16 Oct

He Speaks

Iniquity, sin, mine and the sin of others. Let it have no space to speak.
In this recovery, I wake daily saying what my father spoke over me every day I lived at home. It is a beautiful day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. I rise to greet what waits for me, this is to carry my cross, my daily bread awaits.
All we are given is today, yesterday a memory, tomorrow not promised. Jesus, let us rock it for your Kingdom, for all it is worth.  Selah~ He is my Peace, the Prince of, My Savior.
I read Psalm 145 before bed and when I woke. It tells me how to enter this new Day I am given.
Meditate on Abba’s works, Tell of His Power, Proclaim His deeds, Celebrate His abundant goodness, Joyfully sing of His Righteousness.
The Lord is full of compassion on ALL that He has made. His saints speak of His Might, of the Glorious splendor of His Kingdom, It is Everlasting.
The Lord is faithful on ALL of His Promises *(learn what they are). He is Loving to ALL He made. He upholds ALL who fall, He uplifts all who are bowed down. Be water, get low.
All look to Him, He feeds at the proper time and opens His Hand and satisfies the desires of every living thing. The Lord is righteous in ALL His Ways, loving toward ALL He made *(He made you).
The Lord is near to ALL who call on Him. To all who call on Him in truth. He fills the desire of those who fear Him, hears their cry and saves them. The Lord watches over ALL who love Him. But He will destroy the wicked. My mouth will speak His praise. Let every creature praise His name.
This morning the nitpicking, the angry words, the hostile tone of voice attacked immediately. This one who shared my bread, accepted my love now spits at me. I said, I love you as the door was closing, I heard a grumble and slam.
I look up to Jesus who is right here, “I am not going to cry Lord”, I say. But the hot tears hit my face. To my knees I fall and He holds me. This is not the first time. I live in a gauntlet. Fiery things are thrown daily, I wear my armor proudly and know how to use my sword.
When you are caught between love your enemy and flee the persecution there is but one place to go. As I kneel weeping not over my pain but this persons ignorance to love. And a warm being slides onto my lap. Grace. She is a soft place to fall this little dog.
 Thank God I believe in Providence. Every loss that slayed me has been restored and given back better. Perhaps this man will too. I wait patiently on my Lord focusing my mind on being the vessel of honor my Lord calls me to be. To be effective witness of the love that I serve with my all.
My children have always been the speakers in my life, today was Charles. A son grafted into my life who I love. From his corner of the earth he askes me, “what does the book of Philemon mean mom?”
I gave him my answer which was” it is about forgiveness”. Knowing full well this is my cue to read it and digest this Word. And I did….
It tells me to be ACTIVE in sharing my faith.
So that I have and give, a full understanding of every good thing in Christ.
Love gives great joy and encouragement, it refreshes the hearts of the saints.
I could give orders in Christ and be bold but I APPEAL on the basis of love.
Ones who are wrong can become sons,  we love them as such as they become our heart.
Jesus can give them back from slavery to evil making them dear brothers. Stand in the gap for them, Ask them to refresh my heart in confidence of their obedience.
And I wait…..
on my Lord, His time, His Way.
Dear reader you are infinitely loved, I pray that you seek Him while He can be found.

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