08 Nov

Living in the Word not the World

My heart is so grieved from what I see. I have come so close to just deleting Facebook and being done but I see so many people I love wandering down paths they need not go down, paths that may end up bringing confusion and loss to their lives. For this is keep going, not going to hide my light. Ever. Fear is not an option.
When I was a kid I read, a book that impacted me was Pilgrims Progress, written around 1675 by Paul Bunyan while in prison. He gave a face and voice to the walk we take to the Lord.
In our search for peace here, I have come to understand it is only in the Lord. The world offers it in other caveats but it is false. There is a character called Mr. Worldly Wisdom in the story, he lives in the village called Morality. He tries to convince Christian that settling down to obey the 10 Commandments with the rest of the moral people is a safer option than obeying the voice of Evangelist.
How I see that today, we pick up the things of the world and make them part of our home. We are so moral. We seek to be feeling good and fit. We decide a good government is enough. We approve our education and go seek wisdom. We send our kids to educators when the Word says the Holy spirit will teach all while the biggest teaching is to be in the home. We assume the diagnosis is true and the pills will work.
In the comforts of life, that is where the enemy lurks. How many ways are there to capitalize on gain in America, it is founded on that. And factions the same way still, our system is a bully and once it can dominate something or some place it takes up exploiting it’s resources and leaving it worse than it was at the start. And it has with the people God created for HIS pleasure and glory. We are a plundered bunch, we really just think we are doing so well. We were called to love our neighbors but rather we have drug our neighbors down the same moral road and here we are in chaos. Evangelism took on a world package deal, intermingling with governments, ag systems and medical systems. Where is Jesus if you already have the answers?
Long ago, I set out to be a massage therapist, halfway into my degree my hands swelled up. I was bumped from that path fast with the diagnosis of RA. I let go of the idea, carried on with being who I was and kept going. When I got sick with Lyme, after being abused by the medical system I entered the world of holistic things. I ran both to the very end and made my analysis of my time there.
While I admit there are things that help us to manage pain and cope, there is one thing that rules and wins and that is the Power of God. God has not given up His title of Healer, does he need our help?
We assign God’s power to plants and substances but why? Did the early disciples carry a kit? No. They carried the power of the Spoken Word of Healing that comes from one place, the Kingdom of God.
When did Mr Worldy Wise infiltrate the church, the church is the bride of Christ? Are we taking all of our modalities along that we worshipped here? Why are we bringing them to the place of worship? Jesus revealed the body is a temple for the Lord, when He cleared the temple it was of money changers and wares sellers, our bodies are not hangouts for this stuff if we seek to be pure in God.
I see so many with oils and touch therapy, putting faith in it but would these same people go on the street and take up the authority of God to restore sight to the blind? No, they’d be embarrassed to do that. It is easier to mock the one who do.
We will massage any old person yet are told in the Word to not be hasty with the laying on of hands.
We take up the advice spewed out in the information system yet it often is diametrically opposed to our faith, we look first them we pray. I am guilty myself.
Two other things from the story that blaze in my mind is when Christian meets the Interpreter who is the Holy Spirit, he is shown “excellent things”.
First, a parlor filled with dust, to model the human heart before it is cleansed by the Gospel. What lurks in the corners of the parlor? Is Jesus rolling your tables or did you tell him not to touch your stuff?
Second, a wall with fire burning against it, and a figure (the devil) throwing water on the fire trying to quench it. The interpreter tells him the water thrower will never succeed because the fire represents the divine spirit in the human heart and a figure on the far side of the wall keeps the fire burning brightly by secretly pouring oil on it — “the oil of Christ’s Grace.”
 There is an enemy that seeks to ruin us, he will use whatever he can to do so, the only protection is to seek the character of the Lord always in all we do. Would Jesus do what Christians do? I really don’t think so. I am sorry to say.
Christian makes it to the Hill and when he regard the Cross his burden he has been carrying rolls into a place where it is never again seen. For his edification and instruction he is given a “roll”, a text from God.
Christianity was placed on a high place somehow when the love of God is lowly and humble, no wonder the discord I hear, no harmony. Jesus called us as His to be people of peace, the peace we have is indwelt through Him in our hearts. Not here, not in our churches, not in our schools, understand these are things of earth. Jesus said that He brought division to the world, why all the energy to unite, we are called to steer from it and save as many as we can.
God’s people are called into being different, we do not go with the flow. The flow is leading to destruction.
We are living in the place Christian avoided in the story, Vanity Fair. In that town, Interested only in commerce and money-making, the town holds a year-round fair at which all kinds of things are bought and sold — “houses, lands, trades, titles, . . . lusts, pleasures, . . . bodies, souls, silver, gold, pearls, precious stones, and what not.” Christian and Faithful infuriate the merchandisers by turning up their noses at the wares offered them, saying that they would buy nothing but the Truth. Faithful ends up being martyred there and Christian escapes to finally make it to the Celestial City.
The time is coming when Vanity Fair will end, the next thing that came to our traveler was the Giant of Despair who lives in Doubtful Castle.
It is faith that is the star of the show, Christian remembers the promise and is able to keep going.
Faith. Jesus asked if He will find it when He comes. Faith. the mustard seed that will grow. Faith. What made the patriarchs who they were. Faith. The thing that will stand when God shakes this place One More time.
What is with all of the evolution of us? We are told to remain in the situation were in when we were called to Christ. Why do I see women leaving unbelieving husbands, why does the church advise it? Go read 1 Corinthians 7 verse 10. Also don’t come to me, go speak to God who said it.
If your church is hung up on property and taking what is ours, our comfort, our freedom…..I fear for you. Jesus called us to suffer outside the gates. I will close there for many will feel I am condemning you but I am not. I warn for I have already seen. You will either believe me or you won’t. Jesus said if you believe me, you believe Him, if you believe Him, you believe the One who sent Him.
You are all are loved, He asks you the same things he asks me. Turn. We either do or we don’t.
Much love,
03 Nov

