06 Jun


Creation exists all around us, the things that God made, not all this stuff. The world has a pulse rate. Tesla knew that,  electricity is in us and all around us. That said HAARP is a power harnesser and does a lot of freaky stuff in the atmosphere. They are hurting the ozone not global warming.  All of the Electro Magnetic fields have a current and said currents have an effect on human bodies.
What we do as humans matters a lot. There are no small things, everything is measured out and things are simply done or undone.  God provides us with opportunity in every day and we either walk out faith or fear. We live in consequences, it is said choose this day a blessing or a curse.
Ideally, there should be no anxiety in our exchanges with others in our sphere of influence. If anxiety enters your sphere back away from it. Think about what you are doing.
Working outside of fear, this should be as natural as breathing if you truly believe in God, truly believe Jesus saves you are truly seeking His face and finding out what pleases Him. If you are still in the garden forming a cloak of leaves to cover things with, please begin again, you owe it to yourself. God’s offers are free and eternal as long as it is today. As long as you are breathing.
Work in a sphere of possibility, for all things are possible with God.
Not some things, not certain things, all things. According to His will and Way, Yes is the answer. Find out what pleases Him. 
Every day do what you can do to respectfully further the truth and do it with confidence. Don’t keep trying to lift burdens to heavy for you, let someone help you and do it for you, or do it with them.
God said He put His laws on our hearts and wrote them on our minds, we all have a sense of how to treat others. Let us encourage others to love at all times. Most of the commandments are summed up in love. If I love you, I don’t kill you or do character assassinations on you, I don’t lie to you or about you, I don’t want what you have, Including your wife or husband, if I love God I honor the Sabbath, I don’t put other things before God or I slip on all other points. I honor your life. I put no stumbling block under your feet. I treat you fairly with kindness… I have integrity, I offer fidelity and I am loyal.
Loving one another and serving God is something billion of other people are also doing. One Way exists to Heaven, through a Risen Savior and Sacrifice and Jesus is His Name.
He is calling His Church, God’s children are His bride, we are gathering. We are not waiting for an organization or pastor to lead us, we already are here. I need no tag from culture, it is called the Human Race, God names us His Beloved.
The Unity God desires is all under  and in Jesus. Not all are. Many claim a label here given by a religion but this is relationship, to Heaven. Still holding earth identity is deadly.
38 Special said hold on loosely, but do’t let go. True, keep enough of a grasp on loving the lost but be ready to depart and aware of that fact. Jesus said “Watch’ three thousand years or so ago. Clocks and calendars do not belong to God they are of man.
I leave you with this. Fear is the adversaries easiest method of controlling behavior. Propaganda is a deep well to mine, I suggest you dear reader begin to understand that history has largely been lies and manipulations to get an obedient fooled group who does not know they have been fooled. Nice trusting humans, easy prey for someone who seeks to dominate. Germany did not see it coming either. From an economic standpoint the world is in dire straits.
Wars are wrong. Jesus came and said be peacekeepers. Wars were of man not the Kingdom of God. War causes traumatic stress in all parties involved and impacted. They give pills to wipe away bad memories but they actually can become deeper repressed and driven deeper into the person. Psychosis is the end result. It is not what God intended for the First Fruits on His coming Kingdom.
Dear Christian, prayer is the only way to stay clear of the deception to come. When the Abomination that causes desolation is present we can feel it in the air.
Look around, you see greed and a lot of human power but realize that is all run in the realm of the prince and power of the air.
Soon they will begin to preach peace and so many want it. But realize this, every egg has to hatch, every seed must burst forth. Every forest floor scarred by fire becomes green again as will life renew. We serve a Creator who Redeems, Resurrects, Renews and Restores, let us never forget that. He loves Creation, and His people. The Bible says God will take accounting from ever man and animal. It also says God will destroy those who destroy the earth. Jesus said He is coming back to collect His and destroy all that can be shaken. Hold your faith.
Please read your Bible, pray on what I said, but please consider my words. I am not here for fame, I simply call from the wall to tell you what I can see.
Much love~
27 May

Conforming to What



I am not here to confrom to anything. Awake.  Alive. Redeemed. Speaking Truth.


