08 Nov

Living in the Word not the World

My heart is so grieved from what I see. I have come so close to just deleting Facebook and being done but I see so many people I love wandering down paths they need not go down, paths that may end up bringing confusion and loss to their lives. For this is keep going, not going to hide my light. Ever. Fear is not an option.
When I was a kid I read, a book that impacted me was Pilgrims Progress, written around 1675 by Paul Bunyan while in prison. He gave a face and voice to the walk we take to the Lord.
In our search for peace here, I have come to understand it is only in the Lord. The world offers it in other caveats but it is false. There is a character called Mr. Worldly Wisdom in the story, he lives in the village called Morality. He tries to convince Christian that settling down to obey the 10 Commandments with the rest of the moral people is a safer option than obeying the voice of Evangelist.
How I see that today, we pick up the things of the world and make them part of our home. We are so moral. We seek to be feeling good and fit. We decide a good government is enough. We approve our education and go seek wisdom. We send our kids to educators when the Word says the Holy spirit will teach all while the biggest teaching is to be in the home. We assume the diagnosis is true and the pills will work.
In the comforts of life, that is where the enemy lurks. How many ways are there to capitalize on gain in America, it is founded on that. And factions the same way still, our system is a bully and once it can dominate something or some place it takes up exploiting it’s resources and leaving it worse than it was at the start. And it has with the people God created for HIS pleasure and glory. We are a plundered bunch, we really just think we are doing so well. We were called to love our neighbors but rather we have drug our neighbors down the same moral road and here we are in chaos. Evangelism took on a world package deal, intermingling with governments, ag systems and medical systems. Where is Jesus if you already have the answers?
Long ago, I set out to be a massage therapist, halfway into my degree my hands swelled up. I was bumped from that path fast with the diagnosis of RA. I let go of the idea, carried on with being who I was and kept going. When I got sick with Lyme, after being abused by the medical system I entered the world of holistic things. I ran both to the very end and made my analysis of my time there.
While I admit there are things that help us to manage pain and cope, there is one thing that rules and wins and that is the Power of God. God has not given up His title of Healer, does he need our help?
We assign God’s power to plants and substances but why? Did the early disciples carry a kit? No. They carried the power of the Spoken Word of Healing that comes from one place, the Kingdom of God.
When did Mr Worldy Wise infiltrate the church, the church is the bride of Christ? Are we taking all of our modalities along that we worshipped here? Why are we bringing them to the place of worship? Jesus revealed the body is a temple for the Lord, when He cleared the temple it was of money changers and wares sellers, our bodies are not hangouts for this stuff if we seek to be pure in God.
I see so many with oils and touch therapy, putting faith in it but would these same people go on the street and take up the authority of God to restore sight to the blind? No, they’d be embarrassed to do that. It is easier to mock the one who do.
We will massage any old person yet are told in the Word to not be hasty with the laying on of hands.
We take up the advice spewed out in the information system yet it often is diametrically opposed to our faith, we look first them we pray. I am guilty myself.
Two other things from the story that blaze in my mind is when Christian meets the Interpreter who is the Holy Spirit, he is shown “excellent things”.
First, a parlor filled with dust, to model the human heart before it is cleansed by the Gospel. What lurks in the corners of the parlor? Is Jesus rolling your tables or did you tell him not to touch your stuff?
Second, a wall with fire burning against it, and a figure (the devil) throwing water on the fire trying to quench it. The interpreter tells him the water thrower will never succeed because the fire represents the divine spirit in the human heart and a figure on the far side of the wall keeps the fire burning brightly by secretly pouring oil on it — “the oil of Christ’s Grace.”
 There is an enemy that seeks to ruin us, he will use whatever he can to do so, the only protection is to seek the character of the Lord always in all we do. Would Jesus do what Christians do? I really don’t think so. I am sorry to say.
Christian makes it to the Hill and when he regard the Cross his burden he has been carrying rolls into a place where it is never again seen. For his edification and instruction he is given a “roll”, a text from God.
Christianity was placed on a high place somehow when the love of God is lowly and humble, no wonder the discord I hear, no harmony. Jesus called us as His to be people of peace, the peace we have is indwelt through Him in our hearts. Not here, not in our churches, not in our schools, understand these are things of earth. Jesus said that He brought division to the world, why all the energy to unite, we are called to steer from it and save as many as we can.
God’s people are called into being different, we do not go with the flow. The flow is leading to destruction.
We are living in the place Christian avoided in the story, Vanity Fair. In that town, Interested only in commerce and money-making, the town holds a year-round fair at which all kinds of things are bought and sold — “houses, lands, trades, titles, . . . lusts, pleasures, . . . bodies, souls, silver, gold, pearls, precious stones, and what not.” Christian and Faithful infuriate the merchandisers by turning up their noses at the wares offered them, saying that they would buy nothing but the Truth. Faithful ends up being martyred there and Christian escapes to finally make it to the Celestial City.
The time is coming when Vanity Fair will end, the next thing that came to our traveler was the Giant of Despair who lives in Doubtful Castle.
It is faith that is the star of the show, Christian remembers the promise and is able to keep going.
Faith. Jesus asked if He will find it when He comes. Faith. the mustard seed that will grow. Faith. What made the patriarchs who they were. Faith. The thing that will stand when God shakes this place One More time.
What is with all of the evolution of us? We are told to remain in the situation were in when we were called to Christ. Why do I see women leaving unbelieving husbands, why does the church advise it? Go read 1 Corinthians 7 verse 10. Also don’t come to me, go speak to God who said it.
If your church is hung up on property and taking what is ours, our comfort, our freedom…..I fear for you. Jesus called us to suffer outside the gates. I will close there for many will feel I am condemning you but I am not. I warn for I have already seen. You will either believe me or you won’t. Jesus said if you believe me, you believe Him, if you believe Him, you believe the One who sent Him.
You are all are loved, He asks you the same things he asks me. Turn. We either do or we don’t.
Much love,

One thought on “Living in the Word not the World

  1. Wonderful my sister. You always speak God’s truth. Many times I have also thought about deleting facebook and my reasons are the same as yours and besides, I have found the best friends I have ever had…Including you(!) on here and that also makes me stay. It’s funny you mentioned wives leaving unbelieving husbands. Guess where I was in my Bible this morning? 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 and 1 Corinthians 7:13-16! God is good! Bless you sister. Love you immensely ❤️!

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