24 May

Being in Christ…Spiritual Identity


The ultimate meaning of experience is felt in such a way that all of oneself is included….It is not the experience of oneself as a male or femail, as black or white, as American or European. It is rather the experience of oneself as being.”


Reflect on the ice breaking conversations in which we all engage. Next to the weather, the most common question has to do with vocation. “By the way, what do your do?” But is the answer to this question the truest window into who we are?

Of course, we require ways of defining ourselves, of demarcating ourselves from other people and vocation, economic status, race, nationality, and the like help us in the process. Who among us, though, has not wondered, “Am I not more than what I do, where I am from, the color of my skin?” We search for an understanding of ourselves that brings wholeness to the separate strands of our existence. We seek unity in our being. 

The gospel calls us to the experience of unward unity. This is not merely a philosphical idea. The inward unity of being that we seek is a gift of God in Jesus Christ. As the Apostle Paul told the Athenians, it is in God that we live and move  and have our being. Acts 17:28

In God’s love in Christ we come to know, at the most profound level, who we are. 

O God, we thank you for the joy of being made whole in Jesus Christ, Amen

An excerpt from a very old book my mom gave to me, A pastor named Roy Hall wrote this and it lines up perfectly with how the Lord has shaped my own life. Just the other day I said to my mom, I need to shed these labels. American, white, sick, depressed, green, thrifty…I suffocate on them. I am a child of God, my name is Marla, I am here to lead a crusade of love. I hold high the banner I was told to hold at age 10.  Late bloomer. A few delays. 

Church does not develop us, hardship does. The Bible clearly says it is perseverence built in fire that lasts through hard times and develops faith.

The media loves to group us and rank us by class, kind of how you manage large herds. I am not livestock, nor am I defined by this culture. At a time when finger pointing is high and blame is thrown like a dagger one cannot survive without spiritual armor but to wear that one must know the role of a warrior. You cannot know that until you read God’s Word and understand the culture war is exactly what rages against the spirtual development of God’s children.

My goal is to be a resource so today I give you a passage to read. Colossians 1:9-14. Read  and please note the Apostle says “keep praying and asking God to fill you with knowledge of His will thorough all spiritual wisdom and understanding”. This is the only way to grow in knowledge of God, to ask God. But to ask one must believe fully. Ask for more faith. God will hear you but will ask you to seek and obey. This means to develop your self disciplines,  slay desires, to reject time wasters and seek the Lord in His Word. We will never posess the Word of Life to save without knowlegde. Pray, pray, pray and I will pray for you dear reader.  I love you!

Feel free to share my posts, I serve the greater good of the Kingdom of God. None of this is mine, it belongs to the Lord God Almighty.



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