Keep On Keeping On

Yesterday I studied, seeking why are we in such corrupted culture. The places the Lord takes me to learn are often surprises to me. I landed on learning about the deep state, our military and the Utopia they seek.  There is an evil deception on mankind and it is perpetuated by conscienceless men who seek greed, lust for money, flesh and power. America produces narcissistic behavior and it is accepted, perpetuated. Often the innocent suffer from this the most. It is all a means to an end, God already planned when things end, He calls it the Day and it will be when we all see Jesus for who He is.
Late Commentator Christopher Lasch argued that “it was the imposition of two social changes that brought the narcissistic personality to the front line of “normality” the first of which was the rapid changes in US society since the start of the 20th century and the second the institutions that began to redesign society according to those principle changes. He also highlighted the intrusion of the state into peoples’ lives, the commoditization of education, the rise of corporatism and the erosion of responsibility, all made possible by the reliance on fear as a tool of coercion.”
They system makes men wretched, only Jesus can save them. Sadly with this bred into us, it feeds the “me first” generation. It feeds war as it singles out enemies and capitalizes on shaming them and exploiting them as we see by military capers that go often unpunished.
Through gaming and media this model has been pressed into men, it is in households and hearts. The war model is unfriendly, no wonder we have domestic peace issues.
Women and kids are often caught in the crosshairs, the man who is in difficult situations and does not have faith leans to his own means of survival. Taught tactical and verbals, they often take it out on people who love them. All in the midst of dinner and family time. The home is no longer a sanctuary but an evil zone behind closed doors and one that often blows up in the face of first responders.
The opioids fed into us, the addictions they breed and the damage they do often seep into the next place of more potent drugs which are illegal. You program a nation for pain and it will seek relief. No doubt in my mind. We are made of matter and memory. It is a grievous sin before God what leadership has done. We are led by darkness that kills off the good men, the remaining good men will need to learn to circumvent it, cut the ground from under it and over come it. Saving souls is the goal.
I have no plan of action other than faith in God, I am a housewife who simply met hell in my life and sought the Lord with all my heart. Entrenched in a lie and burdened, the Lord gave me Himself, He is truth and He is life.
Our founding fathers were simple men, men who had the desire to do right, so many have started out to be done away with and our history is a lie. George Orwell said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” And the more they do this, edit history to take out the crimes against humanity the deeper the deception goes.
We must begin in the home. Wives and family praying for the men. This is how we overcome, with our love, God is with us for God is love.
Ladies, it is a travesty what we often must live with, the life of a man who does not know God cannot love you right. God is the one who made love, marriage, intimacy and relationship. If we want those things in our lives with these men we love then we will pray for them.
Women are better thinkers, we have to be to juggle all that we do. Ask Jesus to come and show you how and He will. He did for me. He is my best friend and no longer do I race to flesh to ask things. He makes a song of redemption play in my heart, one of reconciliation and peace. I play it for my family and know that He works unseen, I must trust Him implicitly.
I was led to Psalm 15.
Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent?
Who may live on your holy mountain?
The one whose walk is blameless,
who does what is righteous,
who speaks the truth from their heart;
whose tongue utters no slander,
who does no wrong to a neighbor,
and casts no slur on others;
who despises a vile person
but honors those who fear the Lord;
who keeps an oath even when it hurts,
and does not change their mind;
who lends money to the poor without interest;
who does not accept a bribe against the innocent
Whoever does these things
will never be shaken.
Can we keep our oath of love no matter it it hurts? We can do all things with Christ. We can endure suffering for He said we would. Nothing of value is easy, if you want a marriage that is built on a rock and foundation, go to the Rock of Ages. If you want a life that is unshakeable, then go the Unshakeable Lord of all Creation and ask.
He is beckoning all to His bosom. Jesus did not come bringing peace but division. The Word says rightly divide, the Word of Truth. Separate yourself from the wickedness and be purified by His sanctifying work. Oddly it has been in my marriage that this has been done, our bailout culture, despite it’s good intentions goes in the face of God. He never said give up, He said overcome. You can because I did.
I don’t care what line of BS has been fed steadily into your mind, reject it if you know it is bogus. All you have to do is look at the agenda and the voices that defend it and carry it out to know they heap destruction on themselves.
Let them, pray for your enemies for this will heap burinng coals on their heads. Coals of deep conviction if they are not seared and hardened. The Holy Spirit will guide you to all things. Wait on Him and remains prayerful. Follow Jesus for He is the ONLY model to follow. He is the only One who is Right.
Sadly in this world your pastor, your church, your family may be on the wrong path, Jesus said whoever will not leave that to follow me is not worthy. so as we march into the season of greed and wanton, hedonism I ask you to review the value of these things and ask if any of it is bringing the Kingdom about or is it simply furthering the traditions that bog us down.
We will choose to be saved. God is very loving and fair, He gives us all free will. To not choose Jesus is to choose the self destruct option, think about that today. I am praying for you dear reader. You are loved.
With a sincere heart of love for you and your freedom in Christ in mind,
01 Nov