If I shatter your little illusion, bummer. Life is tough, get a helmet.

The act of conforming is: to act in accordance or harmony; comply; to act in accord with the prevailing standards, attitudes, practices, etc., of society or a group: to be or become similar in form, nature, or character.

God says,  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2
It is said the world runs on Dunkin, but I digress.
Alcohol consumption is now modeled to much of the living world as fun, a good time, deserved R &R.
It comes is all packages, translates to all cultures and has the same effects in culture that we see listed in the above notes statistics in America.
And the party rages on.
What happens in America if you step off of the platform society finds acceptable? You are excluded. So we once again do what the Bible says not to do and make divisions.
The Bible says if what you eat or drink makes another stumble then stop. But we don’t stop, we move on. We excommunicate and expel the ones who learn how dangerous alcohol is, the truth sounds like hate and is unpopular but the truth is alcohol is a gateway drug and is a neurotoxin.
I married into a family that consumes at almost every event, alcohol is present for all things.
I struggled with alcohol addiction in my 20s after forming an unhealthy relationship with it. It was my courage and charisma for years. In my 30’s though it was insidious. I was not in the fervor of my youth any longer I simply was fitting into society. I had a new job, was in Rome doing as Romans do. In this new role I assumed that I’d be safe.
By the time I was drinking every day again, it was medicine, for pain, the pain of my life. Amid all the DR’s and pills that did nothing, the wine and beer took the edge from me, I was able to relax and laugh.
Little did I know I was healing problems on my body. On Methotrexate and getting my liver tested every 6 weeks did not bode well with binge drinking. As I got sicker and sicker from the viruses and bacteria in me, the deeper the Dr went with treatment, I was told not to drink. But I did. Being in social circles makes me stressed, I am an introvert by nature and have never fit in with the masses. It grafted me in and I became part of the culture around me.
Once I was being treated and tested they found my body never could process alcohol, no wonder I got so very sick from it. It poisoned me, it poisoned my kids and relationships.
The ones who gave it to me early could have killed me. Yes I always was called weak by the consumption crowd, told you can’t handle it…..right I could not.
Now it is the culture who is intolerant of my staunch abstinence and defend their positions. What rights do former addicts have? Can they still see the people and go the places they did? No. And does society make that any easier? No. We make a way for the everyone who is set apart by something but not the ones caught in the crossfire of society’s love for the bottle? These get treated like outsiders, pushed to AA meetings just to say sober, pushed into seclusion so temptation does not rule over you. What a selfish culture indeed. What a shame.
Fast forward to today. As I read Romans today and was reminded of how we are grafted into God’s Family, I see also how we get grafted into unhealthy places.
I have had to separate myself from most events I used to attend. Oddly when you step up and say I have a problem, they do not stop, they get offended when you speak up and continue without you.
Today I will spend my day alone by choice. The event gets planned without me, and  will be happening without me. Not once did anyone consider any of this. They do not ask, do not care.
Sadly I have seen the level of selfishness and my way that dominates this culture today. But I refuse to be a victim of it.
Dear reader who also is set apart. Jesus said come outside the city where the party is to outside the gate. That is where He is. He went to the events to heal and show the glory of God not to pander. TheBible says in Proverbs, “Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish!”
We are told to find out what pleases God, I have found drunkenness is dissipation and bring forth no fruit of the spirit. I speak against it as it does not edify, nor does it build up any man. That makes me a freak here and I let my freak flag fly. Unashamed. Outside the camp. 
Much love peeps <3
25 May

