09 Nov


Sober self assessments. From 1 John.
Do I obey your Word Lord?
Is Your love, truly complete in me?
Do I walk as Jesus did?
Am I in the Light?
Do I love the world and it’s things?
When you come, will I be confident and unashamed?
Do I hold views and things I will be judged on? Things I knew were ungodly but allowed anyway?
Did I let the Truth and Word of God richly indwell in me?
Have I quenched the Spirit of God with this confusion?
Let me never grow unaware that the “world” has it’s very own viewpoint.
The world speaks of a double mind, it is all around us. Religion has taked the Sacred Word of the Most Holy God and mingled it with the world’s viewpoints. This is the stumbling blocks we are warned of.  We are surrounded by false doctrines, ideals and rules. Much of it is rooted in fear, a place a child of God is never called to go. We are called into complete confidence in our Lord and His Promises to never leave or forsake us.
God has His own viewpoint too, His name is Jesus, God in flesh. There are 2 spirits, the spirit of Truth and the spirit of false hood.
If I truly am God’s possession, I seek to act and walk just like Jesus.
I seek to do what is right. We do not have God’s seed, live in Jesus and continue to sin.
We are instructed to love not in words and with tongue, that is lip service but to be rooted in actions and in Truth. Jesus is Truth. Do what He did.
We are commanded to believe in Jesus and love others. Remembering mercy trumps judgements.
When we do God purifies us just as He is pure.  We are called also to give the same love to others as God gives us. He is all merciful to us. He knows our weakness.
Why do we hold it back from others? We judge them. In our hearts decide, no.
Is it sin we are afraid of? If it is others caught in it, what good does your judgement do? It is divisive and it is a sin. If we see people commit sins we are told to pray for them. Period. We do not have power to change people but nothing is impossible with God. Make your requests known but know God already knows what that person needs, you love them for this is the will of the Lord our God.
The one thing that todays christians forget is that we are told the whole world is under the control of the evil one. Humans judge bad but we also judge what is good? How do you know really what you do is good? Is it a tradition, ritual, passed down, pedigree?
God’s seed annihilates that, if you are still yoked here you have missed the point of Christ in you. This is not my judgement this is the Truth. Go seek it in the Holy Word. Prove me.
Jesus gives us internal understanding, so we know Him who is true. He says to keep away from idols. We worship nothing but God.
There is no voice that trumps God, nothing louder
No compulsion that should rule us to disobey
Self, individualism, Ego, Accomplishments, Money, Lifestyle
In silence do I go before God daily?
Am I honest, is our relationship intimate?
Am I on a mission that reselmbles the one Jesus was on? Indeed there is a harvest and time is short.
Peter Christ
Am I taking time, one on one with the people around me who have questions about my faith?  Has my mustard seed grown into a big tree that offers shade and rest.
Am I a sanctuary?
Am I complete in Christ, have I grown up in Him?
Where are my actions leading me?
There is a huge error in the church. How this world like to classify us and put us in systems but this is diametrically opposite of the freedom we are promised in Christ. This tolerance of wickedness, meshing world in to the Spiritual.
Jesus was the most intillectually intolerant man there was. There is no other wisdom, He is all Wisdom.
Jesus was physically intolerant, no exercise or pill will fix you, He is healer.
He was intolerant to world views, there is no soulmate here for you, He is the only lover of your soul who can complete you. He says, I AM.
We tell people to change but the Word says retain the position you were in when you were called. Affect the surrounding you are in, shine then light in the dark corner of the world you are in.
We say accept Jesus and then what happens?
They become spiritual babies. What is they live on milk forever?
What is 30 years later it is still a baby? All spiritual growth is incremental. Iron sharpens iron and we are to help, teach, admonish and encourage one another in faith.
There are 2 births.
In the first, water breaks and you arrive.
In the second, born of spirit you are invited to forgiveness.
The church in todays world is not who the early believers were.
Sin was not tolerated, demons were cast out, confessions were fluent and prayer was the language. Love was the rule.  Each person was known and sought to know. Today’s churches have many masks. And there are dark forces behind them.
I look around and I weep, I see the system trying to douse the fire of the Holy One and it will not be. Purify yourselves.
Time is short.
I am praying for you dear reader, in the love of Jesus our Precious risen Lord.

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