Praying for One Another

Praying, the saints pray and we wait on the Lord to move. Praise Jesus for the boldness He gives us to approach the throne of Grace and ask Him. WE must remember the Lord came to save, saving is what He desires. He is willing, are we?
I want to simply remind us all, when we pray who we pray to. I see so many pleading and begging, reciting things with mouths of doubt, this simply confuses me. Do you belong to Him? He is infinite, He is supreme and we pray to our Abba Father who misses nothing. He sees, hears, knows all things. You are not going into prayer to update Him on your life, He knows. You are there to worship, adore, confess, thank and supplicate.
His goal for us expressed in His Holy Word is to be like His Son. Let us all desire the gifts and walk accordingly.
God keeps a record, of your motives, what moves you to act and what thoughts are you manifesting about what you do and why you do it. You most likely don’t think on this, the autonomous takes over and we go. This can be good, it is not good to dwell but dwell on the Lord we must.
What makes you who you are and how do you impact and affect others? The Kingdom of God laid out ethics and ethics keep motives pure, such is the Kingdom of God. Our goal is a pure heart full of love as our Lords. Evangelism is always the goal of the Holy Spirit, that is what He supports. A forward moving process that is marching steadily toward Judgement Day and the coming of His Kingdom. I pray your hearts are ready to be exposed, for transparency is all. No darkness or place to hide things is in the light. Come out, we only enter the closet to pray. His measures are fair and just and I recall, wheat must be ground to make bread. He will separate grain from chaff on the Day.
As told in Colossians, we pray for one another and ask God to fill you with knowledge of His will, through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. We do this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way, bearing fruit in every good work, and growing in the knowledge of God.
Being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might, so you might have endurance and patience and will joyfully give thanks to the Father who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in the Kingdom of Light. For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom we have redemption and forgiveness of sins.
Cruciform. Do we live this way? Not like Gumby, not just flexible but able to die. To let go of what ails us once we are shown what it is, to be willing to be remade in His image. Do we stay close to Him assured that the pain of enduring the crucible will produce long-suffering and strength?
Learning to obey love is like tuning an instrument. Harmoniously all things work together for the good of those who love God. There may be a road paved with hardship that leads to your eternal good. Do you trust Him? Your good is considered with the good of others, how great is the Lord who knows us all intimately and knows exactly what we need.
An interwoven fabric of love with hearts, oh that we would be in tune so Abba can play us with His song. The song of love.
Do we bring fear and worry to our prayers or do we approach with confidence? The fear we possess is of Him, we are created, on His clock and His time. We can pick our path but He will choose our steps. He will move us in and out of situations and positions for His greater glory, not our careers of dreams. We can never know the infinite depth of His wisdom but we can seek to be intimate with Him and learn to trust in God no matter what.
Are we obeying love? We are like islands. We ferry across to other islands, to some we build bridges. Ferrying to new islands does not have to be scary, if we ferry out with our Lord he is our guide and protection.
When will we ever let go of our ideas of how we think it should be and obey Him? Drop your requirements and learn to accept the circumstances that you are placed in. We respond in various ways but are we congruent with Him or are we moving against Him? Do we even know when we do this?
All too often we invite God to our life and our plans, centered on our needs and our responses, on desires and wants not on the enduring strength and dominion of His Holiness and His Spirit.
Be confident in this, He misses absolutely nothing about you. You can be yourself but do not take up a fig leaf, we have left Eden and are headed to a new Home.
31 Oct