Rights or Faith



America, the home of rights. We are led wrong as Christians in this.
Did you know when rights are the guiding factor it dulls spiritual insight?
God wants America to be home of the Righteous not rights. He has blessed us and calls us to set an example. 
The greatest enemy of our faith is not sin but good choices that are not good enough. You see good is always the enemy of what is best. We are told it is our right to choose and it is, it is free will.
I am called to walk according to God’s standards, not mine or the ones set by the culture around me.
God’s standard is justice, love, kindness, peace. This culture says nothing that remotely sounds like the Lord I know. Pretend you are a refugee coming here, follow my link in red, what would you say you are entering? A country of faith or self reliance?
Enter here: refugee center
In todays churches we have shepherds in pulpits leading flocks, flocks that claim to be the sum of the body of Christ. Yet these flocks do not look or act like Jesus, they forget the lost and dying world is out there, forget we have all power and authority to change that. Dulled spiritual insight.
It is age and wisdom, maturity in faith that can lead this way. How many pastors do you see filling up his flesh on what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions for the sake of His body, the church? (reference Colossians 1:24)
Are these men in pulpits preaching culture or the Gospel? Why are we entertaining flocks, these people of faith, doing ear tickling and pandering bad habits?
Colossians says to not be taken captive throughout hollow philosophy (the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline) which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of the world rather than Christ. Mix theology(the study of God) into the pulpit and you have a great risk of heresy. How do we know each man preaching has a true relationship with God. Should we be dependent on that? Do we risk our own souls?
The Word of God says to hold your doctrine closely, how many of us hold a doctrine at all? 
Doctrine defined is this:
Doctrine (from Latin: doctrina) is a codification of beliefs or a body of teachings or instructions, taught principles or positions, as the essence of teachings in a given branch of knowledge or belief system.
We are called shoots, grafted in to the Branch, our Lord Jesus. We are told we are taught by the Holy Spirit. This is one of one, you and God in prayer, not done in churches. They are gathering places for us, but we should already be taught from our relationship with God, but for many church is it. Church never saved one soul, it is Jesus in us working His glory. I fear for many who walk out the world, serving themselves and claim to be His by attendance and deeds.  
One would think the ones who gather in churches are all on solid food but this is not so. No wonder evangelism suffers as it does. Discipling a soul is done one at a time, over time, we do this in life, not in church. It is down at home, in families and social circles. Faith is shown by living it out, we are told our lives are a testimony. See Titus 2, available here https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Titus%202
Solid food is good for these who have been trained to discern good from evil. Yet many churches are full of greed, envy, hostility, infighting, selfishness among the flock. 
Who are they following? We take kids there for all of their lives but still they cannot discern good from evil. Christian kids who go to secular colleges lose their faith in the first year. Scary statistic, go look it up. They come out claiming to be a Christian but they look like the world. They all out lives like the world, cultured by media, taught by the education system, small spirituality, weak faith but a plan to conquer the world and gain status, career, the American dream. Where is Jesus is all of this? 
Among a seasoned flock one should see rebukes for evil, admonishments and renouncing of such, done with love. I see us passing it over, letting it go and bitter roots being established. Are pastors waiting for God to come down and do it? We are the hands and feet of God, He speaks and acts in on ones who obediently do as He instructs. I fear many ignore that call, they have ignored it in dear and now acts as ones never enlightened. Saying yes to Jesus means you walk as He did not settle into lazy self serving. 
Falling away….a dreaded term but what do you call the milk fed babies who never mature? 
This subjects God to public disgrace. In the Bible it says it is impossible to be enlightened again. Woe shepherds for work undone. It is you who are unfruitful not the masses you are called to lead. What a heavy weight you carry, how I pray for pulpits to be cleansed. I cannot look at the youth and not see utter failure from these alleged leaders of the greater good. They are men called to live above reproach, I have yet to see that. 
Land with crops are harvested, they drink in rain, but land covered in thorns and thistles is in danger of fire and begin burned. Do with that what you want, not my words, God’s. 
Are they trampling Jesus under foot? Treating the covenant that sanctifies us as unholy, are we insulting the spirit of Grace? 
We allow wolves among the flock, we do not say a word, we let this all go on fearing loss of tithe, attendance and reputation, do we not know grace fills in for us? We are called to be bold and speak against evil. 
People of faith in the Bible were nomadic, led by faith living add strangers. They did not act on ideas but waited for a word from the Lord. Without faith it is impossible to please God. God says be prayerful for the brethren, stand in the gap until they reach faith.
The faithful are called to endure hardships as disciplines, for this is God treating us as sons. God disciplines us for our own good. He is the Father of our Spirits, He knows this produces a harvest of righteousness and peace, it is we who hate this, we only hurt ourselves. We run to flesh solutions in the world system, mother’s milk instead of faith, we need it now, we cannot wait. 
How many of these ones sat in church for 40 years and still have no possession of faith to testify to. But we have 401K, IRA, shiny kids, salaries and a lot of stuff. 
There is a church described in Hebrews 12. Mount Zion, the city of God. In the company of thousands of angels joyful in assembly. This is the church of the firstborn, the ones whose names are written in Heaven, we come to God, to the the sprits of righteous men made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant and blood that speaks a better Word. 
He will once more shake this earth, He will take what is not shaken, He will remove all created things. Your precious church buildings will burn and fall, then who are you going to be? You spend all this time doing and doing and were told to go be the light, bring the Gospel and yoke with our Lord.
I suggest we all turn and worship Him in reverence and awe. 
Our charge as His church (not a building but hearts of men) is this:
Love as brothers.
Remember imprisoned ones as if it is we who suffer.
Marriage honored the bed kept pure. (not as Hollywood and books say)
Keep life free of love of money and be content.
Remember your leaders and imitate their faith, Jesus never changes, follow Him.
Do not be carried by strange teachings.
Go outside the camp and bear disgrace.
Offer praise, the fruit of your lips that confess His name. 
Do good to others.
Share with others.
Obey leaders, submit to authority. No rebels.
In the covenant of Jesus blood we are equipped with everything good for doing His will. He will work in us what is pleasing to Him throughout Jesus. We glorify His name. We trust and obey. 
I write not to condemn anyone but to speak truths that must be spoken, what God lays on my heart will not leave my lips and return empty but will accomplish what he desires and achieve the purpose He sets forth. 
Much love,
05 Aug

