09 May

Peace makers not Peace fakers


God calls us to be biblical peacemakers not peace keepers or peace fakers.

Move from these strengths 

C- Commited to the truth and reality

O- Open to growth, instruction and feedback

R- Responsible for myself and respectful of others without dishonoring myself

E- Empathetic and compassionate toward others without enabling people to continually abuse and disrespect me. 

Thank you to Leslie Vernick for this. Glory to God. 

When praying for others, when trying to help, remember these things.

  1. Who determines this persons reality? God? The official story? Science? Intel from thereof? Is it illusory, false reality?
  2. Where does their reasoning come from, what is the source of reason? Biblical? Adolescent? Mature? Christlike?
  3. Is this person thinking superficially? Do they recognize human dignity and worth, value of all people?
  4. Are they operating and reasoning from a place of poor self awareness? Arrested maturity? Trauma? Abuse?
  5. Is this a damaged soul without an understanding of life, love, empathy? Or do they simply operate out of fear?
  6. Are they people who have not taken responsibility fr their emotional life? Un-dealt with anger, emotional outbursts? Fear of rejection is what holds people here. 
  7. Do the others around you authenticate you (affirm what God says about you) or do people manipulate your with prejudice, false doctrines and opinions  of the flesh?
  8. Does this person present as your equal or your superior?
  9. Are they my friend or do they blame me for something? 

We cannot change people. Often we wait on others to mature. If you cannot love who you are given, you are the loser in this. People need acceptance not judgements. God never makes people clean up to come to the table 

Some replies you may use to help buffer difficulties…

If I have not responded to your pain, it is due to my own inability to see it clearly. 

I need a clearer picture of where your stand.

I am willing to hear you and listen, I can admit if I have been wrong. Be patient with my understanding.

I am open to love and reconciliation. I like to see things worked out. 

I am not proud of myself, I need some time to think.

Do the Right thing. Is not always about the right word, don’t stress, your prayers with Jesus can do immeasurably more than you can imagine. He wants to gove mercy and save them. 

The Kingdom of God has a big standard of operation. It calls us to love our enemies, to pray for them and give a blessing and goodwill to our persecutors. The child of this Kingdom, which is within us, does not insist on the legal rights of this realm, we cheerfully give things up in response to the supreme Law of love. 

Be merciful as your Father is. 

We are all a miracle of Grace if we are His own. 


18 Oct

Seeking Peter

The day the Lord was crucified goes down is history as one of the most barbaric acts.  An innocent man publicly humiliated and murdered as a criminal. What an offense to Humanity. But what His death did is the hinge of our faith. Jesus’s hallmark is tenderness. Always was and always will be.
 Peter knew the Lord, when asked by Jesus “who am I” Peter said, “You are the Messiah, the Son of God”. So when the Lord foreknew Peter would deny Him, it was Peter who was full of disbelief. Waking on water, Peter fell in when he doubted. I confess we have things in common.
The Lord prayed for Peter,  But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.”
Jesus saw through people, through the skin to the soul and it’s weak places.
Jesus knew Peter far better than Peter knew Peter. He knows us all that way. Nothing is news to Him. Your deepest darkest secret is known. He is unfazed, knows the heart of man is wicked beyond cure. He is the only cure for carnality. Human nature to “run the show” has been around since the Genesis of man. Taking it upon self to do rather than acknowledging we make foolish mistakes that simply asking God could have prevented.
He has to let us learn, hence consequence.
Peter’s consequence was his very best friend, who he betrayed, knew he betrayed him, they exchanged a look over it. It was known.
Do you know how Jesus felt? It is not a nice feeling. He and I have discussed it many times.
Peter thought Jesus was dead, He believed in his broken heart ,it was over.
By the time the third day came, the women went to the tomb. The angels sat in the empty tomb,  and they specifically asked for Peter. When I read that I wondered why.
Then we move to my favorite piece of scripture in John. I read it over and over and over. When Jesus is walking with Peter grilling him about lamb care it dawned on me.
He was reinstating him, restoring his faith and coming alongside to get Peter to take accountability for his own life and conduct.
The rules of the Kingdom mirror nothing of this world.
In a generation of what the world calls toxicity, the people we run out of our lives. Pastors say “let them walk”.
I say what does snatching from fire look like?
Toxic people are normally angry. society can be cold, much anger is unresolved. When are we as people going to be brave enough to do the right things. Only you can stop offenses. Obey Jesus please. Stop giving up on people. What about love?
Love can build a bridge. It is time indeed. Prayer is our power.

