29 Apr

A Sick World


I’m reading the book Clean by Alejandro Junger MD, he discusses a program to restore the body’s natural ability to hear itself.

He points out in our culture, how the early signs and symptoms of toxic overloads are confused and ignored. Many times this is written off as normal wear and tear on the body as if there’s nothing that can be done to fix it. This means toxic conditions are able to manifest and symptoms appear later on. In our world this is suppressed by drugs and later fixed by surgery and an underlying primary cause is never discovered. Eventually the body overburdened with toxicity, the systems collapse and chronic diseases managed to set in.

Cancer… that’s a big word that means a lot to many people, the scariest diagnosis we know of, but what if we can prevent it?. Dr. Junger points out that cancer cells are simply cells that forgot how to do their chemistry they also forgot how to do math geography and grammar and even how to behave within the community of cells.

The question that is posed is why are human cells behaving erratically killing their own kind and every other type of cell?

In a nutshell, the answer is Toxins.

Toxins are obstacles to normal cells, causing irritation and inflammation they damage your cells and tissues and your entire system starts to malfunction.
Toxicity is not a disease and it’s not a specific symptom is a condition that exists right now in our world.
maglia inter milan
There are two kinds of toxins the first is Endotoxins those are waste products of normal activity of your cells. Exotoxins, however are human made we are exposed to them intentionally or inadvertently every day.

What you need to know to help yourself will be delivered to you in my blog in the coming weeks. There is a lot in this big world that we cannot control, but boy oh boy there’s a lot that we can. And now more than ever for ourselves and for our children it is time to pay attention. The landscape of our food is worsening by the day.

The FDA allows poisinous substances in our food, companies like Monsanto are hell bent on feeding us Franken-Food that has been created in test tubes. The air quality in our homes is more toxic than outside and the medical system is out of control with doctors prescribing cocktails of prescritions that mix in our bodies to create a set of problems all of it’s own.

It is time to take back your body, your children and the health of your family.

Today just do this for me, stop and think about where your food came from and ask your self some questions about your household.
Is my food natural, what’s in it? Where did it come from? How was it produced? How far from being whole, real food is it?

Think about what you’re rubbing on your skin, or your child’s skin, are you rubbing any chemicals, hormones or poisons?

When you clean, do the fumes overwhelm your senses? Does it create headaches and have warning labels all over it?

Mothers and wives have the hardest jobs, you’re already busy with jobs kids and life that spins in a million directions. Add to all of that the fact that you are the chief consumer, you are the one that makes most of the buying decisions that come into your home.

There’s a lot to think about, and when you’re tired, wandering through the maze of grocery aisles you really don’t have time to read the labels and understand the hieroglyphics in the ingredients list.

I’m your friend who cares, I’m going to do this for you. Actually I have already done it, over the years, studying to purify my own world, all of the research and I continue to learn every day.
maglia real madrid
All you need to do is take a little time, the time you don’t have to read this book, the time you don’t have to do the research… put that tiem into reading this blog.
I’ll help you to learn how to wisely choose products and understand how to make the environment around you and your family a kinder place.

Blessings to you~

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