Mission Possible





I am continually amazed at where my self studies lead me, I have never been a follower and it was really just yesterday while talking to God in my garden that I realize I have had trust issues since childhood. I knew my parents loved me but I questioned authority always, why? I don’t know, I would love to, would be time saver for parents including myself since my son is very like me. Some kids just do I guess, is it a lone wolf spirit inside that says “I cannot follow I must make my own path”. Those kids need extra love, a very firm hand, soft heart, and a tough hide. My parents being 2 generations older than I did not know what I faced in the world. Hence they had no idea what dark places I wandered into and what I consumed or allowed to get a hook into me that I brought back. A spiritual casualty by the time I was 17, I raced into life with no hope and almost crash landed, a few times.

I have lived long enough and seen enough to know there are forces unseen at work in this world. The deeper I read my Bible and understand the situations I am led to do history and research. I want to better understand the times they lived in, how does it compare to today. I look around and see mayhem, biblical truth comes alive in lovers of self, disrespecting of parents, abusive, unholy, lovers of money and boastful, how can I not believe God’s plan? It is the only place in this world I have found the truth that actually holds water. How many things do we buy, subscribe to and obtain that eventually let us down and leave us high and dry? Do warranties and guarantees always hold out? Is the medical system, the food system, our police, the government all upright without flaw? I rest my case. Christianity seems to have flaws as presented but I have found God’s actual plan, as found in my Bible to be flawless.

The bill we have been sold as Christianity is not what the Bible says. So many religions hold on to parts and sections but never use the entire Bible as it should be. I have read statisitics that concern me about pastors who do not even read their Bibles for creating sermons. I thought pastors were to be inspired by God, I never realized there were sermon books you can buy and follow along with. The apostle Paul was very heavy in speaking about False Teachers and Prophets. Paul had his fill of moral laxness and he knew they fallen asleep status of the fall of a Christian was deadly. The fall can be partial or total, we must keep this from happening to ourselves and others.  Total falling away is falling into a well and then when the cord is dropped cutting it ensuring no escape. There will never be another rope. The well is sin, the rope is Jesus, the cutting is you saying I do not need you, I do not believe. Game over.

There may be some of you who are there, I am so sorry, I wish I could change your mind, either your spirit was never awakened or you were never told of a life lived in hope. Whatever the case, it was most likely religion or a false teacher who set you astray. I have come to know Jesus and He says, “Come unto me, I will give you rest”. He could go on saying, “Not a bunch of rules and frustration I want to set you free of the laws of men.” This schizophrenic religious mess is not what God put us here for. The gospel is simple, love others as I have loved you, live at peace and be an example of righteous living. Read your Bible and pray, there is no special formula or golden ticket to obtain. It lies within your heart and it is up to you to seek Him with all of your heart, soul and mind. You will find Him, but you must leearn to cast the world off and walk tall.

