17 Oct


Revelation: God’s communication to people concerning Himself, His moral standards, and His plan of salvation.
Religions manifest from, all philosophy stems from the endless human quest for God.
All want the credit for “being the right way”. But God already send the Way. He has a name, Jesus. This Way was denied by mankind and killed like a pest. They did not like the conviction the Spirit of God gave Word to.
The ungodly know God IS there, they CHOOSE to not be accountable.
The oldest trick in the book is if I pretend it is not there, it cannot hurt me. Come on over to reality, God can see you. You exist from human seed which like all seeds, He created, He made them all.
Honesty and decency can never re-parent us into a new existence. The nicest person is still reprobate to God if they cannot trust in His supernatural existence by Faith. The Bible is a time enduring Holy text that tells of the Messiah and it is true.
The story is told in spirit and and ends with Jesus the final triumph over evil. Love wins. The ultimate story yet we’d rather pay Hollywood mortals to produce it and entertain us than be part of His cast.
Jesus is the Star. Jesus is the heir of all things. To see Him is to see God. At the Cross Jesus revealed supremely God’s self giving love. Evil must be destroyed. Like any cancer or virus that corrupts, you want it all gone so it does not reinfect, so it can never come back.
Jesus is the only Way. Reborn. Be like Nicodemus, wonder about Jesus, desire Jesus, love Him and He will come and meet you right where you are. Know Him and be known. Bow down and repent, your soul should know what to do kneeling before a sinless Creator.
Revelations in the Bible are apocalyptic literature, symbolism preserves the elements, the mystery there is not to confuse but rather to instill hope, to strengthen believers in the face of persecution.
The message is clear, God Is ALL powerful. Though for now the world is under the control of the evil one. No counter move from the enemy, no matter how strong can frustrate the righteous purposes of God. Only a liar could convince you to deny your birthright to this place created for All of mankind.
The world will be perfect when the perfect one creates it on His Day. God’s Day, God’s Time, God’s Way.
We can talk in endless circles all we want to but it won’t end until God says so.
And Jesus asks, when He comes will He find faith on the earth?

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