22 Jul

Love and Food

Hello friends,
Every week when it is time to work on updating the list, I feel a sense of sharing. I share so much of myself sometimes I have been told my heart is on my sleeve, yet I carry on undaunted. There is a drive in me that won’t be silent.
When I began this crusade for food, I was in a body going downhill. Food was my life-raft and I knew that going deeper into food and the connections it has on us would lead me down paths undiscovered.
My path now is turning again and I am thankful to be in a place where I wait on God’s timing and trust this journey I am on. At first it seemed foolish to relax to that point but in the light of many weeks of concentrated behavior I am doing it.
Every day brings questions, stress, yesterday’s issues to be resolved, todays issues pop up, we all carry heavy loads.
There is a constantly ticking stopwatch that we hear, it propels us into this fast lane America is in, tuning it out is hard. The question is posed,  how do you keep a schedule in a state of relaxing?
My method is simple, it is a diverter. I was given a hanging for the wall that simply says, “Do not worry about tomorrow, God is already there”. I read it over and over again, each day it means a new thing. Today it means I will not go farther than today. Just the now, the present, and I pause to drink in silence  and focus on the light during the course of my day.
I visualize my path, the one God placed me on 44 years ago and see the turns I have taken.
My path used to be fraught with fear, worry and moments of despair.
Today it is not a clear path, but no darkness lies ahead, it is well lit.moncler outlet
I do not see what is coming, none of us know that. That is too much for us to comprehend, God watches over us though, he knows.
I try to live by a rule, “be ready to say goodbye to everything you love”, now, and every day.
The only constant is change my dear ones and we can either fight it or ebb into the flow and allow things to happen and develop an air of acceptance and trust in the journey we are all on together.
I make a list every day, a “today’s page”, I jot notes, outline my day and have a map. Yes things pop up, they go on the page too, it evolves. Some other benefits are that I can look back and see what I did, when I did it and other details.  No more sticky notes!
I hear from alot of moms that cooking is one of the most challenging tasks, even more so is trying to keep it healthy and simple.
I hear you, I may not have toddlers but I have limited energy resources, I stick to what is most important. For me? You guessed it, it is what we eat.
But I live with 2 guys who like treats and yummy food, their palettes were formed by restaurants and fast food, weaning and changing over is hard but do-able.
That said I am going to work on that, we will offer more recipes to try. I am sure most of you know someone who is making small steps toward  leaving some things on the shelf.
Everywhere around there is a new set of topics in the news, Glyspohate sits at the top, it is killing the bees, birds, butterflies, fish and more,is in breast milk, is known to cause cancer and is in pretty much every food product offered at grocery stores.
We didn’t miss something somewhere along the line, it was put there without our knowledge. Now they don’t to label it or people won’t want to eat it. Oh, that sums it all up.
A skull and crossbones means the same thing whether it is on the Roundup or on the Captain Crunch. 
Let’s put the love back in our food.
Buy it in love (no bees or birds were killed making this product)
Cook it in love (I am making this with good things because these people I cook for are everything to me)
Eat it in love (the hands who grew it loved it, the hands who prepared it give love, the hands holding the fork receives all the love, do you see it? love is a big circle)
Stay tuned, I feel inspired.
Blessings, Marla


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