17 Jan

Blind Trust


Much like the fairy tale like image above, an alchemy of bliss and nature one with us, happy animals, pure, fresh food… the food industry has led us down a garden path that they should be ashamed of and we should be outraged over.

We are trusting of brand names that have been in Grandma’s, Moms and now your cupboards. They are like old friends, we believe in them and have a certain amount of faith in them. We confidently place these brands in our cart with a good feeling that we bought the right thing. We trust them becasue they’ve always been there, the label, the brand, we trust it without question. This is a pretty happy relationship until one day we choose to read the label and check further. Maybe it is a health issue prompting you to question things or perhaps an article you read advised you of changing ingredients and risks that may affect your family. However you arrived at the destination doesn’t much matter, what does matter is what you find there. Mostlikely unknown things and words you cannot pronounce, in comes the question, “Is this best for us?” What does the other brand use? You look at that one and it is much the same. I remember doing this with tuna, most brands add soy, only 2 that I know of don’t. Why soy in tuna? It wasn’t always there…Blind trust, that is what I had, General Mills, ConAgra, Heinz, Yoplait, they all said I was doing the right thing. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

My goal in this was restoring my health and uncovering where toxins were hiding on my shelves. I remember very well buying granola bars and fruit snacks and filling a bowl on my counter so my family had “healthy grabs” for hungry moments. “Healthy” is the image the TV promotes on these items, however the labels tell you a far different story. Peel back the layers of high fructose corn syrup, the GMO grains, the sugar, the additives for shelf life, and the flavorings it is not really so great. Then add the process of processing, ummm no thanks. I’ve made granola bars and it is simple and the fresh taste is not even close to the bought kind. Anyway, evolving away from pre-packaged food was a journey that took time and detective work. Things I now know and am happy to pass to you for the taking. (I’ll share my recipe)
maglia borussia dortmund
One of the things I was born and blessed with was an inquisitive nature and the “why” factor. Digging leads to more digging until I fully understand it, and so it went with food. How I arrived is chronicled in the pages of this blog and since we are here I just want to talk today about how much you know about your food. This is not meant to make you feel bad in any way, I want to just show you more.

I felt I was a pretty savvy and smart gal, working in an industry that was fast and mind consuming, I did not have alot of time to ponder sources until an illness hit me square between the eyes and I began reading about food. My nutritional counselor helped me so much…Once I knew what to question I began looking for more. I remember when I realized the grocery store ads and the words on the boxes were not necessarily honest. Words like “Natural” gave a misconception to me, it alleged that no foreign matter was added, like it was freshly picked or baked and popped into the wrapper just for me on the other side of town. Betrayed by my snacks…really?

The reality of processing is a huge plant, filled with people in hairnets, a lab, a marketing consultant and mass quanities of ingredients from varying sources in a wide area of places.  Local food is more than buying eggs from down the road and visiting the farmers market. Understanding the farmers market is another quandry in itself.  A visit to the popular one in my area holds a few farmers that actually grow their own stuff and unfortunatley big trucks of packaged produce sold for minimal cost is offered. These people are not farmers, they are food brokers that attend auctions to buy excess at discounted prices to resell. The people in the stand yell out like auctioneers and the stuff moves quickly.

Sadly all the while the little old couple camped out with excess from their garden sit close by and watch the circus,  selling just a few things here and there.

When did the packaged food become safer, better and more attractive? Are we so far past reality and dumbed down that we don’t even question this anymore? Even the local growers have gotten so big they have made compromises and gone the way of conventional so that when asked, “do you spray?” they proudly answer yes! Bigger is not better.

I was faced with other realities from the market, the blackberries I bought in the cello pack when brought home spoiled by the next morning, the produce travels so far and is handled so many times that by the time you buy it from the broker it is on its way to “eat it right now or toss it”.

The day I found the Local Harvest and Eat Wild websites was a beautiful day, it was when I realized food was being grown locally, it was sparse and hard to come by but people were doing it! Since the day I decided to launch the initiative to form the Co Op I have been on a  journey that I want to take you all on with me.

All you need to do is first acknowledge that the food trucked in and traveled to our store is not the freshest best food we can find. Often it is the cheapest and this has it’s reasons but I don’t want to teach economics and unserstandings of subsidized crops, I just hope you can trust me and know that I understand it and simply want to help you eat better.

