02 Apr

Questioning the Norm


Hello friends,

I am coming of a rough run of long days that were not very kind to this body I live in and trying to rise above it can be a real challenge but is something that anyone with a chronic illness knows is important to do. My faith in God is the rock I stand on and he helps me find perspective to share.

Part of what I have done in the last year was clean up my body. During the journey of this illness and the enduring of the misdiagnosis I found every specialist I went to was ready with the prescription pad and set to send me out the door to the pharmacy. After a time when my body was failing in many ways and I was only in my 30s I paused to look at what I was taking becuase I just didn’t feel good. I was on 10 prescriptions from 4 different doctors and felt over medicated and mis-managed.

I now have completely made it through getting all of the detoxing, getting all of the chemicals out of my body, I am clean. My theory is how can you truly know how you feel or see how your body is really doing if you are pumped full of things that cause other problems and mask pain.

This is not something for the faint of heart, I will be honest, there are days raw with pain and physical misery but I have found that with my faith being strong I can see the other side of it. How many of you achieved a gaol without some type of pain or struggle? I’m not scared, I know God won’t let me suffer without His comfort, I fully trust in what I believe. The beauty is that I know exactly what my symptoms are now so helping my Functional Osteopathic Doctor seek the root cause is simpler because there is no guessing.

I had time on my hands during this illness, time that I spent alone. I study the human body and have a certificate in Anatomy and Biology that I earned during my training for Massage Therapy and Reflexology. I have an understanding of things because I pay attention, it interests me. I do not resist the norm and conventional thinking to be different and to lose friends over my opinion,  I was also trained in the financial  industry where I analyzed things, people, data, learned to question things and challenge roadblocks. So when I saw the deception in the food and drug industry and can see behind Agriculture and Pharmacology to understand the financial gains I have to see it for what it is, I cannot bury my head and ignore it.
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As I changed what I ate and how I gave my body nutrition there are many things that improved as a result. If you have had a similar experience I ask you to speak up and share your story.

There is a lot of talk about conventional medicine that uses pharmacology and homeopathy. Some try to comare the two but this can’t be done equally. You can’t compare an apple to an orange and be fair, they are totally different. I wish the people trained in conventional medicine would quit knocking the clean, natural approach especially since they more than likely never tried it. How can you have such a strong opinion over something you never experienced? Whose opinion is it? 

In all fairness let the people who have fully embraced and experienced both worlds have their time to speak.

Healing is an important word, what is the definition of it?

heal  (hēl)  v. healedheal·ingheals

1. To restore to health or soundness; cure. See Synonyms at cure.
2. To set right; repair: healed the rift between us.
3. To restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness.

To become whole and sound; return to health.
Please tell me how the current mainstream medical industry is doing this?
By shuffling people around, categorizing them, by filling them with pills that have fatal side effects? Pills mask symptoms and quell them, they do not heal disease. I do realize sometimes pharmaceuticals are very necessary, I am not that narrow minded. But we are over drugged as a society and you can see it if you are looking through the right lens.
So much of what we see in this world is through a lens, the lens of the preacher, the teacher and the media. It is not wrong to look the other direction and see what other methods are out there.
Seeing through the lens of a healer who understand the body, feeding it, nurturing it, caring for it, from a  physiological standpoint offers a far different perspective. 
My journey is not over, the tests to see what is happening will be in soon and I will know exactly what is happening inside of my body under my skin.
Stay tuned… I am not afraid to share my experineces if it helps another person achieve optimal wellness.
Until then, lets keep on keepin’ on,






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