Taking Ownership

Discipleship, that everyone is trained to be like Our Teacher, to be realized as each member experiences progressive transformation in the image of Christ (as the Word says).
My statement of faith: Consider it done
Integrity is the commitment to do what is right regardless of the circumstances.
You cannot straddle integrity. The are on either one side or the other and must be consistently so, there is no hidden agenda, no political games.
To solve problems we can use a model.
Write down these three things:
  • The problem as you perceive it
  • The impact it has on you
  • What you want to accomplish, your desired end state.
  • Why do you think the problem exists?
  • List potential solutions
Follow up weekly, 10 minute review, clarify priorities and expectations.
Own the statements in BOLD
No matter what – accept responsibility and move forward.
And then some – I give what is expected and then some
Consider it done – I am consistent and dependable
Above all else – I will adhere to my values
From now on – I learn from my mistakes and welcome change
Young people need adults who through actions and attitudes tell them that they matter.
In the Kingdom everybody is a somebody. Personal relationships are the key to nurturing young people into adults who reflect their full potential in Christ.
In adolescence, young ones are in desperate need of adults to encourage them as they develop emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Jesus is the Master Teacher, as His followers we are a “fellowship of His students”.
Mutual servanthood-in this we love one another, look out for the best interest of each other, confront one another and encourage one another. As we submit to one another we assist each other in becoming more like Christ.
We are called to shape a community with the goal of Mentoring steps can only play out and are best accomplished within the boundaries of community. This gives a group example of lives that live out positive examples and values.
Mentors “live out” within a community and provide also a collective example of what it means to be a Christlike adult. We are called to shape a community marked by growing commitment of every member to Christ and to others.
The community of people calling themselves Christians needs to self examine themselves before the Word of God preferably with an accountability partner, a sibling in the faith farther along. We are told to test and see if we are in the faith. 2 Cor. 13:5
The Remnant, the church which makes up the Bride of Christ needs to awaken.
To realize and take seriously it’s responsibility to minister faith to young people and new believers within itself. Members need to provide without judgement or offense; love, support and encouragement.
Adult members can get a criminal history report here http://www.psp.pa.gov/Pages/Request-a-Criminal-History-Record.aspx for a minimal fee and plenty of reassurances. This protects the youth and presents to parents and guardians as due process on the part of the mentor.
People need and kids especially need:
Someone to talk to
Someone to say, you matter to me
Someone to challenge them to do their best
Someone who takes them seriously
Someone who doesn’t judge them
Someone who respects them
Someone who accepts them
Someone who understands them
Someone to laugh with them
Someone to be serious with them
Someone who cares
Someone who prays
Reinforcements and review
Psalm 68:5 Defender
Proverbs 11:30 He who wins souls is wise
Isaiah 1:17 Do right-seek justice, encourage, defend, plead
Matthew 25: 34-40 Least of these we did to Him
Matthew 28:19-20 Baptize and teach to obey
Luke 1:37 With God nothing is impossible
Luke 11:9 Ask, Seek, Knock
Romans 1:16 not ashamed of the Gospel
Romans 5:8 While sinners Christ died for us
2 Corinthians 10:4 We demolish with divine power
2 Timothy 1:7 Spirit of power and love and self discipline
Hebrews 6:10 God is not unjust and He won’t forget
Revelation 20:11-15 Judgement comes
Identity in Christ begins at the Cross. We come to a place where we can no longer bear the weight of our actions and deeds. We ask God to forgive us in knowledge of Jesus as Lord and Savior . We must ask for help and turn from our bondage to flesh. In the light of the study of God’s Word, I realize it is a choice to seek Him.
I came to know the Lord by studying His Way with “His ones” (disciples). His parables, His Words, His command of the moment. He froze life on each lesson and dug to the deepest chasm of the broken heart. He rules with gentleness and justice. Everything is neutralized to be in line with our Creator. Through Christ Jesus, I AM becomes the unthinkable, unfathomable, my mind does not go that far to fully comprehend or understand God, Elohim, The master of the Universe. He is Creator, Abba, the Parent of all Parents, the Infinite, the Absolute, Perfect, Most High and Holy God. I rest me in the thought that He knows my name. He formed me in the secret place, in the depths you ordained my days, numbered my hairs. To think of the attentiveness of all of that and He offers it all to all, whosoever in endless supply.
Oh how great this love that He so freely will broadcast in our hearts if we allow Him to. We owe it to one another to obey love. He keeps a record of us and we should fear that.


Everlasting love to you dear reader,