21 Apr

I Scream, You Scream…Ice Cream

The man I married can eat ice cream like nobody’s business. He fondly recollects entire pails of chocolate marshmallow and shared spoons with Pop and his brothers. So when I lost my job, I could no longer afford 3 half gallons of Breyers a week in my budget so I recreated it, it lacked, he suffered in silence. But now that things have evened out and I have grocery money I have perfected it, at least for our tastes.

I share my recipe because I worry for people over what is in food, I learned this the hard way,  and my job as God’s steward is to care for others. The Grocery manufacturers association in combination with brands that began as household staples our moms used have become GMO loaded toxic products that resemble food but do not nourish the body. There is much said on social media and news about becoming a watchdog for your family, living in this world requires an education. They changed things and did not educate us, but farther down the road we can see it was not a good idea, I feel betrayed.

The elimination diet that I underwent recently proved to me that we are driven by desire. The Bible says not to become a slave to it and even speaks of needing to be controlled by bit and bridle, we were given discerning minds and strong spirits, seek the truth, even in your food. I orayed that God would help me seek what noursihes me and am staying focused on the pijnt of decision, my choices are mine, I own them, I can stand firm and resist tempation too. My call, I live with my consequences, I felt I can change this. Nuff said.

We are consumers, via ear, eye and mouth, we become what we consume, think about it.


That said I have re-created my kitchen out of necessity, I was not willing to do without so I figured it out. That is what we courageous souls do isn’t it? Well I’ve found this ice cream is soul food. Yum, it makes me happy, hence, I share with you my loves.
magliette calcio a poco prezzo
Be happy consumers and go in peace, love and sprinkles.

Much love and many hugs,


The attachment for Kitchenaid is what I use, I cannot guarantee same results in another. I also use basic ingredients, this should not be hard.

Consumer alert* Also I use raw eggs, I have never had an issue, use your own discretion. 

Find one here: http://www.amazon.com/KitchenAid-KICA0WH-Quart-Cream-Attachment/dp/B0002IES80/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1429627250&sr=1-1&keywords=ice+cream+maker

Homestead Essentials Ice Cream

In KitchenAid stainless bowl, crack 4 fresh eggs, use whisk and whip for 5 minutes until egg becomes foamy, add 4 tsp. pure vanilla,  1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 to 1/2 cup organic sugar

note*  I limit sugar so I use 1/4 cup in mine but you can increase to your liking up to 1/2 cup.

Allow this to blend well and continue to thicken, one more minute.

To make chocolate add 1/4 cup of chocolate paste (recipe below)- to make vanilla just carry on without. If you make chocolate, make paste 1st to allow it time to cool.

I get Stonyfield Heavy Cream, about $3.60 at the grocery store for 1 pint.



I use 2 well shaken pints in this recipe which I add to the bowl on slower speed to incorporate the cream. The cream always is thick and stuck on the bottom  so I add a splash of milk to each cream container and shake again then pour into bowl. note * not too much or it will get too thin, it should be foamy like the eggs were.


Remove the bowl and place the freezer and attachments on the base. note * for best results  freezer should be kept in deep freeze for 72 hours prior to use.

Start the mixer so that the paddle turns in the empty bowl. Slowly pour the cream mix into the moving paddle in the bowl, be deliberate and careful, then just allow it to go round and round…depending on the seasons and temperature of the kitchen this time varies. I allow at least 1/2 hour and stay close, it clicks and makes noise when it thickens.


Remove promptly when thick and freeze. Enjoy!

Chocolate Paste for ice cream

1/3 cup filtered water

1/3 cup cacao or cocoa powder

1/4 tsp real salt

1/3 cup sugar (I use 2 tbsp in mine but I reduce all my sugar, and have sucessfully used honey in this)

In small pan on medium heat, stir well to incorporate, bring to slow boil for only 1 minute and whisk, it will thicken up nicely. note *Do not over thicken. Allow to cool before using in recipe.




