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Miracle the Hen

So I was feeling like a story was in order since I introduced you to our farm.

This is the story of Miracle the Hen, brought from deaths doorstep to a place of freedom.


Here is Miracle, you may say okay, it’s a chicken, but wait, she has an important message. When you look at Miracle you see her bright red comb, her shaved beak and bright eyes, she’s pretty despite being maimed, let’s hear her story.

Miracle was hatched in an incubator, she never knew the warmth of her mothers wing. She was hatched for a purpose, so early on her beak was seared off with a hot cauterizing device. She came to the house she lived in as a young pullet, she lived in a crate with 7 other hens just like her. They were wing to wing and beak to beak, in tight quarters, her beak was shaved so they can’t peck each other in frustration. She lived on the top rack, there were 4 more rows of cages just like hers underneath her. She was lucky on the top, that meant the excrement of the other birds was not falling on her and into her food. She was cleaner than her friends below her and the person giving her away said she had a good spot.

Her life was a day to day process of automated lights to wake her up to initiate her egg laying and every day the same. The chickens around her would die sometimes, the congestion and crowding is not healthy and they just were not strong enough. She sat in her cage, day after day with scarcely enough room to move. She was nameless and nothing but a part of a production machine.

The day came for the huge henhouse to be emptied, trucks would come and take them all out in cages, truck them away to be killed and put into canned soup. That was the summary of her life, live, lay eggs and die only to become soup.

Then a boy came into her world, he was interested in battery hens as they are called and said he thought they weren’t just soup, he could love them.

Miracle and her cage-mates were loaded into a cage and put into the back of a pickup truck, they would not be soup today…

That boy was my kind, wonderful son who is passionate about his chickens and knew about what happens to these birds.

When we brought Miracle and her pals home I turned to look at them riding in the back of the truck. I remember thinking to myself, this is the first fresh air they have had, the first sunlight in ages maybe the first ever… They crouched together like white scrawny ghosts ion the corner for the rest of the ride.

We gave  them a  few days to settle in and on a bright sunny day we ushered them into the bright April sun. They had no idea what to do, they walked in the grass like it was frightening them, picking their feet up so high. We were amazed at how foreign the outside world was to them, it was sad, we had chickens who did not act like chickens.

One night we blended them into my son’s flock of well established bossy mama’s as he calls them. They were let out with everyone else and as the girls around them pecked the dirt, ate bugs, scratched and dusted they were lost, they stood around and watched.They looked so odd, with their pale pink combs and skinny bodies in comparison with fat healthy hens that were colorful and strong.
maglie calcio poco prezzo
In a few weeks they gradually adjusted, were ready to go out in the morning and greet the day. Before too long they were pecking, scratching and joining into the crazy madness that is our barnyard.

That was 2 years ago….these hens have been consistent egg layers for us, they were no spent hens. They have such personality and recently have developed a new hobby. They and Fabio the Rooster along with 2 exotic banties are the Poo Crew that follows lady the horse.

They know no boundaries and fences will not hold them, I noticed this year they are always in the horse pasture and all over the yard. I joked to my husband they they were liberated and no cage would ever hold them down.


When I look at Miracle and her friends now I see girls who boss the big hens back, they decided how they would live and it would be free.

This is not the end of the story though, what can you do to help these kind of birds? Demand farm fresh eggs from hens that are healthy and happy. Not the chalky things that look like eggs from the store, you now know where the eggs came from. They taste better, are better for you and are more nutritious. Care about the sources of your food and know that many homesteads like mine often have extra eggs that they will sell to you.

If you have the option to get birds, consider rescuing these kind of birds, they have so much life left to live and will give so much back to you in return.

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