05 Aug

Mission Possible





I am continually amazed at where my self studies lead me, I have never been a follower and it was really just yesterday while talking to God in my garden that I realize I have had trust issues since childhood. I knew my parents loved me but I questioned authority always, why? I don’t know, I would love to, would be time saver for parents including myself since my son is very like me. Some kids just do I guess, is it a lone wolf spirit inside that says “I cannot follow I must make my own path”. Those kids need extra love, a very firm hand, soft heart, and a tough hide. My parents being 2 generations older than I did not know what I faced in the world. Hence they had no idea what dark places I wandered into and what I consumed or allowed to get a hook into me that I brought back. A spiritual casualty by the time I was 17, I raced into life with no hope and almost crash landed, a few times.

I have lived long enough and seen enough to know there are forces unseen at work in this world. The deeper I read my Bible and understand the situations I am led to do history and research. I want to better understand the times they lived in, how does it compare to today. I look around and see mayhem, biblical truth comes alive in lovers of self, disrespecting of parents, abusive, unholy, lovers of money and boastful, how can I not believe God’s plan? It is the only place in this world I have found the truth that actually holds water. How many things do we buy, subscribe to and obtain that eventually let us down and leave us high and dry? Do warranties and guarantees always hold out? Is the medical system, the food system, our police, the government all upright without flaw? I rest my case. Christianity seems to have flaws as presented but I have found God’s actual plan, as found in my Bible to be flawless.

The bill we have been sold as Christianity is not what the Bible says. So many religions hold on to parts and sections but never use the entire Bible as it should be. I have read statisitics that concern me about pastors who do not even read their Bibles for creating sermons. I thought pastors were to be inspired by God, I never realized there were sermon books you can buy and follow along with. The apostle Paul was very heavy in speaking about False Teachers and Prophets. Paul had his fill of moral laxness and he knew they fallen asleep status of the fall of a Christian was deadly. The fall can be partial or total, we must keep this from happening to ourselves and others.  Total falling away is falling into a well and then when the cord is dropped cutting it ensuring no escape. There will never be another rope. The well is sin, the rope is Jesus, the cutting is you saying I do not need you, I do not believe. Game over.

There may be some of you who are there, I am so sorry, I wish I could change your mind, either your spirit was never awakened or you were never told of a life lived in hope. Whatever the case, it was most likely religion or a false teacher who set you astray. I have come to know Jesus and He says, “Come unto me, I will give you rest”. He could go on saying, “Not a bunch of rules and frustration I want to set you free of the laws of men.” This schizophrenic religious mess is not what God put us here for. The gospel is simple, love others as I have loved you, live at peace and be an example of righteous living. Read your Bible and pray, there is no special formula or golden ticket to obtain. It lies within your heart and it is up to you to seek Him with all of your heart, soul and mind. You will find Him, but you must leearn to cast the world off and walk tall.

In Biblical times, 64 AD,  the churches were held in homes, pastors were called elders and they were men from ordinary walks of life. They had struggles and real human issues but were men of the Spirit. There was no time for superficial Christians due to the condition of the church at the time.  1 Timothy 4 was written to the church to avoid Apostacy, you see the church was intended to be the Pillar of Truth but the Bible predicts a gross systems of error from within, one of demonical origin, it is called Gnosticism and if you do your own research Christian you will see it’s influence in the church. Not good, not of God.

The only messages we should be preaching is ont of the simple Gospel truth, the Bible will do it’s job if given a chance. It is to be read in private and expounded in public.  Considering that the church is on it’s deathbed right now that leaves the rembrandt, the solitary believer who adheres to no creed but a Risen Savior and living Kingdom minute by minute while we abide on this created world and wait for redemption. I find few people who are living lives based on eternity, they are caught in the day to day with little planning for the rest of the journey.

Christianity has been an effective tool in freeing captives, releasing the opressed and liberating slaves, the simple doctrine of human brotherhood slays the idea of slavery of any kind. No wonder they try to crush the idea and warp it into unrecognizable religious traps.

