09 May

Peace makers not Peace fakers


God calls us to be biblical peacemakers not peace keepers or peace fakers.

Move from these strengths 

C- Commited to the truth and reality

O- Open to growth, instruction and feedback

R- Responsible for myself and respectful of others without dishonoring myself

E- Empathetic and compassionate toward others without enabling people to continually abuse and disrespect me. 

Thank you to Leslie Vernick for this. Glory to God. 

When praying for others, when trying to help, remember these things.

  1. Who determines this persons reality? God? The official story? Science? Intel from thereof? Is it illusory, false reality?
  2. Where does their reasoning come from, what is the source of reason? Biblical? Adolescent? Mature? Christlike?
  3. Is this person thinking superficially? Do they recognize human dignity and worth, value of all people?
  4. Are they operating and reasoning from a place of poor self awareness? Arrested maturity? Trauma? Abuse?
  5. Is this a damaged soul without an understanding of life, love, empathy? Or do they simply operate out of fear?
  6. Are they people who have not taken responsibility fr their emotional life? Un-dealt with anger, emotional outbursts? Fear of rejection is what holds people here. 
  7. Do the others around you authenticate you (affirm what God says about you) or do people manipulate your with prejudice, false doctrines and opinions  of the flesh?
  8. Does this person present as your equal or your superior?
  9. Are they my friend or do they blame me for something? 

We cannot change people. Often we wait on others to mature. If you cannot love who you are given, you are the loser in this. People need acceptance not judgements. God never makes people clean up to come to the table 

Some replies you may use to help buffer difficulties…

If I have not responded to your pain, it is due to my own inability to see it clearly. 

I need a clearer picture of where your stand.

I am willing to hear you and listen, I can admit if I have been wrong. Be patient with my understanding.

I am open to love and reconciliation. I like to see things worked out. 

I am not proud of myself, I need some time to think.

Do the Right thing. Is not always about the right word, don’t stress, your prayers with Jesus can do immeasurably more than you can imagine. He wants to gove mercy and save them. 

The Kingdom of God has a big standard of operation. It calls us to love our enemies, to pray for them and give a blessing and goodwill to our persecutors. The child of this Kingdom, which is within us, does not insist on the legal rights of this realm, we cheerfully give things up in response to the supreme Law of love. 

Be merciful as your Father is. 

We are all a miracle of Grace if we are His own.