Franken food was never meant to be on our plates, the evolution of food as with everything that grows into massive operations was corrupted by power, money and greed, so it goes with Monsanto and Dow and these huge giants. We have little power to go after them and scold them but we have huge power in our wallets, buying power in numbers. What if we as I said before simply demand better food at affordable prices?  Crappy food is cheap because it is subsadized by our trusty government. The small, local farmer who is toiling away doing it right gets no help, he actually gets pretty beat up by the FDA, the USDA and agencies that apparently feel threatened by age old processes of farming.

I often say that our great grandparents would not recognize our world, they worked to live  not live to work like us. The work was that of a family farm, not massive operations but the milk cow, the garden, the few chickens, the pigs, it all worked together to feed the family. The focus was on the families survivial and kids knew that this was just how it went.

When we began to buy our food already prepared we got incredibly lazy, it was so much easier to let Betty Crocker and Marie Callender do the work so that we can make to to the couch faster to watch other peple lives on TV. Does it sound crazy??? it isn’t, this is reality today.

What if…we slow down, just long enough to understand this, it is step one to doing things differently and getting back to pure, whole food, local, sustainable, healthy food.

Check our our list when it comes out, see what is one it and inderstand Sustainable Choices wants to help you, we can teach you how to do this. This blog will continue to support things like growing your own garden, supporting health by avoiding toxins whenther it be pesticides or additives and processing, my shairing cooking methods and recipes, canning advice, homesteading ideas and how to’s. Jessamy will be chiming in with recipes and information too, keep an eye out for more!

What if you had a full freezer, were armed with recipes and rarely worried about running out of things. What if you had a confidence about what was on the table and did not feel scared every time a recall or alter about food was released. Our food is intimate and we are passionate about taste and having what we like, it is a sucker punch for the food industry to hit us there. Shame on them, but power to the people, vote with your dollars when you buy!

Come along with me and learn…it’s always fresh here!

Here is an interesting 30 minute investigative film about food. Watch and be amazed! http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_29082.cfm


15 Jan

The Ongoing GMO War

1392a8fe2dfe13d95657067e9bc797d3If you are a member of the Co-Op you are most likely aware of the GMO War and work feverishly like me to keep it out of your food and your life.

But over and over I hear tidbits of info coming back that remind me that most people are blissfully unaware of what is going on. Sometimes when the information landscape is so ugly burying our heads in the sand is the best way to not see it.

However this situation will be seen in your world eventually, it will come home to roost, not on your TV or your Smartphone, at ground zero, in your body, not if, when.  Whether it is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, thyroid and endocrine issues or obesity, the studies show that changing the diet changes your body too. However in my experience of trying to help epople and advise them I find they want the easy fix, go to the Dr and get a spill, not overhaul their life. I still have not yet figured out how to be more persuasive, the facts are there to see yet they choose to consume the foods that compromise health.

There are other countries who already have banned GMO seeds and others that are on the way there, like Peru who has a lawsuit of 5 million famers who have joined to sue Monsanto. If other countries already know this, if they are that aware of the impact why are we ignoring it? Women read magazines and listen to talk shows and doctor programs, we are educated and naturally inquisitive so why don’t we investigate further, is it becasue we don’t like what we see? Some reasons to ponder…
maglia chelsea
“I’ve been buying this for years”

“We’ve always eaten this brand”

“My kids love it”

“It’s so easy, all I have to do is open the package”

As mothers we would not intentionally put toxins and poison into our kids food yet on a daily basis we trust brand names (who through clever marketing that is repeated in print, on billboards and ads on TV) and believe that they are 100% concerned about our health and safety. Let’s be very honest, they want your money, they don’t care about long term effects as long as your kids clamor for it, you crave it and you buy it week after week.

There is no one at the food company with a little syringe injecting GMO strains into the food, this goes much deeper to a place that most don’t want to go. This traces far back to the development of pesticides and someones genius idea to put it right in the food before it is even food. The seeds, aha, let’s change the seeds so they grow plants that kill the bugs when they eat it! Sounds smart until you realize people and animals are eating it too.

At some point doctors and scientists found patterns in how the body is acting when this food is eaten. Since we know 85% of immunity begins in the gut, what happens when we eat these genetically altered foods over and over again. The bugs stomachs explode, so do you get it yet?