Let’s move forward now, into what I have learned. 1 Timothy is awesome,  chapter 2 spells out who and what to pray for, those in authority, the law and government. Why? so that we can live godly lives in peacefulness and holiness.  Chapter 3 gets into the Overseer’s, also known as community leaders in faith and living They should be a one woman man, have a rein on his offspring, a gentleman, not drunk, violent, quarrelsome, a lover of money, his home and life should be managed.  Chapter 4 deals with hypocrites and those with conscience that has been seared by a hot iron, this comes from living and abiding in sin rather than choosing righteousness. it says they will deviate from faith to decieve and be decieved. I would hope every Christian will read this passage and consider what it says. Food issues can be cleared up there, myths dispelled there, it confirms physical training is good, we are called to eat right, what God provided and be in good shape for this life and the one to come. I struggle seeing Christians labeling themselves with diagnosis and ailment, claiming eternal brokenness is defeat. Be who God says you are and stop letting the world system define you. It close with watch your doctrine. Like a hawk, pray and discern with the Holy Spirit. It is a jungle out there.

We cannot live dual lives, you cannot be a warrior for truth and still eat from the tree of knowledge. Pick a side already, waffling is sending kids to hell. Be who God says you are already, He redeemed us from sin, why do we dwell there? We chase these earthly lives run by money and that system created by man, we are slaves to it. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Why do we toil and work? We love what money does, what it gives and how it elevates us to false sovereignty. I once put my hope in wealth, as a banker I had every retirement plan in place, savings accounts, 504 and 401K, IRA,  layered protection, not one bit of it helped me when I got sick. the system quickly drained me when my status changed. How quickly the brightest stars fall, but I did not burn out.

The Bible has the antidote for every ailment man, religion and the devil can offer. It all begins with you. Pick it up and read it like manual for life or ignore it at your own peril. I won’t mince words, I am not in this for fame, money or clout. My retirement plan is eternal and this is just the practice run. We meet him and our Saviour or our Judge. I want to hear, “well done my good and faithful servant. It was not enough to realize I was lied to and misled  all my life, I need to change it, if I got it wrong, someone else did too.


They matter. I offer this piece to you as an olive branch and simply ask that you be open. Assume for one minute that everything you have learned about God and religion has been compromised. You are an agent of grace in God’s Central Intelligence Community. The manual has been compromised and the secret code to unlock the truth is in your spirit. Each spirit has it’s own code and no mission is the same. He created us individual, no one exactly the same, similar at times as His  mission never changes. Love one another. How? Follow his lead. Walk soft.

“I am on the fence about nearly everything I’ve seen
And I have felt the fire be put out by too much gasoline
And we’re all strangers passing through a place and time afternoon
Life is but a vision in a window that we’re peeking through”

Much love, Marla



01 Aug

Homemade Candy

candy Hello Friends! My sons buddy is amazed, he says, "you make everything", yes I do, alot of things. When you lose your job and money is gone you get creative. Necessity is the mother of invention. These happen to be my go to energy snack. I found them in a magazine long ago and have tweaked them over the years. I am accountable for my body so I like to control ingredients. that said I take this a step farther and get pure organic oil and choose the cleanest products to create with for a better outcome. These are amazingly satisfying and have so much good for you in them it's hard to have any guilt eating them. The sea salt I get is himalayan and has health benefits of 84 trace minerals, that's exciting considering how empty table salt really is, it is void of anything beneficial. You can do so much with the sea salt, it can be used with lavender, epsom salt and baking soda for a relaxing detox bath, you can use it in a grinder on food and cook with it.  Any way you get it it is good. Locally Lilly Lane Health Food carries it, Sarah can be found Friday nights at the Gratz Crossroads sale just outside the auction room. She also has a store on Schaffer Road just off of Raker's Mill, near Elizabethville PA. I recently learned I can use it for nasal irrigation, Dr Mercola's expert advice for Allergies is always natural methods I can trust. My neti pot is my best ally toward clear sinuses. I swear by it. Small steps make big differences, learn a little every day over time your body will respond. We get one vessel to carry our souls around in, we may as well enjoy the ride. God's plan is awesome. I have never felt so at peace or happy in my life, could be the candy but is more just like raining blessings. Smile in the good seasons. Much love peeps, Marla
Homemade Candy
  • 1½ cups raw cashews
  • 1½ cups dates, pitted and chopped
  • ½ cup almond or peanut butter
  • ½ cup maple syrup
  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • ½ cup shredded coconut
  • ½ tsp almond extract
  • 1½ cups chocolate chips 60% cocao or higher
  • 1½ tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp himalayan sea salt
  • ½ cup cacao nibs
  1. In food processor, grind the cashews to a fine meal, add coconut and coconut flour, mix well.
  2. Add dates, maple syrup, nut butter and extract and pulse to a sticky dough forms.
  3. Turn out onto parchment lined sheet forming a 1 inch thick rectangle with lightly damp fingertips. Freeze for 1 hour and then mix the chocolate chips and oil over a double boiler, spread over the nut mixture and sprinkle salt and cacao nibs on top. Then re-freeze for 4 hours.
  4. Cut into bars of desired size or bites and keep in fridge or freezer.


