06 Jun


Creation exists all around us, the things that God made, not all this stuff. The world has a pulse rate. Tesla knew that,  electricity is in us and all around us. That said HAARP is a power harnesser and does a lot of freaky stuff in the atmosphere. They are hurting the ozone not global warming.  All of the Electro Magnetic fields have a current and said currents have an effect on human bodies.
What we do as humans matters a lot. There are no small things, everything is measured out and things are simply done or undone.  God provides us with opportunity in every day and we either walk out faith or fear. We live in consequences, it is said choose this day a blessing or a curse.
Ideally, there should be no anxiety in our exchanges with others in our sphere of influence. If anxiety enters your sphere back away from it. Think about what you are doing.
Working outside of fear, this should be as natural as breathing if you truly believe in God, truly believe Jesus saves you are truly seeking His face and finding out what pleases Him. If you are still in the garden forming a cloak of leaves to cover things with, please begin again, you owe it to yourself. God’s offers are free and eternal as long as it is today. As long as you are breathing.
Work in a sphere of possibility, for all things are possible with God.
Not some things, not certain things, all things. According to His will and Way, Yes is the answer. Find out what pleases Him. 
Every day do what you can do to respectfully further the truth and do it with confidence. Don’t keep trying to lift burdens to heavy for you, let someone help you and do it for you, or do it with them.
God said He put His laws on our hearts and wrote them on our minds, we all have a sense of how to treat others. Let us encourage others to love at all times. Most of the commandments are summed up in love. If I love you, I don’t kill you or do character assassinations on you, I don’t lie to you or about you, I don’t want what you have, Including your wife or husband, if I love God I honor the Sabbath, I don’t put other things before God or I slip on all other points. I honor your life. I put no stumbling block under your feet. I treat you fairly with kindness… I have integrity, I offer fidelity and I am loyal.
Loving one another and serving God is something billion of other people are also doing. One Way exists to Heaven, through a Risen Savior and Sacrifice and Jesus is His Name.
He is calling His Church, God’s children are His bride, we are gathering. We are not waiting for an organization or pastor to lead us, we already are here. I need no tag from culture, it is called the Human Race, God names us His Beloved.
The Unity God desires is all under  and in Jesus. Not all are. Many claim a label here given by a religion but this is relationship, to Heaven. Still holding earth identity is deadly.
38 Special said hold on loosely, but do’t let go. True, keep enough of a grasp on loving the lost but be ready to depart and aware of that fact. Jesus said “Watch’ three thousand years or so ago. Clocks and calendars do not belong to God they are of man.
I leave you with this. Fear is the adversaries easiest method of controlling behavior. Propaganda is a deep well to mine, I suggest you dear reader begin to understand that history has largely been lies and manipulations to get an obedient fooled group who does not know they have been fooled. Nice trusting humans, easy prey for someone who seeks to dominate. Germany did not see it coming either. From an economic standpoint the world is in dire straits.
Wars are wrong. Jesus came and said be peacekeepers. Wars were of man not the Kingdom of God. War causes traumatic stress in all parties involved and impacted. They give pills to wipe away bad memories but they actually can become deeper repressed and driven deeper into the person. Psychosis is the end result. It is not what God intended for the First Fruits on His coming Kingdom.
Dear Christian, prayer is the only way to stay clear of the deception to come. When the Abomination that causes desolation is present we can feel it in the air.
Look around, you see greed and a lot of human power but realize that is all run in the realm of the prince and power of the air.
Soon they will begin to preach peace and so many want it. But realize this, every egg has to hatch, every seed must burst forth. Every forest floor scarred by fire becomes green again as will life renew. We serve a Creator who Redeems, Resurrects, Renews and Restores, let us never forget that. He loves Creation, and His people. The Bible says God will take accounting from ever man and animal. It also says God will destroy those who destroy the earth. Jesus said He is coming back to collect His and destroy all that can be shaken. Hold your faith.
Please read your Bible, pray on what I said, but please consider my words. I am not here for fame, I simply call from the wall to tell you what I can see.
Much love~