06 Aug

The Basics

Hello Friends and Foodies~
I have been giving much thought into being a bit more helpful to you all. I share pictures and ideas for food all the time that randomly come to me in fleeting moments of genius. And many times I forget to share the recipe and I leave you hanging. To err is human, yes? I accept my flaws, they are endearing after living with them as long as I have.
So today I will begin by sharing a great tool with you. I discver things via Pinterest all the time, that is my recipe checker most days. One such search led me to a wonderful site called Nutrition Stripped. I explored her recipes which I found very useful and I recieved her guide for her “Nourishing Bites” which I will share with you here.
Just click the words below…
It is a nice summary to print and put in the front of your cookbook.
I have a few 3 ring binders that I use with plastic sleeves to protect the recipes. These are the binders I grab when I need my tried and true arsenal of ideas.
She reminds you of places to go, things to watch for when shopping and tips for stocking your pantry, which is my next endeavor for our bi-weekly list. I am working to build a list of pantry items we all use, organically, bulk priced to share between us as a cost save.Cheap Jerseys free shipping
We will keep the posts coming with spotlight items, recipes, tips for DIY’s and heath info as well as homesteading ideas and ways to save money.
Enjoy McKel’s guide, I think you will really like it!
Happy Tuesday!
02 Aug

Washing Up

Laundry….it never seems to end when you live on a farm.
My husband is Mr. Project, constantly at something. My son is restoring his Farmall H Tractor, in love with them since he was small, buying one to fix up was his dream. So every day he brings in the days dirt, as does his Dad and our two dogs. I help with my trips to the garden and barn. Hence my love affair with the broom and my washer.
I like to hang it in the sunshine on the line, yes it takes longer but there is a romantic side to hanging wash. As I hang each piece  I think about it. If it is the guys stuff my thoughts are on them, I pray for them and send them love. Doing my own wash is fun, I think of where my clothes came from, a shirt from Jessamy, shorts from Mindy, something Terry bought me, it is memory lane and I send love to them too.Wholesale NFL Jerseys
No I am not Pollyanna but I do admit the “Glad Game” works, any task can be made to be fun if you try. I recall my first week at my former job, a woman I worked with said, “are you going to be like this all the time? (happy and cheerful that it)
I smiled, looked her in the eye and said, “yup”. She never mentioned it again.
I bring that process to most everything, drudgery is a choice and a mindset.
Anyway back to the wash, I go through alot of detergent and am environmentally conscious. That said my favorite brand gets pricey so I found one to make that works great~ What is better is I support a local business too. My friends Joe and Mandy at Ballangee farms make an array of wonderful scented soaps, read about them here.
Here are my ingredients
One bar of handmade soap
4 cups Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
4 cups Borax
essential oils to correspond with soap
Next I grate the soap with a box grater
This yields about 2 cups of soap from the bars I use, you need 2 cups too.
Then the grated soap goes into the food processor with one cup of each powder, just to get it going. Pulse it and grind it all up to as fine as it will go.
I do this to help the soap get to a powdery state as seen below. Add your essential oil now too, I used  a bar of lemon soap, so I added 10 drops of lemongrass and 10 drops of lavender.
I will add one more cup to the processor and keep going, I don’t want it to get sticky.
The last step is to add the soap mix from the food processor into a larger container for storage, it is now that you add the remaining powders.
I use an old ice cream tub, then I can seal it and shake it well.
This is my final product, I use about 1/4 cup to a load unless it is really dirty.
I also make green juice so I have lemon peels left over, you can just cut up lemons unpeeled and do this too. I keep them in a jar, marinating in white vinegar, after 2 weeks I strain it into a bottle I can dispense from, (I save then and reuse).
We all know that vinegar cleans everything so I keep this on hand for very dirty wash. I add 1/2 cup to loads I want to get very clean.
I use this for my floors and general cleaning as well, it goes into my homemade window cleaner too.
That’s it! I hope you enjoy my laundry tips!