04 May

Duck, duck, duck…Goose!

Afternoon trips to the barn often result in playful behavior from this 46 year old student of life. Yes, it is true, the discipline of living with illness and balancing it with a sustainable life requires sustenance and hearty laughs are a gift from God. The soul bouncing about in mirth. When was the last time you employed reckless abandon and just followed your heart for 20 minutes? What began as chores evolved into a pail of corn and a “let’s see” attitude and the happiest 20 minutes of my day.
Since Stella died Fred the duck is lost, he doesn’t know who to hang with, turkeys too big, the chickens only care about the next piece of food and cannot commit to anything and the guinea hens are neurotic and loud.
I was luring him kernel by kernel to see if he’d dip his webby toes but instead the brave ones are the guineas, only one or two bold hens wanted to get close. They pecked the rest of the corn and I was left to sit in the grass in the spotty sun peeking through the trees and whisper, “Father,today is busy and hard but my heart is heavy, I need you.
Palms turning open I breathe, my Abba Father, I belong to you, my Abba, my Father I belong to you and breathe in the warm, sweet air, feeling such love all around me, inside of me, consuming me. I take for granted I am sure how beneficial my letters to the Father are, I began to write to Him every day and it became a relationship that has consumed all of me.

That is today, but I have been in Fred’s spot, I get it. ..the misfit, the outcast, the one left out.
What about humans, when we reach the place where society fails you, there is none speaking your language and you can’t find a friend. Where do you go? Churches and bars have codes, Wal Mart is scary and counseling is expensive.

Me, I  dug deep,  I asked the hard questions and today I’d love to share my perspective, thank you all readers, my freinds, for taking the time to read it.
Piumini Moncler
We need a call to rouse the collective conscience about what is a human and why are we here. Humans have forgotten that the “Common Good” is the same as the Will of God. God wants what is best for all of us and for the universe as a whole. There was no conflict between what Jesus wanted and what God wanted, that is true freedom. As human beings in nature we belong to the greater community of all living beings, what if we all got along?
Science cannot tell us everything and the mystery of our universe is one of a mind boggling unity or oneness; yet for as smart as we are we miss it by a mile.
We’ve never been more connected yet we are all Fred the duck isolated by our differences and  individualities, we all hold things we are ashamed of that lead us to belief systems about God and ourselves.
Reading about the Civil Rights movement this morning really was eye opening to me about where we are as people. Martin Luther King was a preacher man, when he spoke it rumbled from his gut, he was a man convicted about humanity in God’s eyes. He spoke of things like content of character and emotional acceptance and those words are echoing today in my ears. Racism is a horrible human crime and we won’t solve it by becoming racists, which I see today.
I scroll facebook and watch the same hate spinning as there was back them then, only now the entire planet of humans is involved. We have lost touch with our spirits and one can see by the behavior that it is so. You cannot replace the One True God with anything and expect to find results, every single religion out there has a some means to an end, Jesus Christ doesn’t harp on that though, he is all about Love.
The greatest commandment was to love, combining the love of God with love of neighbor. See Matthew 22: 35-40 There is an indissoluble unity here. We cannot ever play God against man, backpedal to Matthew 5: 23-24, that goes farther to say before we approach the Lord we must be reconciled with our brothers. This creates the law of Humankind.