In Biblical times, 64 AD,  the churches were held in homes, pastors were called elders and they were men from ordinary walks of life. They had struggles and real human issues but were men of the Spirit. There was no time for superficial Christians due to the condition of the church at the time.  1 Timothy 4 was written to the church to avoid Apostacy, you see the church was intended to be the Pillar of Truth but the Bible predicts a gross systems of error from within, one of demonical origin, it is called Gnosticism and if you do your own research Christian you will see it’s influence in the church. Not good, not of God.

The only messages we should be preaching is ont of the simple Gospel truth, the Bible will do it’s job if given a chance. It is to be read in private and expounded in public.  Considering that the church is on it’s deathbed right now that leaves the rembrandt, the solitary believer who adheres to no creed but a Risen Savior and living Kingdom minute by minute while we abide on this created world and wait for redemption. I find few people who are living lives based on eternity, they are caught in the day to day with little planning for the rest of the journey.

Christianity has been an effective tool in freeing captives, releasing the opressed and liberating slaves, the simple doctrine of human brotherhood slays the idea of slavery of any kind. No wonder they try to crush the idea and warp it into unrecognizable religious traps.

Let’s move forward now, into what I have learned. 1 Timothy is awesome,  chapter 2 spells out who and what to pray for, those in authority, the law and government. Why? so that we can live godly lives in peacefulness and holiness.  Chapter 3 gets into the Overseer’s, also known as community leaders in faith and living They should be a one woman man, have a rein on his offspring, a gentleman, not drunk, violent, quarrelsome, a lover of money, his home and life should be managed.  Chapter 4 deals with hypocrites and those with conscience that has been seared by a hot iron, this comes from living and abiding in sin rather than choosing righteousness. it says they will deviate from faith to decieve and be decieved. I would hope every Christian will read this passage and consider what it says. Food issues can be cleared up there, myths dispelled there, it confirms physical training is good, we are called to eat right, what God provided and be in good shape for this life and the one to come. I struggle seeing Christians labeling themselves with diagnosis and ailment, claiming eternal brokenness is defeat. Be who God says you are and stop letting the world system define you. It close with watch your doctrine. Like a hawk, pray and discern with the Holy Spirit. It is a jungle out there.

We cannot live dual lives, you cannot be a warrior for truth and still eat from the tree of knowledge. Pick a side already, waffling is sending kids to hell. Be who God says you are already, He redeemed us from sin, why do we dwell there? We chase these earthly lives run by money and that system created by man, we are slaves to it. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Why do we toil and work? We love what money does, what it gives and how it elevates us to false sovereignty. I once put my hope in wealth, as a banker I had every retirement plan in place, savings accounts, 504 and 401K, IRA,  layered protection, not one bit of it helped me when I got sick. the system quickly drained me when my status changed. How quickly the brightest stars fall, but I did not burn out.

The Bible has the antidote for every ailment man, religion and the devil can offer. It all begins with you. Pick it up and read it like manual for life or ignore it at your own peril. I won’t mince words, I am not in this for fame, money or clout. My retirement plan is eternal and this is just the practice run. We meet him and our Saviour or our Judge. I want to hear, “well done my good and faithful servant. It was not enough to realize I was lied to and misled  all my life, I need to change it, if I got it wrong, someone else did too.


They matter. I offer this piece to you as an olive branch and simply ask that you be open. Assume for one minute that everything you have learned about God and religion has been compromised. You are an agent of grace in God’s Central Intelligence Community. The manual has been compromised and the secret code to unlock the truth is in your spirit. Each spirit has it’s own code and no mission is the same. He created us individual, no one exactly the same, similar at times as His  mission never changes. Love one another. How? Follow his lead. Walk soft.

“I am on the fence about nearly everything I’ve seen
And I have felt the fire be put out by too much gasoline
And we’re all strangers passing through a place and time afternoon
Life is but a vision in a window that we’re peeking through”

Much love, Marla