10 Jul

Garden Goodness!


What began as a quiet day ended up being pretty busy….a trip to the garden revealed my cabbage was about done growing. Since I garden organically, and spraying to keep pests away was out I figured I’d just pick it.

Well, a few teaspoons of salt and sugar and now this is what it looks like….



Saurkraut, yummy! I can’t get enough of this stuff, the health benefit from fermented food is huge so in a few weeks we will be diving into this.

The beans were ready too, we picked about a bushel and now they look like this!



My husbands weak spot….dilly beans!

Here is the recipe I use for that…

Have ready, 2 pounds of cleaned beans with tops cut off, 4 to 5 sterile jars and lids, caynenne pepper, dill heads and garlic cloves.
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In large pot, boil, 2 1/2 cups water, 2 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup canning salt.

Into sterile jars, put in 2 garlic cloves, 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper and a dill head, then stuff beans into jars, I find the point down works best. Leave 1/2 inch headspace and pour brine over the beans and other stuff. Cap tightly and listen for them to pop. HInt: you can hot water process them but as long as it is all starile I do not, I find the beans are crisper if they are not processed.



We have been eating alot from our garden, a veggie stir fry as shown here, it was delicous, easy too! Fresh organic, sugar peas, red pepper, carrotts, garlic in coconut oil over organic brown rice, hello nutrition, you are beautiful!

One night we ate 2 quarts of stir fried young organic string beans, nothing else, oh just give me a my garden and I can eat healthy and happy.

But when did the lunacy creep into our world so quietly? The detached emotion to food that is… There is nothing like starting a seed, loving it like a baby, watching it mature and planting it. What’s better is eating the produce and knowing it came from a process that God designed. I personally use heirloom seeds, not the conventional ones, I don’t support genetically modifying anything!

When did women begin to think the grocery store offers more than a straw hat, comfy clothes and some real honest vitamin D (sunshine) and the ever popular dirt therapy. How do you feel good walking from a store with boxes of preservative laden products that came off of factory lines, packaged dead animal flesh that had hellish lives and produce that spent a week on a truck, picked before it’s time and sprayed to ripen all neatly packed in plastic bags?

Where is the responsibility to nutrtition? We have spent far too long in front of the TV that adorns 2 minute clips with images of happy people eating things that will eventually bring them a sickened body. We pump our kids full of chemicals,dyes and Lord knows what else, then position the game controllers in their hands, the TV says kids need this stuff right? As women we need to stop trusting the TV, it also tells you you need to be prettier, look like a celebrity, worry about your image and shop till you drop…you end up looking plastic, fake and broke….

What if we look at our grandmothers as heroes….

Marla's Grandmother


Here is mine, she knew nothing of such nonsense!  The year was sometime in the 1920’s, grocery stores did not even exist! If there wasn’t a patch of veggies in your yard you weren’t eating. People canned things with a vengance! 100 quarts of everything, veggies, fermented things, meat, and cold cellars ruled keeping food on the table until spring.

Many do not know but the system of food is a fragile one today, crops are Roundup Ready, food has been modified to already have the weed killers in it! We are killing bees by the thousands, we pollute streams and natural habitats, we want more and demand more and when does it all end? The soil becomes denatures after being sprayed oever and over again and becomes a barren spot….tell me how long we will keep producing food this was in the current infrastructure of farming?

That is where homesteads and small farms come in….we listen to the past, look to the future of food and see possibility in taking steps backwards. Small chicken flocks that live in pasture providing healthy, fresh eggs to the family and neighbors, pastured cows and pigs, not in confinement buildings with manure up to their bellies being force fed for rapid growth, they are foragers and on a naturally occuting pasture they will do just fine and taste even better!

I am proud of my garden…yes I work hard in it, there are challenges and there are rewards. There is nothing like knowing where my food came from. I have been challenged with the disease that lives in my body thanks to a little tick and I know that optimal health comes from a clean, whole food diet. How better to control what I put in than to be intimately involved in the sowing, the growing, the picking, the processing and the eating…..

Embrace a change today, find your inner diva, tell her to get off of her can and go dig in the dirt then cook it!



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