Because of this every encounter with another is and encounter with the Lord. We are given time in our lives to grow and the success of our lives will be measured by how delicately and sensitively we have loved. Yet, as human we are often narrow in mind, cold, haughty, unforgiving and judgmental are we not booting God off of the throne?  Me-thinks yes.
Motives are unseen and none can read them, but suspicions are the biggest problem we have and on most of them we are wrong. How many times have we seen this in recent news?

We are told not to judge in Matthew 7:1;  then we are told if we do judge others the same measure used on them is used on us in Matthew 7:23. God has blessed us with speech, do we bless or do we curse others? Build it up or tear it down, the spirit is hard thing to repair, please be kind, be colorblind.

It is a compete tragedy that our attention is on what people are not rather than what they are and what they can become, as families dissolve this is so crippling.

We are surrounded by need, it sleeps in our streets, it is in daycares, orphanages, nursing homes, schools and in our daily lives, the people we interact with at home, work and play.
The truest test of our faith is how we interact with each other every day.
I leave you with 2 things, St Francis of Assisi’s prayer for us all to say, let’s ask the Father to create our hearts as His.
And lastly the wisdom of Sesame Street, it is okay to be different actually it is cool. Ask Fred, he is learning one day at a time like the rest of us. You are it…go!

Lord, make me a channel of Thy peace;
Where there is hatred, let me bring your love
Where there is injury, your pardon;Lord
Where there is doubt, true faith in you;
Make me a channel of your peace
Where there’s despair in life,let me bring hope;
Where there is darkness, only light;
And where there’s sadness, ever joy.

Oh, Master grant that I never seek
So much to be consoled, as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved as to love with all my soul

Make me a channel of your peace
It’s in pardoning that we are pardoned;
In giving to all men that we receive;
And in dying that we’re born to eternal life.

Blessings to you and prayers that you find peace, each of you.

God bless you,




28 Apr

Sowing the Seeds of Love



It’s spring and as the weather changes we drift into the patch to play in our dirt and connect with the sun and fresh air. As a farmer seeds are always on my brain. I have written in another post or two about how the ime spent weeding and working through soil have been some of my most contemplative with God.

So this past weekend in the garden it was so, and pulling weeds I am reminded of how many doozys were in my heart, big things I sowed long ago by mistake that became giant super weeds. It seems difficulty, even some that carry from childhood, can create problems that poison our lives, problems that have deep roots that we don’t even realize took ahold in us. I speak alot on my own life so I challenged myself to do some research on people I know of and my search was random, I chose Amy Winehouse and Dorothea Lange. Two very different woman, One spark shared by many.

Amy joined the 27 club, a group of bright individuals, brilliant artists, intelligent humans that died at the age of 27 when their sparkle fades. Some comon threads they share are they were often misfits in their own minds, often bullied, ones that rebelled and went their own direction. Many times post mortem they are considered icons of our time, these tragic, wild child people who silently seek the approval of others.

Sadly Amy, despite her fame had a low self esteem due to her childhood traumas as a result of divorce and abandonment, in her teens being classified as bi-polar. She had clear gifts, was super talented and dreamt of using her gifts. However, by age 20 although she wanted a home and “normal life”, ended up living with issues from alcohol in abuse that gave birth to other addictions that became the morbid fascination of society. She was honest about killing her pain with substances and her music contained her tears, her blood, her guts. A volatile steamy relationship resulted in abuse and self harm that reached a deep level of depravity. In the end the poison worked, she was terribly exploited, self hate does that, in 2008 she was quotes as saying, “I didn’t want all this, I just wanted to make music with my friends.  Incredibly sad.
maglie calcio poco prezzo
Dorothea on the other had her own trauma, born in 1895 when life was very hard, she got polio that resulted in a  limp, and as a young girl the family was abandoned by the father. Dorothea had this spark, she had vision, she saw a beautiful world and was courageous. In regard to her limp, she was told to “walk as well as you can”  and she accepted life gracefully. She saw the upside, her outlook was 50/50, what I see her is constant hope and humility and “Pollyanna”.

