09 May

Peace makers not Peace fakers


God calls us to be biblical peacemakers not peace keepers or peace fakers.

Move from these strengths 

C- Commited to the truth and reality

O- Open to growth, instruction and feedback

R- Responsible for myself and respectful of others without dishonoring myself

E- Empathetic and compassionate toward others without enabling people to continually abuse and disrespect me. 

Thank you to Leslie Vernick for this. Glory to God. 

When praying for others, when trying to help, remember these things.

  1. Who determines this persons reality? God? The official story? Science? Intel from thereof? Is it illusory, false reality?
  2. Where does their reasoning come from, what is the source of reason? Biblical? Adolescent? Mature? Christlike?
  3. Is this person thinking superficially? Do they recognize human dignity and worth, value of all people?
  4. Are they operating and reasoning from a place of poor self awareness? Arrested maturity? Trauma? Abuse?
  5. Is this a damaged soul without an understanding of life, love, empathy? Or do they simply operate out of fear?
  6. Are they people who have not taken responsibility fr their emotional life? Un-dealt with anger, emotional outbursts? Fear of rejection is what holds people here. 
  7. Do the others around you authenticate you (affirm what God says about you) or do people manipulate your with prejudice, false doctrines and opinions  of the flesh?
  8. Does this person present as your equal or your superior?
  9. Are they my friend or do they blame me for something? 

We cannot change people. Often we wait on others to mature. If you cannot love who you are given, you are the loser in this. People need acceptance not judgements. God never makes people clean up to come to the table 

Some replies you may use to help buffer difficulties…

If I have not responded to your pain, it is due to my own inability to see it clearly. 

I need a clearer picture of where your stand.

I am willing to hear you and listen, I can admit if I have been wrong. Be patient with my understanding.

I am open to love and reconciliation. I like to see things worked out. 

I am not proud of myself, I need some time to think.

Do the Right thing. Is not always about the right word, don’t stress, your prayers with Jesus can do immeasurably more than you can imagine. He wants to gove mercy and save them. 

The Kingdom of God has a big standard of operation. It calls us to love our enemies, to pray for them and give a blessing and goodwill to our persecutors. The child of this Kingdom, which is within us, does not insist on the legal rights of this realm, we cheerfully give things up in response to the supreme Law of love. 

Be merciful as your Father is. 

We are all a miracle of Grace if we are His own. 


12 Jan




It was my mother who is 92 who always told me to have faith. Have faith in God, have faith in others. I watched her be a gift to the lives of so many people. She was effortless and refreshing and her style could not be mimicked.

I was not the essence of grace. A klutz, on my feet, in life. Awkward in my skin and undiscovered. I charged into the pasture once the gate was open to the world and it almost consumed me, which bring us to today.

The day before I turn 48, it is cold, rainy and morose outside but there are songs of praise in my heart. It is nice to sit here in the quiet, all I hear is the fishtank bubbling and the dog who whimpers in his sleep. I feel I have arrived at a very good place, there is evidence of it. The other day was nothing but tears on my face, uncertainty, words hard to hear fall on my ears. I wince, I cry, I pray. I lay in bed that night experiencing the peace I cannot describe. Peace that passes understanding, yes Lord.


And this message is pressed into my heart. Giving up is not an option. It may be a fire you stand in but as long as Mark 10:19 stands, I stand unafraid. There is a message put in my heart, one the world needs. But before it could be said I needed courage, I needed tenacity, I needed the ability to discern and make better choices for my life.

But I had to move, get out of God’s way. Stop inviting God to my plans instead of letting His beautiful plan unfold. Much of my life has been unplanned, I was not taught to dream or set goals. There was zero competition in my life. Yet somehow the designer in me managed to always decorate it and tweak it. As His Kingdom comes, my kingdoms fall. This mortal life will not last.

Scan 40


So Jesus brought me back to here. This version, who didn’t care about others and was having too much fun with her Father. Well, my daddy lies in wait for the day he is raised up unperishable. And  I have found my True Father and He is more than daddy was, He showed me daddy is one day to be considered my brother in God’s Kingdom. How that has helped me let people off the hook. There is coming a day of reconciliation of God’s children.  When the relationships dissolve so will all the issues you took with people. Let go or be dragged.

