you feel guilty of death, then good, welcome to the family where all fall short.
Confess your inner man and repent of what you do that is evil, turn away from it. Stop giving yourself a pass, we lie to ourselves.  He already sees all of you inside and out, from beginning to now.

I am brave enough to tell you what you are doing will kill you. There is help but you mnust want it.  Stop thinking you can do it alone, we need a Savior not superman.
Avoiding self responsibility victimizes us in our own lives. Leaves us helpless. We end up giving power to others. Take responsibility for your own existence.
Do not let the enemy set your agenda, see John 10:10.
Fear is the biggest issue in most people, we react to fear out of lack of identity.

if I have a heart and it gets hurt….. on one side is suspicion, contradiction and fear and the other side is All of God’s Power to redeem and All of Heaven behind me who do I belong to? If I question who answers my fear, then I lend authority to the enemy. Choose this day life or death.

Satan gets power from fear, He has not power over the child of God unless you give it to him.
He will relentlessly make you question who you are. Hold onto the Lord regardless of circumstances, there all temptation loses it’s bite.
Your first response to crisis should be praise~go to Christ.
Make history with God in the still place, not in church events and seminary, Jesus sought the Father alone. Unseen.
It is maturity that will come to confess sins. Jesus wants to show you your whole life, are you ready to see it and do what He says is the better question. many are intellectually saved and never have done the time with God. Do not have a history with God that is developed over time and prayer, in seeking God in His Word.

Sadly in crisis many do not take to the Lord then wait on the Lord. But humans get very addicted to mother’s milk, human counsel without discerning the spirits, not good. Cry out to God, ask to meet with Him.

The Holy spirit is compared to a dove. Doves are skittish, doves are aware of your every step. This is God’s presence with us, what we become aware of we are positioned to release. We need His presence on this earth more than ever.
The bleeding woman did not know the substance of God was on Jesus. She spent all her money on worthless physicians. She was flat broke but wrote a check of risk, based on her small knowledge. What if we could draw checks on the Kingdom how much would you write them for? Your check is a Word or a touch, Words are spirit and life in the Holy Spirit.

Who is your host? Where are your affections anchored? Why do you live conscious of?
Are you depressed, turned inward? a dead sea?
We become preoccupied with who we are instead of who Jesus is.
Many who claim to be Godly are false. Is why the Word says Here is the Christ, there is the Christ. False humility is apparent for the Holy Spirit is never for internal fulfillment but wants to change the hearts of men to love from hate.

Rather His anointing flows through Godly affection.

8 years of seminary cannot remove demons.
The problem is these men are never on the side of God’s equation.
Kill the lion and the bear in private, God will give you Goliath in public.

The man of God must keep unholy junk out of my life. Does he want to be famous or anointed?
Technical, critical, dry theological education is not a testimony. The Holy Spirit is intimate about God’s will, intent, purpose and His love. Fellowship with God, this intimacy invites us to relationship with Jesus, to follow Him alone.
All testimony is valuable, there are no hot shots, no significant ones, no insignificant ones. The playing field is righteousness, it is God’s, is fair, is love and justice reigns.
Behind the scenes who are these men? God sent His Holy Spirit to do what needs to be done in His absence. Is it being done?
So many religious people say God won’t touch those ones, no you are right, He is waiting for you to do it.
Are you aware of what God wants to do with those ones? He wants to save them. Did you ask Him how?
If we are operative on love or fear or pride, know this, it will be apparent, for it influences all we think and what we see.

What makes a lie powerful? Our vote to believe it.
Jesus is the center of all things. Interest not set on God is practical atheism. Seek the heart and mind of God over all things no matter your circumstances, If my mind dwells on the thoughts of man, my own thought life can violate God’s will over my life.

Ideas will exalt themselves over the Gospel in my life, a hard heart poisons the mind.
My own history will reveal the effectiveness of Christ in me. The Bible shapes things, is the Holy Living Word of God, it shapes how I look at others, how I think about them. Reveals the heart and mind of God in His dealings with man. Establishes Him as Lord.

In this we understand Grace, getting what we don’t deserve.

And Mercy, not getting what we deserve.

Happy, Rich, and Secure is the world’s lie, the gold standard of success is measured.
We enter the suffering of Christ so that the comfort of Christ flows over.suffering must occur to prepare us for the narrow way. Do not resist adversity but embrace it in faith and ask what you can learn. Believe in miracles, in the Holy Spirit alive in us, denial of this is slander.
Calling what the Holy spirit does satanic is applying spiritual cancer to your own self. Matthew 12 said any kingdom divided will not stand.
Jesus brought a revolution, not peace but a sword to divide body, soul and spirit of man. The battle is in the 6 inches between your ears. Balance is not the place between joy and depression. Balance is passion for God and people, Spirit and Word.


When you yoke to Jesus you enter the hard road and narrow path but not alone. I bid you safe travel and pray for your journey dear traveler.

Much love.


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  1. Well-said, Sister! Hugs! Say, r u guna leave the house ur livin in now, & “hittin the road”? Gotta car or other vehicle? or stayin w/a friend? Just seekin a picture of what/how/where ur at, for prayer! : )

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