Dorothea understood her gift, her perfection was seen in reflection, her theory was, “Beauty is seen when one feels deeply”. She loved photographs, but not just any. In 1933 soup-lines pulled her to the street, she said, “I challenged myself, if I’d go down there just to see if I could grab a hunk of lightning.” In doing that she photographed the discrepancy between her classy studio and the street. She saw possibility in mended silk stockings and soup kitchens. Snap, snap, the pictures are breathtaking. To this she commented that when instinct takes over self is annihilated. Indeed dear lady.

She changed history, she lived her life, made mistakes, rose from ashes and the Dust Bowl. She put eyes to current events, human suffering and brought up questions that needed to be answered. She learned to be unseen and blended in to capture timeless visual note taking captured in American Exodus, a book of pictures she published. Dorothea was a peacemaker driven to her gift and she was challenged and responded staying true despite fame to the core essence of her gift, her sense of awe and wonder.  Until her death at age 70 when her last words were, “Isn’t it a miracle, it comes at the right time.”

1 Peter 1:24 For,“All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall.

But the seed when it begins has potential to flourish but only if we nourish. Do you see it? Today is the day, can you feel it? 

What if we stop and choose to fully embrace everything, yes I said everything, forgive everything, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We can catch the things we can change. Human seeds are a big topic on my tounge, as this “Marla seed” grew, it had alot branches that needed to be pruned but were neglected, others that would have produced fruit yet were left to wither and waste, noone to blame but the circumstances. We can get lost amid them, they can totally derail us, life is not lived it is problem management and pain.

It was my spirituality that saved me, I carried it around and made it wear different hats but when I knew my spirit was broken and far off track, I just knew. Amid so much judgement about my illness and people making visual assumptions I seriously was ready to crawl into a hole and die. I understand the spotlight slightly, I was a nice bank manager, I was known and people discussed things. It was humiliating to me and ate holes in my ego. Falling down publically sucks. But seeds carefully sowed in me by the travelers in my life lay dormant, they needed a gardener.

Well, one came along, one who sowed with love, aid, care and compassion, relentless love that pursued me, love from one whose seeds were in full bloom. Seeds planted by another sower named Herb, he planted many seeds, but not all were tended, he was my father. Today in his death, I know him better and love Him more, he was a disciple maker.

But for a moment, lets talk the seeds, the soil, the gardener.

Let’s just take today, me as a wife and mom, what am I tending? Hearts, several hearts, more love is my motto. But really can we all consider our contribution to the grand human garden, you don’t need to be anyone special to have gifts, ask yourself what you are passionate about and be honest. Then pray and ask God to teach you to use your time, your treasure and your talent for the good of your fellow man.

We are living in epic times, the world has never been so angry and filled with fear. So many bright people want peace but none achieve a lasting movement. Popularity is vicious like that, the faces change. But Jesus of Nazareth, now there is a man who has lasted and lasted, he never changes and when I see him listed on Biography online’s list of people who promoted world peace I want to yell loudly.  Is this what the world knows of Him, the Risen Saviour who was crucified for his love of others, not someone who hung himself on his own rope. Peace Warrior, no,  Creator and lover of all, yes. Not created, He is Holy.

I am doing to begin to talk more on this, I don’t think we understand Jesus at all. Jesus is the gardener in my soul, I fought desperately for truth, almost got lost in it but was found. Thank you Heavenly Father. The book of John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Then in John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Seeds will be planted as I pray for you reader, that the soil is ready, the hearts are open, we are all cultivating and reaping a harvest of good and vbelssings for others, love for our fellow man. I think it is time to talk about the seeds and be very, very honest about the harvest. Interviews with the parents of the 27 club would be my 1st choice but that is not feasible. 

I can make many comparisons to the “club”  but did not die at 27, but I have deep spiritual roots that seemed to hold onto me. Can I explain it all, how I escaped death numerous times? No, I canonly see the gifts were left unused and the purpose was not fulfilled, that is all that I need to know. Does it make me look at today as an opportunity to change the world? You bet it does.

“Love is a temple
Love a higher law
Love is a temple
Love the higher law
You ask me to enter
But then you make me crawl
And I can’t be holding on
To what you got
When all you got is hurt

One love
One blood
One life
You got to do what you should
One life
With each other
One life
But we’re not the same
We get to
Carry each other”

More love today, it starts now.

More love and blessings than ever,