04 Dec

Bearing Disgrace



As I sit in this christmas village, the world celebrates something I do not understand. Since I was small, as santa, the grinch, frosty and a throng of created things swarmed the stores, the manger dwindled. Only to grow up and realize that too was take from realistics and in it’s own way was contrived. A a mish-mosh of facts thrown together by religion to appease the masses. As a woman nearing middle age I loathe it more and more. Babel has returned, the people then were making a name for themselves and as we push American christmas in it’s many forms onto the least of these, it makes me very, very sad. Jesus would most likely not be celebrating lavishly with you all. He was an outcast I remind you all. He does not accept praise from man so I am not sure what all the buzz is.
All this want, all this give, in the name of numbers. At the end of the season will any be closer to deep faith or just miring in debt and the economic boom or the fall it brings, then January the season of depression is on us and we mire in the lack of festivities hungover and miserable. I sit year after year, protected by the truth and watch.
My own roots are so small and simple they are not worth mentioning. The lack was greater than anything, we had not, but did not know we lacked. Contentment was our key to joy, my daddy made sure of that, the mindset of our house was this, we have Jesus what more is there to ask for? Indeed and I stick to it rather than any tradition or long-held ritual. I have no rituals, in a world of them, I feel like an outcast. Good, outside the camp is where Jesus is, so I am in the right place.
The things that stand out to me most is how closely my dad held to nothing of this world but his Bible, I am thankful every day that he showed me that part of his person, continually for my entire life until the Lord took him home.
Dear Abraham, I read of him with such a kindred warmth. His oath, declared to the Lord God Most High, he refused to accept anything from Sodom’s king, with good reason, Sodom was wicked beyond a cure.
He gave the world no ownership on him and we share that, it has none on me anymore, my allegiance is to the Creator of all. The designer of me, my faith and all of eternity.
It came to me today, if only mankind has realized loyalty to the Lord God before their own accomplishments, it would have gone well, at least better. Oh the story, HIStory, not ours.
The Lord came to sit with Abraham and He ate with him, predicted the coming of his own son Issac. He laughed, Sarah laughed, then they denied laughing at such a preposterous idea in old people, a baby, come on. But as always God delivers and He did, Issac came and was a blessing indeed.
What a very different picture we see from Sarah to Mary. Sarah had beauty and power, Mary was obscure and humble. The message of improbable birth on them both, such different responses. One woman would not, could not fathom, the other, accepting without proof and obeying, glorying in such an honor.
In chapter 27 of Genesis there is story about Issac who repeated his fathers mistakes with his beautiful wife. Is this our lot? The Lord helped both men without judgements on them, they were but mortal and flawed and mercy did flow always from the Throne where there is never panic, never a surprise and never evil.
The Lord helped them for they held to the covenant that Abraham made with God, they saw God’s glory and hand move among them, they feared God. I too fear God and in this culture I fear for many who claim God but did not do what He says. Many go along to save face and go with the flow so as not to disrupt unity. But this is not the unity we are called to. We are called to one mind in Christ and Christ did not go with the flow or HIS story would have ended much differently. He was killed, all part of God’s plan but know that this is the intense end of hate, death at the hands of another. This is where the world is headed today as love fades slowly away. As Jesus said it would. How can I say it is fading? I was shown firsthand and it is not something I glory in. Rather it has been very painful.
That all said…
In Hebrews 12 we are told to consider Him who endured such opposition from sinful men so that we will not grow weary and lose heart. We are told to endure hardships as discipline. The word disciple is in the word discipline. Get it yet? Although painful, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace to all trained by it. So live at peace and be holy. Don’t miss God’s Grace, remind people of it and see to it that no bitter roots spring up among you that will defile many.
Do not refuse God, do not turn away from God. Worship Him with reverence and awe. He is a consuming fire. Reject living money and be content. Outside the camp for in this world we are outcasts. I desire a clear conscience, I desire to live honorably. I meditate on these things for Jesus is my King. Although I abide in utter wickedness, I want to live freely. I am walking out of this alive and clean, make no mistake.
This church on earth, decorated and all set to look like a tabernacle. These people have no right at the altar of faith, it has all been built by money and world wisdom. When the Lord returns all of this will burn to dust. God will not be mocked. And as I lose popularity with people I care less and less for He is my portion and in Him I rest. I am not negative or depressed, I am filled with Joy, my face upturned and I await the arrival of the angels who will go to the 4 corners and begin to collect what belongs to God. My hands will not be full of trinkets or books, nay Lord, they will be holding onto the ones I snatch from the fire.
There is a spiritual war coming, I hope you are ready dear readers. He is our shield, your weapons will be useless, your guns and your mouths will be laughable.
You should have read the whole book. As long as it is today, there is time.
Much love.