I am consumed with the work of Jesus. A step I avoided at the ripe age of 13 when my dad said, you will have to testify one day. I took the detour, I went the other way and said no. I hated myself for that but I later learned dad’s ideas may not be God’s call. God’s call showed up when I was 18, her name is Jessamy.

I am a mother to more than she, God created this nest heart in me, many have rested there. My children share.  I hope today to pass the baton of hope to you dear friend.


Be a sanctuary to others. Stop, pause to help the downtrodden, the outcast, the broken. This is the work of Jesus. This is a call to action. Love the dirty teenager you don’t understand, the angry man that cannot shut his addictions down himself, the old person who repeats themselves over and over, the friend who gossips and brings negativity, the homeless one who clutters the walks.

There is a brokeness in all of us and love is the antidote. Small acts of kindness go far when you send them with prayers and blessings. Your dear reader have sphere of influence around you, people you can impact. We build or we tear down. We have tounges of fire, are you kindling the work of the Holy Spirit or torching the fires of hell.

You can make a difference right where you are. God wants us to evangelize the community. This is not door to door, this is social and it is adventure. Your identity in Christ is the key to your success.  Do not be scared, Jesus is immunity.

Message me, find me on Facebook and I will pray for you. I seek to be a friend, of you, of Jesus, of God.

Much love, Marla

01 Aug

Homemade Candy

candy Hello Friends! My sons buddy is amazed, he says, "you make everything", yes I do, alot of things. When you lose your job and money is gone you get creative. Necessity is the mother of invention. These happen to be my go to energy snack. I found them in a magazine long ago and have tweaked them over the years. I am accountable for my body so I like to control ingredients. that said I take this a step farther and get pure organic oil and choose the cleanest products to create with for a better outcome. These are amazingly satisfying and have so much good for you in them it's hard to have any guilt eating them. The sea salt I get is himalayan and has health benefits of 84 trace minerals, that's exciting considering how empty table salt really is, it is void of anything beneficial. You can do so much with the sea salt, it can be used with lavender, epsom salt and baking soda for a relaxing detox bath, you can use it in a grinder on food and cook with it.  Any way you get it it is good. Locally Lilly Lane Health Food carries it, Sarah can be found Friday nights at the Gratz Crossroads sale just outside the auction room. She also has a store on Schaffer Road just off of Raker's Mill, near Elizabethville PA. I recently learned I can use it for nasal irrigation, Dr Mercola's expert advice for Allergies is always natural methods I can trust. My neti pot is my best ally toward clear sinuses. I swear by it. Small steps make big differences, learn a little every day over time your body will respond. We get one vessel to carry our souls around in, we may as well enjoy the ride. God's plan is awesome. I have never felt so at peace or happy in my life, could be the candy but is more just like raining blessings. Smile in the good seasons. Much love peeps, Marla
Homemade Candy
  • 1½ cups raw cashews
  • 1½ cups dates, pitted and chopped
  • ½ cup almond or peanut butter
  • ½ cup maple syrup
  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • ½ cup shredded coconut
  • ½ tsp almond extract
  • 1½ cups chocolate chips 60% cocao or higher
  • 1½ tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp himalayan sea salt
  • ½ cup cacao nibs
  1. In food processor, grind the cashews to a fine meal, add coconut and coconut flour, mix well.
  2. Add dates, maple syrup, nut butter and extract and pulse to a sticky dough forms.
  3. Turn out onto parchment lined sheet forming a 1 inch thick rectangle with lightly damp fingertips. Freeze for 1 hour and then mix the chocolate chips and oil over a double boiler, spread over the nut mixture and sprinkle salt and cacao nibs on top. Then re-freeze for 4 hours.
  4. Cut into bars of desired size or bites and keep in fridge or freezer.


22 Jun

His Timing is Perfect


Today began like any other Monday. I roll out and look out the window at the just barely there light. I offer my first sleepy good morning to the Father and enter into my routines. Today though, it was about 10 minutes after he was out the door and I am done. Over the weekend my hubs “dots my I’s and crosses my T’s” , he keeps me moving and busy and lonely cannot creep in. I am once again alone with God and am in a funk. I cannot lie and today I am feeling distance, my weekends are double edged, I spend tons of QT with my man but my prayer life quiets somewhat.   I enter prayer to talk to God, things came up over the weekend and in the whirl of anniversary activity I was not offering my thoughts up as often. My habit of mindful behavior slips, I am human I know so I have to dust myself off and get back to it.