Jesus prayed this the night before He was crucified, it stands as a spoken prayer, still pending. ..He waits

““My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message,  that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.  I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one-  I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”
By Marla Kay
17 Oct


Revelation: God’s communication to people concerning Himself, His moral standards, and His plan of salvation.
Religions manifest from, all philosophy stems from the endless human quest for God.
All want the credit for “being the right way”. But God already send the Way. He has a name, Jesus. This Way was denied by mankind and killed like a pest. They did not like the conviction the Spirit of God gave Word to.
The ungodly know God IS there, they CHOOSE to not be accountable.
The oldest trick in the book is if I pretend it is not there, it cannot hurt me. Come on over to reality, God can see you. You exist from human seed which like all seeds, He created, He made them all.
Honesty and decency can never re-parent us into a new existence. The nicest person is still reprobate to God if they cannot trust in His supernatural existence by Faith. The Bible is a time enduring Holy text that tells of the Messiah and it is true.
The story is told in spirit and and ends with Jesus the final triumph over evil. Love wins. The ultimate story yet we’d rather pay Hollywood mortals to produce it and entertain us than be part of His cast.
Jesus is the Star. Jesus is the heir of all things. To see Him is to see God. At the Cross Jesus revealed supremely God’s self giving love. Evil must be destroyed. Like any cancer or virus that corrupts, you want it all gone so it does not reinfect, so it can never come back.
Jesus is the only Way. Reborn. Be like Nicodemus, wonder about Jesus, desire Jesus, love Him and He will come and meet you right where you are. Know Him and be known. Bow down and repent, your soul should know what to do kneeling before a sinless Creator.
Revelations in the Bible are apocalyptic literature, symbolism preserves the elements, the mystery there is not to confuse but rather to instill hope, to strengthen believers in the face of persecution.
The message is clear, God Is ALL powerful. Though for now the world is under the control of the evil one. No counter move from the enemy, no matter how strong can frustrate the righteous purposes of God. Only a liar could convince you to deny your birthright to this place created for All of mankind.
The world will be perfect when the perfect one creates it on His Day. God’s Day, God’s Time, God’s Way.
We can talk in endless circles all we want to but it won’t end until God says so.
And Jesus asks, when He comes will He find faith on the earth?
16 Oct

He Speaks

Iniquity, sin, mine and the sin of others. Let it have no space to speak.
In this recovery, I wake daily saying what my father spoke over me every day I lived at home. It is a beautiful day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. I rise to greet what waits for me, this is to carry my cross, my daily bread awaits.
All we are given is today, yesterday a memory, tomorrow not promised. Jesus, let us rock it for your Kingdom, for all it is worth.  Selah~ He is my Peace, the Prince of, My Savior.
I read Psalm 145 before bed and when I woke. It tells me how to enter this new Day I am given.
Meditate on Abba’s works, Tell of His Power, Proclaim His deeds, Celebrate His abundant goodness, Joyfully sing of His Righteousness.
The Lord is full of compassion on ALL that He has made. His saints speak of His Might, of the Glorious splendor of His Kingdom, It is Everlasting.
The Lord is faithful on ALL of His Promises *(learn what they are). He is Loving to ALL He made. He upholds ALL who fall, He uplifts all who are bowed down. Be water, get low.
All look to Him, He feeds at the proper time and opens His Hand and satisfies the desires of every living thing. The Lord is righteous in ALL His Ways, loving toward ALL He made *(He made you).
The Lord is near to ALL who call on Him. To all who call on Him in truth. He fills the desire of those who fear Him, hears their cry and saves them. The Lord watches over ALL who love Him. But He will destroy the wicked. My mouth will speak His praise. Let every creature praise His name.
This morning the nitpicking, the angry words, the hostile tone of voice attacked immediately. This one who shared my bread, accepted my love now spits at me. I said, I love you as the door was closing, I heard a grumble and slam.
I look up to Jesus who is right here, “I am not going to cry Lord”, I say. But the hot tears hit my face. To my knees I fall and He holds me. This is not the first time. I live in a gauntlet. Fiery things are thrown daily, I wear my armor proudly and know how to use my sword.
When you are caught between love your enemy and flee the persecution there is but one place to go. As I kneel weeping not over my pain but this persons ignorance to love. And a warm being slides onto my lap. Grace. She is a soft place to fall this little dog.
 Thank God I believe in Providence. Every loss that slayed me has been restored and given back better. Perhaps this man will too. I wait patiently on my Lord focusing my mind on being the vessel of honor my Lord calls me to be. To be effective witness of the love that I serve with my all.
My children have always been the speakers in my life, today was Charles. A son grafted into my life who I love. From his corner of the earth he askes me, “what does the book of Philemon mean mom?”
I gave him my answer which was” it is about forgiveness”. Knowing full well this is my cue to read it and digest this Word. And I did….
It tells me to be ACTIVE in sharing my faith.
So that I have and give, a full understanding of every good thing in Christ.
Love gives great joy and encouragement, it refreshes the hearts of the saints.
I could give orders in Christ and be bold but I APPEAL on the basis of love.
Ones who are wrong can become sons,  we love them as such as they become our heart.
Jesus can give them back from slavery to evil making them dear brothers. Stand in the gap for them, Ask them to refresh my heart in confidence of their obedience.
And I wait…..
on my Lord, His time, His Way.
Dear reader you are infinitely loved, I pray that you seek Him while He can be found.