The gut is the 2nd brain, so if we mess with the gut do we not mess with the mind as well? Anti depressant use is on the rise since the 1990’s, illness is rampant and more and more of us are plauged by intolerances and allergies, the body does not have a blueprint for the gentically modified food so it is like a renegade situation inside you, things just start going wrong. Before long you areat the doctor with a pesky problem or a host of issues that they are happy to diagnose and profit from.

Only now are inside documents being released, apparently the scientists developing the GMO foods had concerns about human consumption, there was not enough testing and the testing was inadequate. But the powers that be all tied together nicely, the government, the USDA, the Monsanto Execs all bypassed the words and advice of the scientists  and decided to go forward and introduce it to the food supply.

In 1996 or so we all began eating it and there was no notice saying “Psst your food is gentically altered now”, it was slid onto shelves and we ate it. I for one feel very betrayed, as a young mom I felt good about the veggies, fruit, snacks and cereal I was feeding my kids. I trusted the companies and brands to put quality into the food. After all the label said it was “natural” and full of vitamins, “good for you”.

Now that I know better and have become a watchdog for this I read labels just as a way to educate others. I do not buy it if it is not GMO Verified, period. Why do I want to bathe my cells in chemicals?

What a rotten way to make money, bully the farmers, poison the public and watch the masses fall ill from the effects. Don’t think for one minute that they who push it onto our plates and into our bloodsteams are dining on the same fare…no they eat clean food, they know.  What are terrible place to hit people in such an intimate place, our food. You can’t just get out of the GMO’s, you need to be educated on what to look for, what ingredients are added that come from the GMO derived crops, you need to empty your cupboards and refgerator and start all over.

This is why labeling is so important and this is also why the companies are fighting like warriors to keep the labels off the food. If you know what is in it you may not buy it, (light bulb yet?) WE as a society must demand it from the brands, Cheerios just made a bold move to go GMO free with the main brand, good for them, who will follow them? What will it take to cripple Monsanto? The 5 million Peruvian farmers? Or can we, the Mothers, the powerful forces that bring forth life and nourish it, simply demand more, for us, for our families, for future generations.

Start by shopping wisely, I will place some tools and articles at the end of this post for you to read and print. Start today, it is the best thing you can do for yourself! I have my own tesitomony in my own family. when we changed how and what we eat I watched alot of other things change. Cravings diminished, health issues and complaints went away, we began to heal. I added a good probiotic and raw milk products and we eat totally different than we used to. The grocery store is a place I rarely go and when I do the list is small.

I won’t make money from this post and that is okay, I am not motivated that way, but if I can save your life, save you pain, save you from losing a person you love to diseases that kill, I can sleep better. This was my motivation for organizing Sustainable Choices, better food, easly accesible, locally, it’s simple.













08 Jan

Best Ever Chocolate Sauce



I could literally drink this stuff, I use it for Chocolate Milk, Yogurt Parfaits (pictured) and Hot Cocoa, takes just 10 minutes and your ready! Dip strawberries in it, drizzle on ice cream, endless potential!

Best Ever Chocolate Sauce
  • 1 cup Organic Rapadura or ¾ cup Raw Honey
  • 1 cup unsweetened Organic Cocoa Powder or Cacao Powder
  • 1 cup Filtered Water
  • 1 tsp. Pure Vanilla
  • Tiny Pinch of Sea Salt
  1. Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan, whisk over medium heat until it thickens a bit, about 5 minutes.maglia manchester united
  2. Allow to cool and store in a glass jar in the refirgerator.



08 Jan

Recipes…aaahhh life just got easier!


Homemade Ketchup
Recipe type: Condiment
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 12 oz tomato paste (if you buy look for organic and BPA free)
  • ½ c brown organic coconut sugar or organic brown sugar
  • ½ tsp ground dry mustard
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • ½ tsp Ceylon Cinnamon
  • 2 pinches Ground Clove
  • 2 pinches Allspice
  • 1 pinch Cayenne Pepper
  • ⅔ cup Filtered Water
  • 4 tbsp White Wine Vinegar
  1. Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl, whisk well until sugar is completely dissolved.
  2. Store overnight in the refrigerator, this allows the flavors to fully develop.
  3. Lasts about 3 weeks in the fridge.Cheap NFL Jersey China