14 May

Decoding your dinner plate

Maybe haven’t made the switch yet over to organics and whole foods so I’m going help you decode your dinner and make you understand why you this may be the most important choice you make.

If you’re shopping for convenience more than likely you’re going to find nothing but a bloated feeling…
By learning to watch the salt content in the food do you eat you can actually drop an entire pants size overnight. Cooking things from scratch and seasoning your own food is probably the best way to save yourself any salt issues. It is a preservative and if you look you’ll be shocked at how much sodium is in packaged and processed food.

Diet foods, I don’t even know where to begin here…
When they take out the fat and calories and all the things that make your delicious cupcakes put a smile on your face, they’re putting something else in there to make it not taste like cardboard generally thats sugar, lots of it.
You can save yourself the headache and opt for whole foods like nuts or fresh fruit, these have nutrients that your body needs and won’t spike your blood sugar, they will give you energy.
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Bacon and Preserved Meats..
Let’s talk about bacon bits, you know those interesting things that you like to dump on top of your salad, hot dogs and anything cured…you can probably bet there are nitrates inside.
Nitrates in many studies are linked to forms of cancer, not something you want to be putting your food.
They don’t come right out and tell you that sodium nitrate is widely regarded as a toxic ingredient. Interestingly enough the FDA tried to ban it in the 1970s but food manufacturers pushed saying they had no alternative for package meat products.
It’s highly carcinogenic once it enters the human digestive system and wreaks havoc with a number of internal organs mainly the liver and pancreas. It’s found in nearly every packaged product imaginable listed right on the label, so just watch out for it.
The ugly truth is that it is a color affecter, it makes old dead meat appear fresh and vibrant so this is just another lie on your plate. Heaven only knows what you’re eating!
Opt for grass fed, pastured, soy free, antiboitic free meats that has been humanely raised, ethically killed and processed without nitrates!

Soy in my Soup?
Not only is it one of the most genetically modified food items on the market adding roundup genes to your plate, but fake meat soy products easily contain 40 or more ingredients which don’t sound mouthwatering.
Soy protein isolate is a dry powder food ingredient separated from the other components of the soybean making it 90 to 95% protein thats carb and fat free.
No wonder it turns up and protein bars, meal replacement shakes, bottle fruit drinks, soups, sausage, baked goods, breakfast cereals and some dietary supplements it’s everywhere. So healthy!
It also hides under names like mono diglyceride, soya/ soja or yuba, TSF, TSP, TVP, MSG, and some lecthin. Be on the lookout!
No shake or supplement ever was the answer to a weight problem, however eating healthy, whole foods, adding fruits and vegetables to the diet, cutting out processed junk and exercising does, that is a fact.

What’s even worse is GMO soy can lead to hormonal disruption and miscarriages as it disrupts the hormonal balance of the female reproductive cycle.
It has been linked to infertility, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction in men. Not to worry, the FDA created pills to fix that, they don’t tell you that creates a whole new problem.
And the last ones should really horrify your husbands and boyfriends… breast enlargement, moodswings and frequent crying jags…. well they can celebrate PMS with you.
Break out the Chocolate ice cream and chick flicks!

Let’s talk about the word Enriched…
If you have an enriching experience is supposed to fill your heart full and be very, very meaningful, to enrich is to enhance the quality or value.
Liar, Liar pants on fire….. on food labels enriched does not mean the same.
On a label it means it’s a grain that was chemically stripped of all of its nutrients including fiber and B vitamins and then a fraction of those things were added back in.
The short and sweet fix is to look for the word whole on your labels. Whole grains retain all the original good stuff that you need fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, which means they don’t need to be injected with anything enriching. God put them there for you, naturally.
Sustainable Choices offers Sylvia’s Spelt bread that is crafted by hand and is organic, wholesome and delicious!

Organic, this could be a mirage in the desert…
Unfortunately in some of the health craze nitwit-isms this has become a buzzword on a package to help you think it’s better for you.
Organic means relating to or derived from living matter.

When they’re adding lots of sugar, refined grains and oils it’s anything but organic. I don’t care what the label says organic or not if it’s high in saturated fat sugar and calories, pass on it and grab an apple.
Certified organic is a great thing, it is an assurance to the buyer to know that it has a standard attached to it. Your veggies and fruit will not steer you wrong. But again, pre-packaged and processed, even organic is not the healthy option.

Don’t cloud the message….steer away from processed, packaged food.
This will help!

So what can you do to free yourself from the grocery store and all the confusion on the packages.
Look for a CSA or food co-op in your area and grab a cookbook that teaches you about cooking with whole food. How do you feel when you flip on a cooking channel only to see them dumping pre-made and pre-packaged things into the dish, how creative.
Herbs, garlic, onions, peppers, give so much flavor and asks for nothing but your hands to slice and dice it.
Trust me your grandmother did it, your mother did it and the only reason that you are grabbing packages and looking for speed inconvenience is because we have evolved away from being in our kitchens thanks to clever marketing in the last 30 to 40 years. Cooking is empowering!
GMO Guide


Cooking should be a seductive experience you should be looking at the food, it’s beautiful, slice open a red pepper and let the smell hit you in the face it’s amazing it smells alive.
Sauté some garlic in a pan of olive oil and add some chicken…oh my you will never want anything else but that. I can draw my family in to the table by turning on a fan.

You need to fall in love with your food, fall in love with your kitchen.
Start with clean, organic ingredients things that have been grown without pesticide and herbicide in healthy soil.
Did you know that the way farming is done these days the ground is stripped of nutritious things, so the veggies you bought could only have a fraction of the vitamins and minerals they are said to have.
That’s why it’s important to find homegrown healthy alternatives instead of what you were subjected to at a grocery store, you have no idea who grew it.

Sustainable Choices knows the farmers, we are endorsing them, the organic and quality control standards we pass along to you.
Please don’t fall into the trap of the price, find a friend to split with or look at the CSA option and only get a weeks share at a time.

I leave you with this….
Every day your cells are regenerating, they use energy created by the food you have eaten. So today you had a Jimmy Dean Sausage Muffin, a ton of coffee with creamer filled with hydrogenated oils and sweeteners, a Big Mac and a Coke for lunch and tonight it’s a frozen pizza followed up with chips, cookies or ice cream.
What kind of fuel did you feed your little cells? Just think about it.

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