25 Apr

Pilgrimage to the Truth


Divinity, Oneness, Ohm…..Pilgrim, wandering free what is it you seek? I had an Ohm symbol tattooed on my back at my root chakra. I sought Peace for my weary soul and wanted the world to know, It does.

Our quest begins at conception, 2 souls come together, the ultimate mystery is set into motion and life begins with a new soul. We all start that way, from eggs, this years hatching eggs here on the farm brought me to some scalp scratching and God began to speak to me.

So much of our spirit is rooted in beliefs, I have shared the fact that I was fed religious beliefs and the pilgrim in me choked on the hypocrisy and continued on, seeking truth has no compromises. My belief system has learning for a long time, there is far more unseen than seen and we only know pieces of the mystery, like the egg we cannot see the progress yet we remain certain of it.

Faith, Hope and Love, these three Remain, is part of a verse in the Bible but in these 7 words there is wisdom and I can show you why I feel this way. I have watched religion attack anything  mystical  and poison the water. It is the Salem Witch trials all over again except now it’s the Evangelicals against the New Agers, give me a break, Jesus would give us a parable about that I am sure.

Personally, my spirit felt completely lost in this world where is the root? Where is the truth!  As a spiritual person, when God began to be  realized in my life, the truth of Jesus Christ’s life and teachings, essentially the Gospel began to allow me to overcome the belief system that was generated  during my search. My unending quest to beat my way past the thorns and dragons on the way to the Kingdom.
Maglie Calcio poco prezzo
I read the Tao and the Wisdom of the Tao and found things taught me more than school ever did.  I followed the Thrive movement and they seem to have it all nailed down except it lacked a heart, I am sorry Mr Foster but I cannot follow another human being into a contrived belief system. True pilgrims chart their course and go alone.  I lived aware the past 46 years and know of Jim Jones, David Koresh and Heavens Gate, their “game” contrived human minds. There is no way to see the heart of a man, a tree is known by it’s fruit, as are we. Case in point, we must seek the fruit of  our teachers.

I found a verse  which prompted my search, 1st John 5:5 “Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God”. We can believe in Jesus, but I must be also willing to say the Bible is the book given to teach us about God and I must consider it all to be fair. This is a belief that guarantees eternal life when we abide in our faith, we need to have confidence and surrender to the outcomes predicted. Belief is a choice of free will.

I’ve learned that “Obsession without certainty is slavery” and I truly belive this is so. Former certainties I had to let go of plunged me into the dark night yet I continued to seek union with the One True God fearlessly, I may be a sinner but I am not a wimp. Be strong fellow travelers, let go of all practices for a moment, cultural, spiritual and religious and  to quote Van Morrison….magnificently we will flow into the mystic.

Jesus was a martyred mystic. His belief in God as the Father and unexplainable parables that shredded laws had to be silenced with such force so that it is never heard of again, a massacre of his image and human body contrived by humans ego and love of power.

Meister Eckhart is another mystic whose words get tossed about by Oprah Winfrey, so I researched not his life  but his beliefs. I found that Eckhart sought henosis (greek word for Oneness), he was a  Neoplatonist. Let’s investigate…

Neoplatanists were philosophers seeking “oneness” through Theurgy. Theurgy is the process of using rituals to invoke the presence of the gods to reach the divine, the perfect self. Theurgy is a form of Monism which is the belief of One God. (Monad) means, divinity or one being, sought individually, dedicating life to making relations with created world and other humans better. Pantheism believes the Universe is divinity. It was popularized by Spinoza and Descartes and later by Sagan, a dualist theory that body and mind are separate. Panentheism is a belief system that posists (postualte or axiom which is a premise of the start point of reason) means “all in God” the Universe and God are One.  Axiom is a greek verb meaning to balance, worthy, proper and they based this view on axiom which oddly is never even used in math due to being considered nonsensical. An axiom was to “deem among philosophers a claim which could be seen without proof”.

This was established in the early 1900’s by none but Alister Crowley who believed that the twentieth century marked humanity’s entry to the Aeon of Horus, a new era in which humans would take increasing control of their destiny by use of magick conforming human will. Although his teachings were a direct  controversy of the Bible, Mr Crowley refused the title of Satanist, was addicted to heroin, acknowledged God and the Devil and was an advocate of young male children as human sacrafice. Ozzy Osbourne wanted to inverview him and get inside his head, no thank you, I’ll pass.

