30 Nov

Church and “the Church”

A place I struggle is church in America. Do I hold things against it, I could but am moved to simply pray. Church in America failed me. Do I lament this? No. If I truly know my Lord, I know He is Sovereign, His Providence is in motion and nothing is an accident.
I do not have as some may think, an agenda to take down church in America, however I am pressing it to cleanse itself.
Dear American church, you stand before God Almighty claiming to do His will, do you really?
In the books of Timothy we are given guidelines and warnings about the church that we stand to profit from studying.
Paul warned about endless genealogies and myths that promote controversy among God’s people. We are told about meaningless talk, about anger among us and about disputing. We are given pictures of what overseers of the believers looks like.
Men, above reproach, husband of one wife, temperate, self controlled,  respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. With a well managed family, with children that model respect and obedience. His good reputation will keep him from falling into disgrace.
Deacons among us also, worthy of respect, sincere men, not drunks, not pursuing dishonest gains. They must hold deep truths of the faith with clear conscience, we are to test these men before they take place over us. The wives are to be also worthy of respect, not malicious talkers, temperate and trustworthy in all things.
The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared with a hot iron.
I ask how many myths and old wives takes are in the teachings? How much world wisdom? How much personal doctrine is put into teachings that is irrelevant in the light of Christ and the Gospel of Truth.
We are called to be people who take care of one another, the man who does not provide for his relatives has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. I could explore that deep mine but pray you do it yourself. This culture has us outsourcing our responsibilities to one another and caring by proxy, this is wicked. And we sit before God unashamed?
Godliness with contentment, I can speak long on that. Having been stripped of my position and salary reduced to common and simple life, I know what I had to let go of. To pick it up again, to chase it again would be folly, once I was stripped I saw the wickedness of how I lived. I look at so many who claim to be in the faith that are utterly dependent on the system. The money coming in, the insurances, the retirement plans, the medical field and it’s cures.
If Jesus told us we will suffer, that we will be outcasts then where is it?
Where is faith if the system you live in sustains you? What is you lose all of your money, affluence, ability to buy things, get good medical care, what if all that goes away? Who will the church be then? What will their faith look like when their mask is off?
There is a verse that speaks to us about turning away from goodness chatter and opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, the ones who profess this have wandered from the faith.
In church it is rituals, we do it this way because that is how it is done, according to who? Is that what the Lord said? No. Jesus said religion is nothing.
Everyone shows up and is nice to each other. Intercession is short and covers the basics. But I am left to wonder who in the crowd is aching for what breaks God’s heart. We show up to get our portion, the thing we call worship. But I fear so much for so many. If you read God’s Word to understand you would see the church in America has veered far off course.
I cannot absolve the burden for the lost or the issues in humanity there. These are the ones we are sent to save, how many times do we gather to discuss it before someone actually moves in faith and begins snatching them from the fire as we are told to. I have sat broken and in need of help, simply a word or a hug and left church in lack. And you are a hospital for the spiritually sick? When does the Bible actually come alive and when do we lay hands and heal? Where is the supernatural and the working power of the living God?
If fruit is the defining factor and the Acts church was ripe with miracles, where is that church today? Remember Jesus renounced miracle in some places due to lack of faith. They did not truly believe. I think that the church in America depends on itself, is high on it’s own power and money and is in disrepute. This bothers me for the truth is obscured and when the abomination that causes desolation comes it is game over. Please wake up.
The religious cabal that ran the show in the days of our Lord did not die. He did and rose again but this system has also been advancing at the same time the Kingdom is. Forceful men lay ahold of the Kingdom, but with the other hand they should not be taking up the way of the world. One hand on the world the other on the Kingdom, who are we serving?
In America there is a wicked system that trades human beings, children as a commodity. The sex trade linked deeply to many American institutions including the government, churches and educational places. The documentary called I am Jane Doe exposes the fact that our internet system is deeply involved in this. Google and Facebook both support and cover up these corrupt laws that allow the darkness to consume kids.  This is something the church in America will never go after because why bite the hand that feeds you? Then stop letting it feed you.
Get off that train as it is going down.
I won’t yoke up to system that is distracted on the real issues. The truth is out there for anyone who wants to find it but it will change you, no longer can you go back to the mind numbing coma that religion wants you in. The Bible is ripe with warnings. The science world is rapidly moving toward evil things. the medical world is hot on it’s heels. Remember God says they who do not love the truth will be given over to a powerful delusion. If you are already asleep you will never know.
I pray that my word awaken. I pray that the truth seed settles deep in you and grows. Spoken in love for your souls salvation.
Sanctification is not done by reading the books, taking the classes or gaining merit with men. God sanctifies whom HE calls. He who has called us is faithful and HE WILL do it.
Here is a podcast that will help you if you choose to hear this man of God speak.
Abba Father let each reader who sees this word you gave to me be blessed, I ask in Jesus precious name Amen.
Love, Marla


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