17 Apr

No Risk, No Faith

Winter always descends upon me like a lead blanket, this body doesn’t do cold anything happily. This winter was the winter of all winters and almost took my soul. It has been very painful for me so I ask you read tenderly, but listen please, I have to tell her story.
In my quest for fulfillment as an independent person, once I gained my career as a bank manager I accumulated money via a nice income. When I did I set out to fill every wish I had, my return to afarm life opened certain doors. I began to acquire things that were passions to me, a dog, a horse, big gardens, an active social life, but eventually when my body broke down the same things began to consume me, I could no longer perform the tasks assiciated. So along with the acquiring comes parting, and we did.
Lady was everything I could have wanted, she was obedient and sweet, she sized me up and we decided before I would ride her we’d be friends. So mornings I would bridle her and grap the rope and we’d walk the farm road to patches of grass and we’d talk. This went on some time, I got on her but knew we were still getting to know each other and my body was failing.
In the years that I had her I got sicker and she became my friend, riding was off the table. She was still mine so I would drag myself to the barn to feed her and let her into the pasture. But many mornings we just stood and talked, I would tidy her pen as best I could and try to brush her even though it was physically hurting me. We shared so much, she kept secrets and was non judgemental and never denied me a hug. She even let me sing, bless her heart.
This past December my body descending, I made the decision to let Lady go. My son was riding her but she was not the right horse for him. No one wanted to assume my responsibilities and the guilt of responsibility shifting was heavy, it always is for the chronically ill.maglia juventus
The day I walked her into the trailer was the hardest day of my life. It broke me in a way I had not anticipated. The year prior I had to do the same letting go with my job, my friends, my career, my dog, my independence, I had practice. Christmas was on the way and I tried to get into the spirit despite the fact that mine was at it’s lowest. Each day I went to the barn and was met with quiet.
I was not prepared to finally face the fact that my castle I built was crashing, there was one fortress remaining and I held on for too long. Facing the fact that all I lost I had acquired while I was in the biggest heart compromise of all time. If I am to be very honest, I remember the day I shelved my Bible in 2005 and said, “God, this is nice but I think I can do this alone, I am good for now” and in the cabinet it went. I though about God and even began going to church which left me emptier that before I walked in the door. I had been “on the wagon” since 1998 when my son was born and in 2004 began to consume to fit into a format. I felt I was a strong enough Christian to blend and be okay. I have never been more wrong in my life.
The declining health situation was a medical nightmare, I was so drugged by pharmaceuticals, working feverishly to achieve my insane work goals, managing an office and a home, and trying to save the world. Wine and weekend fun to the rescue or so I though, I bought a trip to deaths doorstep. My body so ill I was not longer tolerating the booze that kept me placid. I would be so sick with dry heaves for 2 days straight, refusing the ER and self loathing in my bed. I hated my body, it was betraying me. 2 years of pure hell following  this, I sobered up and began to realize that happiness had been hijacked my madmen leading the planet into greed driven destruction. I began to read my Bible and search for truth.
This December after Lady left, the truth showed up with a 2×4 to my head. There was no turning from the fact that I had done and undone myself, something I have been saying since childhood, “we will eventually all do ourselves in”, it was an inherent belief in my heart.
I had to admit there was noone else to blame for the roads I took and all I could think of was the one that changed me from curious kid to very aware.
I was 13, somehow I managed to get out the door with my older sister, we ended up at a party and I remember it well. The pretty, popular girls around the fire were singing Fat Bottomed Girls and dancing to the radio. I was handed a beer and drank it, and another, the evening ended with a senior at the time taking me into his car and innocence was gone in a flash. I did not tell my mother, instead fueled by soap operas and music videos I made a dangerous connection from me in my body to beinbg something men wanted. My body became a tool, I was desired, that meant something. It was my entire life up until very recently, I still believed that and resented it.
I believe that God send messengers and I married one. In the worst times of me 3 days unwashed, covered in hives and too sick to move this man said “You’re beautiful”. I began to want to punch him in the mouth, stop patronizing me!
But over time his relentless message backed by love began to sink in. So I got to the place where I realized deep down I am beautiful, the girl my momma raised was still there but I hate who I am today.
Rage is a frequent issue for Lymies and the day came when I cracked, the urge to destroy my mask came and I did. I began to scare my family with my words and actions. One particular day I left the house, in my truck, no phone, no purse or money, no coat. I drove to the field where the party was 33 years ago. I parked and prayed and somehow in the conversation I laid it down and let it go.
The months since that have been the best of my life. Rather than running from my truth, I embraced it. I began to forgive myself for being a naive kid who was so easily led, circumstances cannot be blamed, they are what they are and I love the people involved, I have to leave that alone.
Lady was a messenger too, just yesterday driving down the road I said to my son, “your dad asked me if I want to get a horse gain someday, that is funny so did you just last week”. We talked and I told him what I have learned.
Lady was trained, very well trained, in the hands of Debbie her new owner she was peaceful and obedient, Debbie has a peace about her. I had no peace at all, anywhere in my life, Lady knew that.
Fact: She may have been here but I was not ready for her, I was not the person she needs, Debbie was.
I had work to do, so daily I make deliberate and conscious fully present decisions and I move forward. No horse now but someday, maybe when I am fully healed but today I still am working toward that.
Today I am following my heart and I won’t ever sell it on short sale again. I get my cue from God and have learned to wait. Do I beleive in God to the point of risk, to the comfort of giving it all up and only having Him? Yes. That is what He is building in me, every time I hand it over and trust him. Faith.
If you build it, they will come. I am patient.
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23
Much love friends.
31 Oct

