08 Jul

Conduit of Compassion



Being part of the family of God is a community. Citizenship has both benefits and responsibilities. As Christians we are called to be caregivers, moving past superficial relationships and applying in-depth caring. Jesus practiced Holistic relationships following  God’s commandment to” love the whole being” with the “whole of our being”.  One must have a healthy ego, a good self image and the driver of their acts should be the love of Jesus inside of them. The tools of a Christian Caregiver are the Bible, Prayer, Love, and God’s Power.  James 5:16 tells us, “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

“We must avoid the imperialism trap, your job is to show others that there is more than our mistakes and regrets, there is redemption that erases our minds of painful memories. One can only do this if you learn to evoke honest sharing. I found this true as a bank manager, I was willing to discuss my own money mistakes to teach others how to make better choices. It is the same in all of life, we bridge the knowledge gap.  There is freedom in sharing but know that with freedom comes great responsibility. Loose lips sink ships and there can be no personal gain in this.

Pray together, open hearts.  You must  know that it is better to have a heart without words than words without heart. No fakes, no cheat sheets, just your heart. Evangelism is not scary. It is defined as the act of bringing good news. Imagine communicating the suprising and beautiful fact that God truly does love us all. And He showed victory over death and sin through Jesus our beautiful Lord and Savior. God calls us all to share our faith in the Gospel with all the world, everyone without judgement or condition.

My motive is love, I have learned that to be loved is to love. What God pours into me unconditionally I must pour back out. I constatly evaluate my motives, why am I doing this? If any of  it is for me, it is worthless. Evangelism is dialog not monolog, other oriented sharing, this means you share and take time for others. Can you open yourself? Or does fear hold you as it did me? I was a fake, nice lady, pretty package  with a mess of lies behind the surface.  We must be willing to discuss it, it is just life and none of us get out alive. This calls for being open not unzipped, remember this is not about you, mask off. God’s love is others oriented. 

I had to make the Christian message be something seen and touchable. My acts give God’s love flesh and bones. My arms are His arms holding you, my tears are His hurt, if I truly understand the love of my Heavenly Father how can I offer any one person less. <3

Christian caregiving calls for the Renewal of the spirit daily, Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”. Let’s unpack that.

Hope is unseen yet it exists, are you joyful in the darkness? Do you truly know God’s love, there is no fear in perfect love.

Affliction comes in many forms, Webster says it’s “a state of pain, distress, or grief”,  call it what you want, misery has many names…mental, physical, financial, social. Does the pressure kill you? Got stress? We must give it away. Let go or be dragged.

Prayer, the lifeblood of our Faith, without communication you have no relationship. I hope you have faithful prayer time daily, it is essential.

If any of this rings a bell that is okay, ask God to show you what you need to let go of and then let go of it or them. What holds you back from God’s love and blessing? You may be surprised. He wants to be our all in all, no stand ins, no substitutes, He wants to be what we cannot live without. We can grow into caregivers with the right teaching tools and I am happy to share what I learn.

I pray in faith for so many who I touch, you know who you are. It is not me doing anything other than talking to my Father about your problem like an intercessor because I love you. The same way I went higher up in the bank world for approvals on special situations. Fear is not an accessory I entertain.

I rely on God the Father for results, I have simply opened myself to allow His Love to flow through me. So can you, be a conduit, we just move the love from one place to the next. All that said remember when you come alongside someone that the Biblical Truth is what you base all of your acts of compassion on. Never once did Jesus help the Pharisee Tax Collectors fill the cash box, nor did He lie with the prostitutes He taught redemption to. He lowered himself in humility to not judge and love but never did He condone the acts that are sinful of the other human involved. The Obedience of the Gospel never was left out. Be careful what you assign yourself to.

Let’s say I have 2 sons, one is a raging alcoholic who beats his wife and kids, the other is pursuing an openly homosexual relationship. I have compassion for both, love them both, but do I take sides? Or do I plead the case for them? Am I honest with them? Ot do I pander to the sin?

Son #1 has a terrible job, he is under stress, he knows it is wrong but God understands and so do I. I support his decision to smother his pain and abuse his family.

Son# 2 knows homosexual behavior is called immoral and impure yet he carries on, I support his decision to remain in sin and call it his.

The world says I must be flexible to fit in right?

Or do I say.  My allegiance is to God, God’s word and the Truth. Call it sin and love them anyway but this does not mean you plead their case. I am wary of the Christian touting rainbows of equality, I hope you understand what you are doing. Just because your pastor says so doesn’t mean it is so, exactly why I look to noone to interperet my Bible for me, I read it.  My Bible tells me that Jesus’s message was repent, he cleared no code, he revoked no laws, he had compassion but knew that the root remained until repentance happened and repentance is laying down your life and saying thy will not my will. Sexuality and all, we are meant for worship. I had to learn it in my own life and lay down my own desire, I don’t speak from a place of inexperience, I own my scars. Save the hate.

I leave you with this, when we pray Thy kingdom come, don’t forget to say my kingdom go, when we pray Thy will be done, I say my will be gone. Humble all the way, drop your ego on your way out.

Much love my peeps~


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