Thelemic magick is a system of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises which practitioners believe are of benefit. A man named  Francois Rabelais, a writer, doctor, satirist and monk who saw a humanistic of life, in his Abbey of The’le’me   he wrote, ” All their life was spent not in laws, statutes, or rules, but according to their own free will and pleasure. They rose out of their beds when they thought good; they did eat, drink, labour, sleep, when they had a mind to it and were disposed for it. None did awake them, none did offer to constrain them to eat, drink, nor to do any other thing; for so had Gargantua established it. In all their rule and strictest tie of their order there was but this one clause to be observed.”  Productive or non-productive way of life?

The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied. Proverbs 13:4

He was unrespected by the acedemic elite who suspended his works. He was deemed by a write of the National archives as a militant anti-Christian atheist, his works never meant for consumption yet Mr Crowley used this piece of fiction as his blueprint for his writings about this “book of law” as he called it.

  Where is this all going?  In the Middle Ages Neoplataism was integrated into the philosophical and theological works of many of the most important influencers of Islam, Christianity Muslim and Jewish thinking. The founder of Neoplatism was a convert from christianity to paganism in 3rd Century AD, he renounced Salvation and advocated philosophical contemplation.

Adding Thelema and all of these “isms” to the mix that is Christianity today certainly disrupts the teachings of Jesus about God’s will. Over the years the water has become muddier and muddier each person flavored by the one before him. Isn’t philosophy simply thoughts contrived of a human beings? Everything I have spoken of in this article influenced so many still taught and quoted today, Spinoza, Marx, Goethe, Descartes, Einstein and many more. Humans have been taken down a garden poaths with our thinking minds, no wonder we were told to pray for wisdom and discernment. 

I have employed some of these writers in the past, I feel quite betrayed now that I understand the true roots of religion whenther it say it is of the light or the dark. Absent of Jesus is not taking you anywhere but to the crazy train with the Oz man.

They just keep killing Jesus over and over, why does Jesus remain the most influential human to ever live despite the maligning of His message? Could it be Divinity? This comes down to logical and non logical. The Bible has staying power that noone can explain, but I will try. Goodness trumps evil, period.  Not one of these dudes can top Jesus, the formula of the Gospel is the only one that brings enlightenment and fulfillment,  sorry fellas, your philosiphies hold no water.

If I told you that I experience God what would you say? He is real, He is not in me, but his Holy Presence speaks to me, his only Son died so that I could be closer to God, God is closer than I ever knew. He is not the planet but he created it and all on it, in it and around it. I have searched and searched all over the place for the truth. I have had chakras read, meditated, channeled,  tripped, shroomed and seanced but nothing trumps the place where you come face to face with the OneTrue God. I needed no explanation or rationale to find him, I opened my heart and mind and called His name. The rest is beautiful history and I walk in the Light.

All of this stuff aside of the Bible, is wishful thinking on mens parts because they tried to explain the unexplainable with theory and philosophy. I can theorize until the cows come home but that doesn’t make me right.  My message is human not perfect but I prayed for the words today to show who God is. Our hearts are real, the spirit we cannot see, but lets liken it to the black box in an airplane. From the time oyour soul was put into your body the ping has been going off, calling you back to the love that created you. 

So consumer, pilgrim, please use the 3 monkeys policy, and pray for discernment.

Can we explain Corrie Ten Boom’s Bible surviving a concentration camp? Can we explain the miracles that happen every day that the news says are “feel good stories”? No, Science needs to shut up and embrace mystery in my opinion. Our counter intelligence to our inherent human purpose will do us in. Love of self and opposition to God, is Ego.  What do you store for Heaven? Earth junk stays here. Unload, God will back the uhaul up and say, dump it the sin right here. But kill it before you dump it, one cannot serve 2 masters, we cannot put it away alive, there is no looking back.

Graceless sinners we are, come to me all who are heavy laden and I, Jesus will you give rest.  Come without condition.

You find this situation just a bit uncomfortable
You’d rather stay far away from reality
For you to understand would be clearly impossible
So you shut your eyes and swear you can see-lyric by Ginny Owens

Much love, Marla

“He that lives in sin, and looks for happiness hereafter, is like him that soweth cockle and thinks to fill his barn with wheat or barley.”
― John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress





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