All In or All Out

Early morning is my favorite time of day. After I pack my darlings lunch and kiss him goodbye the dogs, the cat and I retreat to my spot where I reach for my Bible. I have come to the realization that I need this, it is my lifeblood and at 45 I know the world has no answers that serve my spirit. That relentless stubborn curious streak I was born with serves me well in this case.
I pray before I open my Bible, we need direction so I ask for it. I pray aloud and ask God to show me the truths I seek answers to. When you have traveled down a road such as mine, you need clarification, the world twists our minds into knots.
I have been stopped in my tracks on more than one occasion and reduced to tears over the text in the Bible before me. I use Our Daily Bread as my guide, it was my fathers guide in his spiritual life.
The messages are timed and doled out by the day and when it perfectly applies to me, I know I am in the presence of God, heart humbled and wide open. I listen and read and usually talk aloud, my dogs sit at my feet, the cat purrs in her sleepy circle on the blanket. The room is alive though peaceful, it is something I never, ever want to lose.
I was a curious teen who was rebellious and explorative, I could tell stories that would curl my mother’s hair and I have stood in the presence of pure evil on more than one occasion.
My sinful life compromised my heart and mind, allowed me to form bad habits and the free spirit was off at breakneck speed, I ran toward it willingly, chains of good girl be damned.maglia paris saintgermain
I know myself very well, although living in complete sin I still prayed at times, I believe there was a divine cord around me thanks to my parents that bound me to God. he was relentless in pursuing me and I ran.
Thirty some years later I know about self discipline, I know about saddles and reins and I need them. Why? I am a weak sinner and would fall into it and be gone, I almost went there a few times and am done with that.
Perhaps that is why this farm, this old house, that old Bible are the perfect connection for my old soul. Born in 1969 to 44 year olds, then raised as they were in the 30’s and 40’s that is just what happens, these old values that are missing today are the key to the kingdom. I see my parents beautiful fingerprints all over my family and can see the fruit of things they planted, I see it most in my children who both have struggled as I did to fit in this worlds pattern.
You cannot find the silent peace of God amid the noise of the world, do not confuse this with nature, the machine that is the world is what I refer to. There is so much noise it is deafening.
My fellow homesteaders can join me in saying that the simple life does demand much more of us. The work is hard, the pay is a long term investment of your time and failure is a frequent visitor.
But the cool dirt in the spring, the new life of a seed, the birth of new babies all sing God’s joyous tune. The fall leaves as they make their slow journey to the forest floor do not rush, nor do the birds as they prepare for their migration, a sheer tribute to God’s mysteries. When you are surrounded by this song, you cannot ignore the powerful forces that are at work.
Homesteading required great discipline, as does creating a homestead in your heart, this learned and need to share with you, my friends.
The road less traveled is the one that is hardest to navigate, I have had the pleasure to teach both of my children this by example however the reigning theme in the lesson is it produces riches in the heart and builds us strong as human beings. It is time for us all to get our “house” in order.
We are spirits having human experiences as the faster society goes we are becoming more technotronic and less human. GMOs’ are de-masculinating males, rendering women barren, more and more toxins are slipped into babies and there is a war on human life. The system as it goes has destabilized the American home.
Americans need to decide which side we are on, the one of life or the one of death, which the wages of sin will take you too if you don’t know the difference.
The religious community has done alot to tell parents to look to music and media for the poison but the poisoning starts at home.
We need to have personal accountability be our focus, we are all teaching each other at every age and this is the only way we can function as a free society, be accountable for ourselves and our sphere of influence.
I learned this in my banking career, I ran a sucessful office in a small town and by the time I had to leave for my health problems it was ranked #1 in the state of PA. A grand exit don’t you think?
Before my body failed me though I had some things, some practices that worked well for me and my team and they may help you.