I had plans to visit my Amish friend Sarah and take photos for her new catalog that will digest the items she carries in her health products store. Not feeling the best and watching the clock I got into my devotional time and the conversation began, I can tell my Father anything and he bats no eyes. He knows full well that disobedience and lack of discipline combined are the world I grew up in. Boundaries did not exist and I have very bad habits that I pray about and ask for help with. One is bitterness and unforgiveness, the one I hold it against is myself. Self hatred, how many Christian kids raised in the church have self hate buried. Never good enough? Not quite holy enough? The rebel side called louder than the choir? I grew into an angry woman abused and with the pain of sexual impurity who drank her pain.  Church does not fix your kids for life.

Yes, I who preach love non stop struggle here. My knowledge of our sweet Saviour escaped me, I left off some where at He loved children, I hold on to things. Especially items of injustice, that creates a fire in me. My boss at the bank used to tell me every year at my evaluations that I needed to let go of certain things.  I hold too tightly, a little heavy on the passion. But in embracing my uniqueness I realize it makes me who I am. I learned from Lady that running free is not always best so when I get too heady I allow my Fathers word to put me back on track. I prayed again today about my self hate, left it all at the foot of the cross where I envision Jesus taking hits for my play time. Yes I am that serious about my relationship with God. I do not practice religion, this is my life.

I headed to Sarah’s store and after forgetting my phone then going back in for my purse, I get down the road and don’t recognize where I am. Memory issues, gotta love it, I think of calling her and rescheduling but am praying the entire time and I realize the nudges to quit today are not Him. So I continue on, wind in my hair I choose to embrace the unknown and just go where He sends me.

I am back home now and  He had gifts for me today, really nice ones.  His love was first.  It was poured out on me by Sarah, who took me into her home and as we arranged we talked. She has been my health coach for a few years now, helping me and even at one point giving me things to just try to help after I lost my job. Until we finished I was smiling, she had a hug and a book for me along with samples to try out for my blog in review here. I got in my truck and cried and just said “thank you Father, I feel it”. My next stop took me to the market and I saw my friend Susan, we share things in conversation when we see each other and I asked how her girls are. She is a foster mom to troubled girls and it is not easy, I do not think that most of the world knows what life is like for kids in the system. She shared with me some things and we talked about how hard it is to be a teen, let alone carry baggage from parents and possibly grandparents who neglect, abusers, unchecked health issues and host of other things that make their lives so hard. Children are the ambassadors to God’s kingdom, the rate  and ways in which we dispose of them as nusciances to our agendas is sickening to me. I crucify noone without myself included, been there, done that.  As I got in the truck to leave, I realized again there was my kick in the pants, my get back on track.

He says: Remember what your passion is and why you care about it so much, I am right here.  

Let me say this, the hand of God in my life has never been more apparent. He speaks to us so loudly sometimes but I fear we are not listening. My life was almost my own sacrifice, that is what happens to unresolved pain, the body just becomes sick under stress that is a killer.

I have learned that every single situation must be brought before our Heavenly Father with confidence in the name of Jesus Christ. How I wish I had put that into practice long ago, how I wish someone would have showed me a person alive in the Holy Spirit, I had a very passionate and courageous  spirit but took every single wrong turn, where were the Spirit Guides? Don’t burn me yet Salem, I was in churches the entire time, there was noone on fire there. I ended up in seances and so on, bad deal. I do not think that praents realize how off track a teenage can get. You can open your spirit to some horrible things that will stay with you forever and shape your life.

My mission is to awaken spirits, to speak God’s truth in my own words and maybe break down one wall or stronghold with my own transparency. I have a long list of things to avoid. The first I tell kids is booze, I know it is recreation to alot of adults and parents, I was one of them. I had to apologize to my children. When I realize that alcohol greased the skids to any inhibitions I had and gave my courageous heart away, I was repulsed. I cursed the person who introduced me to it and had to let go of anger there. Think, and pray for discernment.

My life had become a process of enlightenments but it is because I can no longer sleep. I can no longer see the pain in the word and do nothing. I have been to the edge and found my pulse again. Watch me go with God.

In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
And where you invest your love, you invest your life
Awake my soul
For you were made to meet your maker

Ephesians 1:18-19 18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe. These are in accordance with the working of the strength of His might.

Much love to all, Marla