30 Jun

Prayer Position

Posture: to position, especially strategically: to develop a policy or stance for (oneself, a company, government, etc.): to adopt an attitude or take an official position on (a matter)

Warrior: a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier: a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.

Fighter: a person who fights, struggles, resists

What do these have in common? 

They speak of my praying position. Let me explain why.

The Bible tells us we are against the unseen. Anyone who has experienced a supernatural event that cannot be explained, sometimes seeing a birth and being a parent does it, but one way or another we acknowledge there is alot we don’t know and science cannot fully explain. Can we please stop asking it to? We are robbing life of mystery. No wonder it is hard for humans to grasp the idea of worshipping the One True God. If they can’t affirmatively Google it, were led wrong and developed a hard heart, suffer church hurt from self righteous stumbling blocks, grew up agnostic whatever the cause we have become cynical and callous to God. In the 47th year of my life living as a peacemaker for all of it all I can say is I cry for the state of affairs.

The world is at war but I see that neighbors, families, lovers are at war too. It is as if the water was poisoned. We can look around and become despondent over the state of affairs but we cannot dwell there.  We lose ground one one day, the next we gain, it ebbs and flows and we ride the waves of joy, pain, despair and at times we rhapsody.

In the midst of it all are our small little lives, we are all one yet there are so many of us in the world. Cells and energy flowing, this science can prove and recent medical research is showing we cannot anly longer neglect the spirit. I fear many people who are so very good at heart who seek peace as I did are led in many different directions to find it, that is okay, I did too, just don’t close any doors. In your meditations you may be spoken to but discern who or what it is you speak to. Sunday School and Youth Group alike were pretty limited in talking about Satan. It is like they though if we didn’t talk about him he’d leave us alone.

I am here to tell us all, not true, Simply not true. We live in a mystical world, we lost our touch to it though. All of the reason has reasoned the amazing factor right out the door. I meet people, look into faces searching, I see so much sadness and anger, weariness and discouragement, few joyful people truly enter my world. Everyone seems to have an issue with something or someone and that my friends is life yet there is hope that waits.

Satan is on the prowl, his mission is to disable and derail any good from happening. He is crafty and as fast as he knows you are standing up in your shkiy faith he will blast you to weaken your stance and make you fall. Wherever, back into the wrong arms, into a bottle or a spending frenzy. What is your weakness? that is where he hits you. Fear, doubt, suspicion, hatred, rage, depression, your eating habits, he attacks without notice and he is very clever.

So let me ask what is your position today, warrior? Are you ready for the hits? Did you fill your vessel with God’s love in the event you need to give love away? Are you prepared or will you be drained? How about you fighter? Are you resisting? Are you pushing back? Are you engaged and ready to act in the event of an attack? Better yet are your children ready?

Or are you sinking into the sofa exhausted feeling like the day ran over you. Wander to the fridge, grab the bag,  grab the bottle, feeling the fuzzy come over you and then waiting for the relief that never comes. I lived that existence for years and watched our lives go up and down like a roller coaster, we had these reactive monuments of responding to the bad stuff that showed up and riding it out, hands clenched and biting nails.

Posture is important. If you pray already or want to begin, approach God and be honest with Him. He will be winning this war I speak of, the devil won’t prevail, evil will go and the devil knows it. You, know your position is Christ, you walk in the Power of God, He fuels the vessel you travel in. Pray with affimative action in mind, not meddling with your own ideas, consulting with Him, abiding and remaining thankful in all times. It is a huge burden lifter to understand we are given our portion, sometimes is is badly seasoned due to using the wrong spices but it it never to late to sweeten the pot.

“Father, you are so good, you love us so much and your see our hearts, we don’t always like the circumstances we are in but help us to accept our portion in you. Whatever it is Lord we pledge to abide in you. Each day we take up our cross, some days it is heavier than others. Please grant us lively spirits to prepare in a proactive way to know that as mothers and fathers,  kids and grandparents. Arming us with your grace and mercy to enter the day, this is a sooth-saying on our hearts. Bring us to still water and grant us water for our thirst Lord. Fill our vessels with love and let us spray it on the ones in our individual worlds. until it creates a tidal wave that sweeps over the anger that seems to run so deep. Hold us and whisper to us to mindfully abide in your peace and love.”

I do this blog for no gain, I don’t know who reads it and it is better that way. I love and pray for each and ever one of you.






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