We worked in a system of goals and the pressure was on us all the time. Did I hover over them like a helicopter watching every move, no. Did I threaten them or buy presents, no.
I modeled behavior and asked them to tell he how they were doing, all the time. Issues were not allowed to fester, the gauntlet was off, we had to be in a tiny office for 6 days a week for many hours at a time, we needed to get along, it was all on the table.
I created a kind environment, one where I could plant seeds and let them grow, when I had disciplined people this worked well, when one person had other ideas it became a struggle.
At some point in my illess I gave away my power, a fatal mistake. I won’t discuss the details but   it served as a wonderful lesson to me, never give away your power, as a person, as a parent. 
Chasing the Corporate Crown which I already had hanging on the walls in shiny plaques and accolades left me empty inside and when I was sick did not matter a bit to me.
I could not manage it all so I used the tools of the trade. I had all the insurances, the medical team, great education opportunities, we were living the fast life, social networks, attending social events and working our way through trying to find the happy spot where the glitter ball spun fast and free.
When I got sick, this all failed, I watched it crash and burn at my feet and was left absolutely stranded by all of the framework that was to save me.
Can you see why I turned around and went the other direction? Back to a humble place?
When my body began to get well my mind was struggling, I was far removed form the corporate ladder, I was a manager with nothing to manage but myself, and I did.
I used the same philosophy as I did at my job, I gently came along side myself, as an older wiser soul and began to sort through it all with new perspectives, God’s forgiveness and love.
I came to learn it all begins with me, even here, when the new things I manage (a household, a self sustaining farm, an illness, and our growth as people) became clear to me and I knew it was time to quit messing around.
Once I was out from under the influences that controlled me I was free to be me again. For someone who struggled my whole life with sadness and melacholy I realize I constructed a life that chafed my soul. Yes I mean chafed, like a scratchy rash that hurts.  Bad idea.
If this helps you in any way, my job is done. I feel we create our own garden in this life.
Start with you,create fertile soil,  identify the weeds, go to the Master Gardener, the Creator of the garden for help, then let it grow. Watch as the  birds, the butterflies, the color, the vibrance returns to you and feel alive.
We are made for so much more that the bill of goods we are sold. No insurance plan or 401k saved one soul from misery. In my banking life I knew the meekest, simplest people of wealth who lived silently and watched the glitter lovers build and construct their own financial prisons. I tried to help but often was chastised from the high eschelons about getting too personal and being too involved.
Sorry, life is mess and I am a lover, I got involved, I hugged, I loved, I coached people who were my customers, ones who had nothing to give but needed the love so bad, how could I not.
We must be careful about the life we build, we can get absolutely lost in the way to the rabbit hole.
My message is this, the world is absolutely changing, it is frightening but God is protecting believers, that is clear. America is at a critical point where we need to decide, all in or all out.
I being a lover of humans have total faith in God but I also believe in my fellow man.
It is time to take out the trash enter into a place of truth and honesty and start asking questions. None of us are lost, there is love and forgiveness, happiness and the strength to endure at the foot of the cross.
During your day many things will come into your view, become a discerning consumer and ask the hard questions. If it does not serve God’s plan for us we need to be strong enough to walk away. Deception is at an all time high and we are being told enlightenment is ours for the taking. This is a flat out lie, any enlightenment that is not of God is of the other, evil, don’t walk, run from this.
I pray for everyone who reads this.
“Father God, help us, we need you more than ever, this person who reads my words is seeking truth in their life. cover us with your love, your passion, your wisdom, be the guiding light that brings us together. Love will be what saves us, God you hear our prayers and know our hearts. Bless us on this road and protect is from the evil one.” I pray in Jesus name, Amen.
Blessings and love,
30 Sep

