30 Sep

Whey to Go

Hello Friends and Foodies~
This is Moo or Knuckle as my son calls him, he was a knuckle baby. He arrived at our homestead a few weeks ago and his story is one fraught with tales of the sad state of the dairy industry. I will tell Moo’s story later.
He is who I chose for my post though, look at that face.
How did we ever let the agriculture industry to go so wrong.
The family cow was a respected member of the American farm family. The family cows generated meat and milk. From the milk you could, drink it, make cheese,, butter, yogurt, buttermilk, ice cream, whey, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese and then fed the pigs with the rest.
The grocery revolution rolled in about the same time as the family farm was being disseminated by the beginnings of Big Ag. A perfect storm.
I am on a mission to restore the family farm and teach America how to feed itself again. Corporations woo and charm us then betray us, our food landscape has become a field of landmines that exploded in our faces.
We can no longer trust what we were told and must find a way to restore the good health of our families with the right blend of quality nutrition and wholesome value filled lives.Cheap NFL Jerseys
I recently learned more about one unknown member of the dairy family.
Nourishing Traditions , the book by Sally Fallon  has become my latest obsession. She is a lacto ferment wizard and speaks of why whey is so beneficial.
Whey has so many benefits to your body and is high in minerals, one tablespoon is enough to begin to improve your digestion.
Let me list some other reasons to add this good member of the probiotic family to your life.
*Keeps muscles pliable and strong
*Restores good health to the gut
*Adds healthy ferment to your canned goods, chutneys, beverages, marinades, pet food,  and grain dishes (bear in mind heating removes the lacto benefit)
and then there is this…Any runners out there? Weight lifters?
Who wants to lose fat and build healthy muscle? We all do. A strong, healthy body from the inside out radiates and doesn’t need trends or glitter. When you glow and your clothes just fit right who needs anything else.
Whey is a muscle builder, it will help reduce fat and build lean muscles if combines with exercise. it reduces hunger by reduced levels of ghrelin (a hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry.)
I found reports and other studies that in controlled groups were beneficial to those fighting some forms of cancer as well as helping seratonin levels that regulate mood and depression.
Lastly, I have found it helps the immune system. My health journey has taken me to some interesting places, this is one of the best so far.
This was so easy it is not funny. I got raw grassfed milk from a local farmer, and filled a 2 quart mason jar but any 2 qt container will do.
Now you have to wait, allow it to stand for 2 or 3 days (depends on the temp in your kitchen). Mine stood for 3 days before it separated, it must to separate into white curds and yellowish whey.
I lined my bowl with cheesecloth, making sure there is enough to tie off later.
This needs to sit and drain out for several hours. The whey will drain and leave all solids behind. Don’t give in to the natural urge to squeeze it. Mine seemed still to wet so I let it sit a little longer with no negative resutls.
Gather the corners and extra fabric and tie over a wooden spoon. Have a larger container ready to rest the spoon over for the drip time. This takes a while, be patient.
Here is the final result, a soft cream cheese that I will blend with garlic and herbs and use in sandwiches or stuff endive leaves for a treat.
Some nice ideas for the cheese would be to add in a blend you like. Some ideas would be smoked salmon, crab, garlic, pepper, think of a dip you like and play around. There are healthy versions of add ins such as ranch seasoning to make a dip. Imagination is a wonderful thing, make the kitchen your playground!
Make every day a journey and take someone you love along for the ride…
Blessings and good health~