Whey to Go

Hello Friends and Foodies~
This is Moo or Knuckle as my son calls him, he was a knuckle baby. He arrived at our homestead a few weeks ago and his story is one fraught with tales of the sad state of the dairy industry. I will tell Moo’s story later.
He is who I chose for my post though, look at that face.
How did we ever let the agriculture industry to go so wrong.
The family cow was a respected member of the American farm family. The family cows generated meat and milk. From the milk you could, drink it, make cheese,, butter, yogurt, buttermilk, ice cream, whey, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese and then fed the pigs with the rest.
The grocery revolution rolled in about the same time as the family farm was being disseminated by the beginnings of Big Ag. A perfect storm.
I am on a mission to restore the family farm and teach America how to feed itself again. Corporations woo and charm us then betray us, our food landscape has become a field of landmines that exploded in our faces.
We can no longer trust what we were told and must find a way to restore the good health of our families with the right blend of quality nutrition and wholesome value filled lives.Cheap NFL Jerseys
I recently learned more about one unknown member of the dairy family.
Nourishing Traditions , the book by Sally Fallon  has become my latest obsession. She is a lacto ferment wizard and speaks of why whey is so beneficial.
Whey has so many benefits to your body and is high in minerals, one tablespoon is enough to begin to improve your digestion.
Let me list some other reasons to add this good member of the probiotic family to your life.
*Keeps muscles pliable and strong
*Restores good health to the gut
*Adds healthy ferment to your canned goods, chutneys, beverages, marinades, pet food,  and grain dishes (bear in mind heating removes the lacto benefit)
and then there is this…Any runners out there? Weight lifters?
Who wants to lose fat and build healthy muscle? We all do. A strong, healthy body from the inside out radiates and doesn’t need trends or glitter. When you glow and your clothes just fit right who needs anything else.
Whey is a muscle builder, it will help reduce fat and build lean muscles if combines with exercise. it reduces hunger by reduced levels of ghrelin (a hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry.)
I found reports and other studies that in controlled groups were beneficial to those fighting some forms of cancer as well as helping seratonin levels that regulate mood and depression.
Lastly, I have found it helps the immune system. My health journey has taken me to some interesting places, this is one of the best so far.
This was so easy it is not funny. I got raw grassfed milk from a local farmer, and filled a 2 quart mason jar but any 2 qt container will do.
Now you have to wait, allow it to stand for 2 or 3 days (depends on the temp in your kitchen). Mine stood for 3 days before it separated, it must to separate into white curds and yellowish whey.
I lined my bowl with cheesecloth, making sure there is enough to tie off later.
This needs to sit and drain out for several hours. The whey will drain and leave all solids behind. Don’t give in to the natural urge to squeeze it. Mine seemed still to wet so I let it sit a little longer with no negative resutls.
Gather the corners and extra fabric and tie over a wooden spoon. Have a larger container ready to rest the spoon over for the drip time. This takes a while, be patient.
Here is the final result, a soft cream cheese that I will blend with garlic and herbs and use in sandwiches or stuff endive leaves for a treat.
Some nice ideas for the cheese would be to add in a blend you like. Some ideas would be smoked salmon, crab, garlic, pepper, think of a dip you like and play around. There are healthy versions of add ins such as ranch seasoning to make a dip. Imagination is a wonderful thing, make the kitchen your playground!
Make every day a journey and take someone you love along for the ride…
Blessings and good health~